17 Things Women Over 60 Should Stop Doing

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By Jonathan Trent

As women reach their 60s, many health and lifestyle changes need to be made to ensure quality of life. Proactive steps and preventative measures are also priorities for physical and mental well-being, so we’ve compiled a list of 17 things women over 60 should stop doing!

Ignoring Regular Health Checkups

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Regular health checkups become more crucial over the age of 60, particularly for managing age-related health concerns. It’s vital for older women to keep on top of regular screenings, such as for breast cancer and heart disease; it’s not just about treating issues when they happen but also about preventative healthcare plans.

Neglecting Bone Health

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Unfortunately, women over 60 are more at risk of osteoporosis and certain bone conditions due to a decrease in bone density as they age. Therefore, older women should prioritize weight-bearing exercises to support healthy bones and good nutritional choices for increased vitamin D and calcium.

Disregarding Mental Health

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According to the World Health Organization, loneliness, and social isolation are the biggest risk factors for mental health in older people. Despite this, many older people neglect social activities, new hobbies, or even asking loved ones for help. The latter can, sadly, be prevalent when older people don’t want to be a ‘burden.’

Skipping Exercise

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Regular physical activity is increasingly important for people over the age of 60 to maintain mobility. However, many older people easily neglect exercise when they’re nearing retirement age, seeking relaxation instead of lacking the social circle to stay active. So, always remember that engaging in physical activity every single day is vital.

Overlooking Nutritional Needs

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Your body’s nutritional needs will change as you get older, so it’s important to avoid keeping the same diet you always had in early adulthood. Proper nutrition not only means a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables but also portion monitoring to avoid weight gain.

Neglecting Skincare

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The American Academy of Dermatology explains that skin becomes drier as you age, which means a change of routine is necessary, including using enough moisturizer. Sun protection should also be an imperative focus to best care for mature skin and avoid signs of aging–don’t cheap out on this!

Ignoring Dental Health

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Oral health is just as important as skincare or nutritional health, yet dental health is often neglected in those over 60. Regular dental checkups and attention to gum health are both vital, so don’t avoid care. Your diet and habits should also focus on promoting good oral hygiene!

Disregarding Eye Health

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Vision changes are extremely common in women over 60, which is why keeping on top of eye exams is necessary to catch any eye diseases early. You should also prioritize sun protection by wearing sunglasses when you can, and don’t forget that a healthy diet also helps promote better eye health, especially carrots!

Avoiding Financial Planning

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Financial stability is increasingly important for women nearing retirement age, as neglecting your finances may mean that you’re not able to support your lifestyle when you retire, leading to a lack of resources to manage health conditions. Budgeting and managing debt over 60 will always help provide a more carefree life!

Not Taking Care of Your Social Connections

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Maintaining social connections becomes very difficult as women age, especially when loved ones make decisions to move away or start their own families. It takes effort to maintain social connections, but it’s vital to avoid isolation. Joining clubs and social activities is key, and they’re fun too!

Neglecting Heart Health

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The CDC lists heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, so neglecting your heart health as you reach the age of 60 is something you should avoid. You should adopt healthy habits, exercise regularly, and manage stress while quitting bad habits like smoking and eating junk food.

Avoiding Medication Management

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If you’re taking multiple medications and you’re likely over the age of 60, medication management is essential. This means avoiding the risk of adverse medication effects by getting the prescribed dosage wrong. You should also ensure you can pinpoint the cause of any side effects so that you can safely seek medical attention.

Not Seeking any Cognitive Stimulation

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Staying mentally active is key to avoiding cognitive decline, which is common in aging women. Despite this, many women over 60 neglect this, as they don’t make time for puzzles, learning new skills, or reading on a daily basis. Find any activity you enjoy that stimulates the brain, and do it regularly!

Neglecting a Good Night’s Sleep

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The National Institute of Aging prescribes 7-9 hours of sleep every night, yet many older people neglect this. Good sleep hygiene habits, including a wind-down bedtime routine and a comfortable mattress, are vital for creating a relaxing space and promoting good sleep. Trust us: avoiding this will take its toll!

Dismissing Mobility Aids

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Many women over 60 might dismiss mobility aids because they don’t want to depend on them. However, aids like walkers, scooters, or even just a cane can help you move around safely by avoiding the risk of injury. It may be annoying, but it will prevent dangerous falls that can cause long-term problems.

Overlooking Ear Health

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Hearing health is extremely important in older people, as hearing loss is very common in those over 60, negatively impacting quality of life and disabling you from communicating and enjoying the sounds of life. To ensure you’re taking care of your hearing, attend regular screenings and be open to using a hearing aid!

Disregarding End-of-Life Planning

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Finally, if you don’t make any plans for end-of-life after the age of 60, this can be a big mistake. It’s tough to think about, but you’ll need to prioritize healthcare decisions and end-of-life wishes for your loved ones. This will ensure you can enjoy the rest of your life knowing everything is planned for.