17 Things You Should Buy Used Instead Of New

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By Jonathan Trent

The benefits of buying used include saving yourself money as well as helping the environment. It’s also likely you’ll find higher quality items if you take the time to look for them. Here are 17 items you’ll definitely want to buy used instead of new.


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Avoid the stress and poor-quality flat-pack and choose used furniture instead. Most furniture quality actually improves with age, especially wood. Buying used furniture is also the best eco-friendly choice to avoid large waste items. You can also find more unique items for your home this way.


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Buying used books means you can find the same print for a fraction of the cost. Used books are often in as good as new condition, too. Not only that, you can be on the lookout for rare books or editions that are now out of print that might be worth something.


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The appeal of a brand-new car is understandable: you want something to depend on with low mileage. Yet buying a used car is more cost-effective and often has lower insurance rates. According to Forbes, a new car loses around 20% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot.


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Electronics can be highly expensive, so buying used can come with a wealth of benefits. You can save a lot of money compared to brand-new electronic devices. You might also grab refurbished items that come with manufacturer warranties. Buying used also helps to significantly reduce the impact of electronic waste.

Musical Instruments

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Musical instruments can get very expensive, and there’s no way to avoid that initial purchase. Buying a used instrument can be a great choice until you’re at an intermediate level, not least so that you can see whether you actually like it. You might also find a vintage instrument with a unique sound.


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You should never compromise on the quality of tools for your own safety and for the quality of your work. Buying used tools means you can find professional-grade equipment at a lower price. A high-quality tool shouldn’t depreciate over time, so buying used can be just as good as new.

Exercise Equipment

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If you want to purchase your own exercise equipment for your home, buying used is going to save you a high amount of money. It also enables you to buy more pieces of equipment for the same price, so you can vary your exercise routine on different machines.


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According to Earth Day, shopping second-hand reduces your impact on the environment by avoiding the “overproduction of new merchandise”. You can find clothing that’s as good as new without the retail price tag. You might also find some unique or vintage designs.

Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen gadgets can run up a high bill, not to mention the environmental waste. Buying used kitchen appliances means the opportunity to try out different brands or models to see what would be the best fit. You can get a great, high-quality appliance with only a little wear and tear.

Sports Gear

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Sports equipment, whether accessories or clothing, can become seriously expensive. When you have an expensive hobby, buying used can definitely make a difference. You’ll be able to grab high-end gear at a discounted price, and you’ll also be shopping sustainably to extend the life of sports equipment.

Vinyl Records

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One of the biggest joys of collecting vinyl records can be the preloved and vintage feel to them. Used vinyl will still retain their authentic sound for half the retail price. You also have the opportunity to have a rare find if you’re browsing through used – and preserving music history, too.

Baby Items

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Certain baby items, such as clothing and high chairs, are safe to buy used “if they’re clean and in good condition”, says Investopedia. Buying baby items from scratch can be an expensive endeavor for a new parent. You can cut the costs considerably by opting for used.


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New bicycles are very expensive, which is a challenge if you want this as your new hobby. That’s why buying used bicycles will help you out financially. Certain bike shops may sell second-hand, and it’s also a great eco-friendly opportunity to recycle used bikes.

Hiking Gear

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Buying used waterproofs, thermal gear, or hiking boots will help you to save a lot of money. Hiking gear often runs up a high cost because you can’t afford to compromise on quality. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay the full, brand-new price tag.

Home Décor

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Accessories for the home can all be made more exciting (and cheaper) if you buy them used instead of new. You’re more likely to find unique items with character and add life to your home sustainably. According to Martha Stewart, some of the best items to thrift include lamps and pottery.

Video Games

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Buying used video games will save you the higher costs of new releases. You can pay infinitely less for the same gaming title at the same quality. It also lets you explore a wider selection of titles with more money to spend. You also reduce electronic waste by reusing those discs and cartridges.

Camping Gear

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Buying used camping gear gives you the opportuni

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