17 Vintage Children’s Toys That Are Worth More Money Now

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By Darryl Henderson

If you’ve ever cleared out your attic, you may have found old children’s toys, but did you know that many vintage toys are worth much more these days? Before you throw them away, check out these 17 vintage children’s toys that are worth more money now.


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Barbie dolls have been a beloved staple in children’s toy boxes since their debut in 1959. However, certain rare editions and special releases have skyrocketed in value among collectors. For instance, the original 1959 Barbie in mint condition can fetch thousands of dollars at auction, especially if still in its original packaging!

Hot Wheels Cars

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Hot Wheels cars have been around since the 1960s, and rare models, particularly those from the earliest years of production, can bring in impressive prices from collectors. Limited editions, such as the 1969 “Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb,” have sold for tens of thousands of dollars due to their scarcity and unique design.

Teddy Bears

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Certain vintage teddy bears, especially those manufactured by renowned companies like Steiff, can fetch significant sums among collectors. According to Steiff, Richard Steiff created the first jointed teddy bear way back in 1902, which would be worth a killing! Factors such as limited editions and pristine conditions contribute to these increased values.


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LEGO sets have been sparking creativity and imagination in children worldwide for decades, and vintage LEGO sets have become sought-after collectibles. Limited production runs and nostalgic appeal have driven up the value of vintage LEGO sets, with some rare sets selling for thousands of dollars in the collector’s market. It’s making a comeback, too!

Cabbage Patch Kids

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Cabbage Patch Kids became a cultural phenomenon in the 1980s, and vintage Cabbage Patch Kids, especially those with unique characteristics or rare accessories, can be worth a lot of money. So, if you find one of these strange toys in your attic, do some research!

Fisher-Price Little People

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Collectors highly prize vintage Fisher-Price Little People sets featuring wooden figures or early plastic figurines. Limited edition playsets and complete sets with all original pieces can fetch seriously high prices among enthusiasts. They’re like gold dust; we had no idea back when we were playing with them as kids!

Transformers Action Figures

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Transformers action figures burst into stores in the 1980s, and they were the coolest thing on the playgroup. Mint-condition figures with original packaging, rare variants, and iconic characters like Optimus Prime or Megatron can fetch substantial prices in the collector’s market, so if you have one, get it valued!

G.I. Joe Action Figures

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Google Arts & Culture claims that G.I Joe was the world’s first action figure, with 21 moving parts and uniforms representing the US Army. Vintage G.I. Joe figures, especially those in pristine condition with original packaging, are highly sought after by collectors. Don’t throw them out!

My Little Pony

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My Little Pony provided wonderfully colorful plastic ponies that have been a favorite among children for decades. They weren’t particularly valuable for a while, but since the toy has (bizarrely) become very popular with grown men, the prices have skyrocketed, even for common variants. 

Tonka Trucks

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Old Tonka trucks are sought after by collectors for their nostalgic appeal and robust construction. Rare models like the Mighty Dump Truck or the Turbo Diesel can bring in impressive prices, especially now that they’re experiencing a comeback thanks to the Tonka obsession of rapper Yeat!

Easy-Bake Oven

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The Easy-Bake Oven has been in children’s play kitchens since the early 1960s, and if they’re in good condition, these toy ovens are highly collectible. Collectors who enjoy the nostalgia of baking miniature treats will pay a high price for these toys, so look out for them at yard sales!


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Spin Master describes the famous Etch-A-Sketch as a classic drawing toy that’s been challenging artists since 1960. Collectors seek these toys out for their nostalgic charm, so if you have an old Etch-A-Sketch and are thinking of throwing it out, think again; you could make a pretty penny!


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Much like Etch-a-Sketch, spirograph sets have inspired creativity and geometric artistry in children for decades. We could never have predicted this at the time, but vintage spirograph kits, particularly those with all original pieces in good condition, are prized possessions among toy enthusiasts!

Mr. Potato Head

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Since its introduction in the 1950s, Mr. Potato Head has been a beloved part of children’s playtime, but just about every kid lost all his face pieces! If you happen to have them all and don’t mind parting with the full set, you could enjoy a serious boost to your bank.


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Slinkys are simple yet much-loved toys; they’ve been on the children’s toy scene for many years, bouncing about and offering hours of amusement. Strangely, nostalgic toy fans will pay a hefty price to relive the days of dropping their beloved slinky down the stairs. We had no idea they were so rare these days!


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View-Master reels were the pinnacle of 3D imagery in the 30s; as Antique Trader reminds us, they were originally mass-produced for sale in camera, drug, and gift stores, but they’re rare now! These days, they’re hard to find, so vintage View-Master viewers and reels are highly collectible and can bring in a jaw-dropping price.

Silly Putty

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Finally, Silly Putty is a fun novelty toy with stretchy, bouncy properties that still fascinate young children today. It might seem like it’s not worth much, but collectors can actually pay a pretty good price for it, especially if it’s from an original run or has unique characteristics and colors. It can reach silly prices in extreme cases!