17 Unexpected Traits That Highly Intelligent People Share

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By Darryl Henderson

Intelligence is an ability that is respected and desired by many. However, remember that highly intelligent people are not just those who pass every exam; there are many traits that bind these people together! So, here are 17 traits that few people know highly intelligent people share.

Exceptional Curiosity

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Highly intelligent individuals possess insatiable curiosity. They constantly seek new knowledge and experiences, broadening their minds and horizons. This curiosity drives their passion for learning and exploration because by questioning the world around them, they will always come up with more questions for every answer.

An Insatiable Reading Habit

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Harvard Business Review reveals that reading literary fiction helps people develop empathy, theory of mind, and critical thinking. This is easily demonstrated in highly intelligent people who have a strong affinity for reading. They regularly consume a wide range of literature and information, fueling their intellectual growth and creativity.

Adaptive Flexibility

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Clever individuals will exhibit flexibility in their thinking and problem-solving, adapting quickly to new situations and challenges rather than keeping themselves confined to one way of thinking. This allows them to thrive in different environments, never becoming too comfortable with one setting.

Deep Analytical Thinking

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Deep analytical thinking often goes hand in hand with a high level of intelligence. These individuals will delve deep into complex problems and analyses without a second thought, with their analytical skills enabling them to uncover solutions and contribute significantly to society. These people are true innovators!

Humility in Learning

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Despite their intelligence, smart individuals will maintain humility. Rather than boasting about their intelligence, they will recognize the vastness of knowledge out there and their own limitations. This humility facilitates continuous learning and growth, allowing them to expand their knowledge without being limited by bias.

Emotional Intelligence

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High emotional intelligence is a hallmark of smart people. Such people will understand and manage their emotions effectively instead of repressing them, which enables them to relate to others’ feelings and perspectives with empathy. They know that shutting down their emotions will actually be counterproductive, so they address them with vigor.

Creative Problem-Solving

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Those who are particularly brainy will approach problems from a creative rather than stern perspective, consistently thinking outside the box. Interestingly, The Guardian points out that an overload of facts is the mark of a dull and pedestrian mind, which goes against many people’s presumptions about intelligent people. 

Persistent Perseverance

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Giving up is not a concept familiar to brainy individuals. Instead, they’ll exhibit resilience in the face of challenges rather than succumbing to their insecurities. Any setbacks and obstacles are simply opportunities for perseverance, because they are aware that their determination will fuel their long-term success.

Skeptical Inquiry

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Knowledgeable individuals approach information with a healthy skepticism. They question assumptions and conventional wisdom and never accept a single perspective without challenging it. Skeptical inquiry drives them to seek evidence and verify facts rather than letting their egos get in the way of pursuing information.

Passionate Curiosity

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There is a common conception that highly intelligent people are regimental or boring, partially generated by stereotypes seen in mainstream media. However, these people are deeply passionate about their interests and enthusiastically dedicate themselves to them. This is a testament to their commitment to excellence, rendering the stereotype nonsense.


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Those with a higher-than-average IQ always maintain an open mind, embracing the diversity of thoughts. Business Insider supports this idea, stating that smart people don’t close themselves off from new ideas or opportunities. Instead, they embrace them, and it’s precisely this open-mindedness that fosters creativity and innovation.

Strong Work Ethic

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It’s customary for wise people to demonstrate a strong dedication to their work through appropriate diligence and hard work, committing a lot of time to their goals and aspirations. This work ethic allows them to experience success in every aspect of their lives, especially their career.

Intense Focus

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Intelligent people possess remarkable focus and concentration, immersing themselves fully in their tasks and projects. They won’t get easily distracted by other people and won’t procrastinate for long before refocusing their minds on something because they’re just too interested! This intense focus, unsurprisingly, enables them to achieve exceptional results.

Constant Learning

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Highly intelligent people are familiar with having an insatiable thirst for knowledge. This pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong commitment; simply getting a degree or PhD just isn’t enough! They’ll learn continuously because they love it, which in turn fuels their intellectual growth and potential even further.

Strategic Thinking

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Intelligent individuals think strategically about their goals, as highlighted by The Washington Post, which deems the wise tend to be decisive people who have learned from their experiences. Rather than relying on chance, they will develop plans and tactics to achieve success, thus maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency.

Ability to Simplify Complexity

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Clever people possess the ability to simplify complexity and have a talent for breaking down intricate ideas into easily understandable concepts. Many people think that intelligence is about understanding complicated things, but in reality, a truly intelligent person will be able to explain something incredibly complicated in simple terms to a layman or child.

Innovative Vision

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Finally, highly intelligent individuals have the unique ability to foresee future developments and trends. Their intelligence enables them to push the boundaries of conventional thinking, sparking innovation across diverse fields. This visionary outlook plays a huge role in driving progress and fostering advancements in society, which we find incredibly impressive.

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