18 Things Worth Buying at Dollar Tree

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By Jonathan Trent

Dollar Tree is a one-stop shop for many useful items at an affordable price. The sheer amount of household essentials on offer can be overwhelming for some, so we’ve made a list of the 18 top items you should always buy at Dollar Tree, worth every dime!

Party Supplies

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Is a celebration coming up? Avoid the high price tag of bespoke party items and instead grab your decorations and supplies from Dollar Tree. They have decorations suitable for all occasions, including handy disposable tableware, and you can even grab small gifts there.

Cleaning Products

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Branded cleaning products can easily rack up a high bill, but Dollar Tree has you covered. You can even grab supplies like buckets and mops for under five dollars. Some of the cheapest cleaning products you can find at Dollar Tree, as recommended by Apartment Therapy, include Windex and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.

Office and School Supplies

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You no longer have to fear back-to-school expenses thanks to Dollar Tree’s wide range of essential stationery. Notebooks, planners, pens, markers—you name it—are all available. You can even grab supplies for your office, such as poster boards, so it’s worthwhile for all ages. 

Personal Care Items

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If you need to stock up on personal care items like hair brushes, body wash, and standard soap, Dollar Tree offers affordable prices. If you’re particular about your products, you can even pick up name brands; otherwise, their store brands are a great option.

Kitchen Essentials

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You can pick up everything you need for your kitchen, such as the latest new gadgets or the basics like glassware and dishes. Don’t spend too much on branded storage containers or the best type of cling wrap when you can grab it all at Dollar Tree for so much cheaper!

Seasonal Décor

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Decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween can all get expensive, so avoid the high price tag for items you only use once a year by browsing Dollar Tree’s seasonal range. You can also grab all your gift bags while you’re there for extra savings when buying bulk.

Craft Supplies

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Having a hobby can get expensive when you have to buy a lot of supplies, but luckily, Dollar Tree has a vast range of craft essentials, including yarn, scrapbooks, paint, brushes, and canvases. One trip to Dollar Tree means you can buy everything you need at once to start a new creative pastime.

Books and Magazines

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Avoid mainstream bookstores and grab your new favorite book from Dollar Tree instead. Amazingly, you can even find popular books by best-selling authors for a dollar, too, according to Reader’s Digest. There are also educational workbook offerings for students or parents looking to save money, so there’s something for everyone.

Snacks and Beverages

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Avoid the snack aisle at your local grocery store and get your chips, cookies, and beverages from Dollar Tree instead! More often than not, you’ll find all of your favorite brands for a fraction of the price, so it’s a no-brainer! However, Dollar Tree’s own-brand snacks and beverages are great, too!

Pet Supplies

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Replacing your pet’s favorite toy can get expensive, as can leashes, proper bedding, and collars. Dollar Tree offers all of that at an affordable price, including pet extras like treats and grooming tools, so you can ensure your pet has everything it needs without breaking the bank.

Toys and Games

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Need a last-minute solution for Christmas Day or babysitting duties? Pick up cheap toys and games from Dollar Tree to keep everyone busy. You’ll find puzzles, playing cards, board games, and more, so there’s no excuse to be bored when on a budget!

Greeting Cards

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If you don’t want to spend too much on a greeting card that someone is likely going to throw away after the celebration anyway, then look no further than Dollar Tree! It has inexpensive cards for all occasions, including for seasonal and special events, so don’t waste your money elsewhere!

First Aid Supplies

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Restock your home’s first aid box or prepare yourself for travel with affordable first aid items such as bandages, ointments, and bandages at Dollar Tree. Certain over-the-counter medications, like painkillers, are also far cheaper than the larger brands, so this one-stop shop will actually be very affordable.

Garden Supplies

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If you’ve got green fingers, you’ll find everything you need for your garden in Dollar Tree, whether you’re experienced or just starting out. As a beginner gardener, you need at least a hand trowel, gloves, and a watering can, as Garden Design advises, all of which you can find for a low price.

Candles and Fragrances

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Avoid the hefty candle costs that come with major brands and improve your home scent with Dollar Tree’s extensive offering. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer large candles, tealights, air fresheners, or essential oils–you can find them all in-store for your home.

Electronics and Accessories

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If you’ve lost a cable or need replacement batteries, Dollar Tree is worth the trip. They offer various chargers, small electronic gadgets, and handy tools, and if you need to update your phone case, you can grab a cheap one in-store. It’s all far cheaper than Best Buy!

Automotive Goods

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If you thought Dollar Tree was only the solution for your home needs, you couldn’t be more wrong, as it can provide for your car, too! You can grab cheap car cleaning supplies, seat covers, and even car tools from Dollar Tree to avoid any extra vehicle expenses. It’s worth considering!

Home Décor Items

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Finally, Better Homes & Gardens explains that simple things, such as creating a gallery wall, can improve your home décor, but you’ll need some basic items first, such as frames and rugs. Dollar Tree has a variety of decorative items and small furniture solutions, so is it really necessary to overspend in luxury stores?

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