17 Things Women Stop Doing When They Turn 50

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By Jonathan Trent

When women reach a certain age, they begin to think about their lives differently. They hit a crossroads and start to change their habits and behaviors. This is unavoidable, so for guidance, here are 17 things women no longer do when they turn 50!

Prioritizing Others Over Themselves

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Before they hit 50, women tend to prioritize other people’s needs over their own. However, as they move into their later years, they shift their focus to looking after themselves by focusing on their own hobbies, prioritizing self-care, and setting clear boundaries. We wish we had started doing this earlier!

Stressing About Appearance

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Psychology Today highlights that as people get older, their bodies inevitably get further away from narrow societal beauty standards. As a result, women over 50 stop putting their energy into adhering to societal beauty standards and start focusing on loving how they look, which is always going to be healthier. 

Ignoring Their Health

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In their youth, women may have neglected their health and diet by eating junk food and avoiding going to the gym. However, after 50, these women begin to adopt a new attitude towards health and wellness as they start to realize how important it is to live longer.

Chasing Unhealthy Relationships

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Many women endure toxic relationships in their youth, partially because their minds weren’t fully developed yet. As they age into their 50s, however, they have less tolerance for these types of relationships as they would rather spend time with someone who is supportive and loving. Good on them!


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In modern society, women are told to cement themselves into the world of work. Despite this, women reaching the age of 50 find themselves having a more relaxed view of their careers, especially as they come to terms with the prospect of retirement. There’s no point in overworking yourself.

Suppressing Their Voice

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Women who have felt the need to be silent before will often come out of their shells as they reach 50. Psych Central reveals that as we age, our levels of calmness, self-confidence, leadership, and social sensitivity increase, making women feel more empowered to express their opinions.

Following Fashion Trends

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Many young women value fashion, using clothing and accessories to express themselves, but at 50, this starts to disappear. Women over 50 will sometimes eradicate fashion from their lives, opting to wear clothing items that are comfortable and reflect their personal style instead of blindly buying into trends.

Multitasking to the Extreme

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Females are hailed for their ability to juggle several things at once. However, multitasking is not at the top of women’s agenda who are over 50. Rather than taking on too much, they realize that being in the moment and pacing themselves is better for their stress levels and overall health.

Saying “Yes” to Everything

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Many younger women once agreed to go to everything, even if they didn’t want to, partly because they feared missing out on events. In contrast, older women in their 50s who have a strong sense of who they are will become more selective about the invitations they accept. They don’t want their time wasted!

Neglecting Friendships

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As time passes, women begin to realize the value of friendships, especially with other women, as they enrich their lives. Women over 50 will make a conscious effort to forge new friendships and put their energy into maintaining the friendships they already have. If only we did this when we were young…

Putting Off Travel

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With more time on their hands and fewer responsibilities, women in their 50s will often start to travel more to explore other cultures and meet different types of people. In fact, The Guardian exposes that women over 50 are more than capable of meeting new people and experiencing new challenges, so go for it!

Avoiding Technology

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Ironically, women in their 50s may not have grown up with technology, but they are still willing to embrace it. They will recognize the value of technology in helping them curb loneliness by connecting with other people and as an avenue to explore new hobbies and interests. Go them!

Ignoring Mental Health

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For women over 50, mental health becomes a top priority, even more so than when they were younger. To take care of their mental well-being, they seek therapy, explore mindfulness practices, and investigate various ways to reduce their stress levels. That’s always a smart move.

Settling for Less

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Being a woman over 50 means having a strong sense of one’s own dreams, goals, and aspirations. These individuals will refuse to settle for less than they deserve by putting time and effort into their passions and goals without being dissuaded by others’ judgments, which can only be a positive thing.

Skipping Self-Care

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Self-care routines become more important to women as they age because they crave spending time alone to re-energize and relax. Instead of going out all the time to functions or gatherings, they engage in activities that help them unwind and detach. Self-care is important, but not that important!

Following Unwanted Advice

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Unsolicited advice is something that every woman has to deal with, but for women over the age of 50, it won’t be tolerated. These individuals usually have a strong sense of identity and don’t reach out to get validation from others, meaning that they don’t internalize the words of others.

Fearing Change

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Ultimately, change can be a scary concept for women, but it becomes less scary when they hit 50. The Independent explains that women aged 50-65 are happier with their age, relationships, and confidence than women in their 20s, meaning that they embrace change more readily. That’s super admirable.

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