20 Traits That Indicate You’re a Mentally Strong Person

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By Darryl Henderson

Proof of mental strength is often harder to pinpoint compared to physical strength, of course. Yet there are many admirable qualities that make up a mentally resilient person. Here are 20 traits which indicate that you have exceptional mental strength.

You’re Able to Bounce Back from Setbacks

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How a person reacts to difficult setbacks is a true mark of the type of person they are. If you can remain calm and determined in the face of adversity, it shows you’re mentally strong. Weak-minded people will often crumble even with the smallest of setbacks. The mentally strong face challenges head-on.

You Can Set Healthy Boundaries

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Setting healthy boundaries and sticking by them takes a lot of assertiveness. Mentally strong people have the fortitude to know their limits. Forbes explains that low self-esteem can often mean a failure to set boundaries, whereas the mentally strong have enough confidence in themselves to keep boundaries in place.

You Can Regulate Your Emotions

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If you never let your emotions get the better of you, then you’re a mentally strong person. Being able to regulate your emotions takes a lot of strength, and focusing on mind over heart means you have a better grasp on many situations. It also means you can remain calm under pressure.

You’re a Positive Thinker

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It takes great brain power to focus on solutions and not problems. You have to have enough willpower to train your mind to focus on the good more than the bad. According to Verywell Mind, those who have a more positive outlook are also better at dealing with stress.

You Easily Adapt to Change

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Change isn’t easy, and how a person deals with it can be a mark of their mental fortitude. If you can quickly adapt to any new situation thrown at you, it’s a sign of strength. Mentally strong people may also take change as new opportunities for personal growth.

You’re Confident in Yourself

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Self-acceptance and self-esteem are huge traits of a mentally strong person. It shows that you believe in yourself. Belief in your own abilities and accepting who you are (including flaws) shows mental perseverance. Strong people get validation only from themselves.

You Set Goals and Work Towards Them

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Setting goals is one thing; the act of actually setting out to achieve them is another altogether. Those who have more mental strength will be determined to achieve every goal they set out. They will make a plan of action to stay motivated and never give up.

You’re Focused

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Staying focused on the task at hand, no matter how small, shows tremendous strength and self-discipline for a lot of people. It can often be harder than it sounds, thanks to everyday distractions. If you’re never one to procrastinate, this can mean your mind is a strong one!

You Make Time for Self-Reflection

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Harvard Business Review explains that self-reflection can often “separate extraordinary professionals from mediocre ones”. Especially in the workplace, self-reflection means a strong mind that can develop itself in a better way. It reveals a person who is always on the lookout to improve.

You Take Accountability

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It takes a lot of courage and mental strength to admit your mistakes. If you always take accountability for your own actions, it shows you’re reliable. Those who have great mental strength are often the best people to depend on, as they’ll always learn from their mistakes.

You Take Criticism on the Chin

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You’re always happy to receive constructive feedback. It takes a lot of personal strength to hear constructive criticism without taking it too personally. If you use feedback as an opportunity for growth instead of to feel sorry for yourself, it’s a sign of mental resilience.

You’re Filled with Empathy and Compassion

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While you may relate compassion to the heart rather than the mind, it’s actually a huge indication that a person has a tough spirit. Being able to understand other people’s perspectives and offer support when needed takes a lot of mental strength.

You Show Gratitude

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Mentally strong people aren’t easily overwhelmed with what they don’t have. They instead bring their focus back to what they’re most grateful for, and always remember to show appreciation. Mentally resilient people can find it easier to find joy in the simple things.

You’re Flexible in Your Thinking

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It’s a weak mind that doesn’t open itself up to new ideas. A strong one will constantly be on the lookout for new ways of thinking. If you’re always willing to adapt to new people, thoughts and situations, that’s impressive mental stamina.

You’re Open and Honest

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Those with integrity who are always honest about their values will often have the most mental strength. A strong mind and will means that you carry yourself with integrity and stand by your principles. You’re also likely a trustworthy person because of it.

Unpredictability Doesn’t Phase You

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Many people can become overwhelmed and panic in unpredictable situations. While structure is important for many people, those who can deal with uncertainty in a calm way often have the best mental strength. It also shows how adaptable you can be under pressure.

You Don’t Micromanage

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Those who micromanage often have a need to be in control of every situation. It can take a lot of willpower just to accept that not everything is in your control. So if you don’t look to micromanage, and are happy to trust the process, it can indicate you’re a mentally strong person.

You Have Healthy Coping Mechanisms

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The CDC defines healthy coping mechanisms as taking care of yourself, taking care of your body and making time to unwind. If you know how to healthily manage stress in this way – and know when to seek help from others – it’s a sign you’re mentally in the right place.

You Never Stop Learning

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Remaining curious and eager to learn are key traits for someone with a lot of brain power. You’ll often want to seek out new experiences so that you can learn more about the world. A strong mind regularly finds new opportunities for development.

You Make Time for Meaningful Relationships

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A strong mind can often come as a result of learning the type of people you want in your life. It takes resilience to stop toxic or negative people from consuming your time. Someone who cultivates meaningful relationships and deep connections will have a strong mindset to help them along the way.