17 Things You Should Stop Doing in the Shower

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By Jonathan Trent

Many people prefer showering over bathing as it’s quick and sustainable, meaning you don’t have to wait ages to fill a bathtub. However, there are certain things you need to be mindful of when you are showering. So, here are 17 things you should stop doing in the shower!

Using Scalding Hot Water

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On cold winter days, there’s nothing better than taking an extremely hot shower. However, The Independent exposes that a hot daily shower could do more damage than good, as it removes the natural body oils we produce to protect the skin cells! It’s also super wasteful.

Using Harsh Soaps

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Just like having a scalding hot shower, harsh soaps that contain sulfates are also bad for your skin. They can disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance, leading to dryness and irritation. Instead, you should opt for natural soaps to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Not Rinsing Thoroughly

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There is no point in showering if you aren’t going to wash yourself properly. Simply standing in the shower and letting the water trickle down your body is not going to cut it, as you need to completely rinse your hair and body after thoroughly washing it to unclog your pores.


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In contrast to our last point, while exfoliating is good for penetrating the skin and permitting the removal of dead skin cells, excessive exfoliation can be harmful. It’s harsh and can damage the skin, heightening the risk of infections and leaving it dry and flaky.

Using Old Razors

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You may assume that you can use one razor for years, especially if it still looks similar to when you first got it. However, old razors are known for holding onto bacteria, especially in the shower, which can cause infections. Over time, their blade also becomes less sharp, heightening the risk of cutting yourself.

Washing Your Hair Daily

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Washing your hair daily may make you feel clean and fresh. However, The New York Times notes that exposing your hair to hot water and shampoo daily can make it dry out, become brittle, or even break if it’s washed daily or even every couple of days. One or twice weekly is plenty!

Ignoring Your Showerhead

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Your showerhead is responsible for giving you water in the shower, which is why it’s never good to ignore cleaning it. If your showerhead is dirty, it can cling to bacteria and mold, which has a direct negative impact on your health. You’re literally spraying yourself with filth!

Using Too Much Shampoo

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We often overestimate how much shampoo we need to wash our hair; a pea-size amount is enough to use in the shower as it lathers. Too much shampoo isn’t just costly; it can also make your hair brittle and dry by stripping your scalp of natural oils. So, don’t go overboard!

Not Conditioning Properly

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Conditioning is an important step that is often overlooked when people are in a hurry in the shower. Skipping conditioner can leave your hair in a knot and more likely to break. Furthermore, without it, it’s also unlikely that you will have shiny, glossy hair.

Showering Too Long

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While a long shower may be therapeutic as it gives us time to think, it can also waste a lot of water and make our skin incredibly dry. Business Insider reveals that dermatologists suggest that the average shower should be between five and 15 minutes; any longer is getting excessive.

Showering with Dirty Towels

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It can be easy to use a dirty towel to dry yourself, as it saves you from having to wash loads of towels. However, you mightn’t realize that dirty towels hold tons of bacteria and mold, which can get onto your skin, meaning there is no point in showering at all. Gross!

Scrubbing with a Loofah

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Loofahs are handy for scrubbing dead skin cells off, yet they could be more harmful than you might realize. They can actually trap bacteria, resulting in skin infections and irritations when you reuse them, rather than the smooth, healthy skin that they promise. 

Skipping Moisturizer

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Jumping straight out of the shower and into freshly washed clothes can be tempting. However, failing to moisturize after your shower can dry out your skin. By moisturizing your skin first, you can seal in the hydration from your shower, leaving your skin bouncy and supple.

Not Adjusting Water Pressure

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High water pressure makes a difference in the shower, but not necessarily because it gives you a more thorough clean. High water pressure can damage your skin and hair; instead, it’s best to opt for medium water pressure so that you find a nice balance.

Not Cleaning the Shower Regularly

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Cleaning all around the shower is important, especially if you live with other people who use it. A dirty shower can hold onto all manner of mold and bacteria, which is pretty disgusting. The BBC even claims that exposure to mold can cause respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma, which can sometimes be fatal!

Standing in the Shower to Relax

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In stressful situations, many people like to stand for a long period of time in the shower to think things over without interruptions. However, prolonged standing in hot water can make you dizzy and dehydrated, wasting a lot of water and energy in the process. Trust us–you won’t feel refreshed either!

Using Someone Else’s Skincare Products

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Finally, everyone has a different skin type, which is why it’s wise to avoid using skin products in the shower that don’t suit your own skin. By using someone else’s products in the shower, your skin could even become irritated, and you may break out in spots if your skin reacts badly. Trust us–it’s not worth the risk!

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