17 Things The TSA Won’t Allow in Your Carry-On Luggage

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By Jonathan Trent

Choosing to take only a carry-on means avoiding the stress of checked luggage, but it also means that you have to be more wary of what you’re taking. If you’re planning for your next flight, these are the 17 items that the TSA doesn’t want to see.

Sharp Objects

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You might think you have no intention of taking a knife or blade onto a plane, but many people easily forget about items such as beauty scissors or razor blades when packing their beach must-haves! Even if they’re small, the TSA has rules about sharp objects, so don’t waste their time by packing one.

Liquids Over 100ml

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The TSA is very strict with liquids in carry-on luggage; anything over 100ml will be rejected. You must also keep all 100ml liquid bottles in one clear plastic bag. Thankfully, CNN explains that the liquid rules might be scrapped in the future thanks to new technology, but for now, it’s still important.

Certain Sporting Equipment

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Many sporting items aren’t permitted in your carry-on luggage or to be taken onto the plane. This includes baseball bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks. The main issue is whether the equipment can be used to cause harm or whether its shape is going to be too inconvenient to fit.


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Unfortunately, hoverboards are a no-go if you’re planning on taking your own or if a younger family member doesn’t want to part with theirs. This is due to concerns about the lithium-ion batteries inside them, so you’ll need to leave this gadget behind.

Any Sort of Weapon

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The TSA is very strict about weapons being packed in a carry-on. This includes firearms, the most obvious example, but others will be restricted, too. These include stun guns, martial arts weapons, or even replica weapons you might have picked up as a souvenir from your trip.

Flammable Items

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If you’re a smoker, you should double-check how many lighters or matches are in your carry-on, as these items are restricted. Anything else flammable, including fuels, will also be regulated. However, there are exceptions for medical needs, including portable oxygen tanks.

Many Foods

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If you’re planning on packing some plane snacks, you’ll need to avoid fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade items, or even meat and dairy. Certain foods are allowed but are under scrutiny. If you’re worried about high-priced airport food, Business Insider advises you to save money by eating a balanced meal before you go.


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If you’re traveling for work and need your tools, you should avoid taking items such as drills, hammers, or crowbars in your carry-on luggage and put them in your checked luggage instead. Just like sporting equipment, these tools could potentially be used as weapons, hence why they’re restricted.

Flammable Paints and Solvents

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You’re probably not planning to travel with paint but remember: something as small as nail varnish can be considered a flammable solvent. So, if you have anything similar that is considered a paint or solvent, as is common with beauty items, it should be avoided or packed in checked luggage.


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Certain aerosols, namely aerosol cans with flammable propellants, are completely forbidden with carry-on luggage. If you’re planning on packing aerosol deodorant, hairspray, or shaving cream, check the latest guidelines, as these are sometimes allowed in smaller quantities. You may want to make an easy switch to roll-on deodorant, though!

Lithium-ion Batteries

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Electronics are permitted on flights – we depend on them to pass the time – but there are restrictions. Obviously, large electronics must be removed from the bag and scanned separately. However, care needs to be taken with batteries, as according to the TSA, passengers “may also carry up to two spare large lithium-ion batteries.”

Medical Supplies

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While medical supplies are permitted—understandably—it’s important to note that they have very strict regulations. Prescription medication has to be labeled properly and must include dosage information. Medical devices may also need to be handled differently during security screening.

Self-defense Items

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Although personal safety is important when traveling, there are certain self-defense items you won’t be able to take in your carry-on luggage. The most notable is pepper spray or mace. Restrictions may allow for small items, such as a personal alarm, as long as they meet the TSA guidelines at the time of travel.


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It may sound obvious, but if you’re planning to pack even a small amount of fireworks or flares, such as if you’re traveling to celebrate 4th July with relatives, then it will be prohibited. Fireworks count as explosives, after all, so you’ll be at the risk of fines or even criminal charges.

Adhesives and Glues

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Planning on packing arts and crafts to pass the time on the plane? You might want to reconsider. The TSA won’t allow even small amounts of adhesives like super glue to be taken in carry-on luggage, as they’re considered flammable products, and they’re very strict about that.

Alcohol Over 100ml

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We don’t want to ruin your vacation, but you can’t take that expensive bottle of champagne. Alcohol will need to be in small 100ml bottles; if you plan to combat this by enjoying a drink before your flight, you can be stopped from boarding if you’ve had too much, says The Washington Post.

Miscellaneous Items

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Finally, it’s important to mention that it’s always worth checking the latest TSA guidelines, no matter what. Various miscellaneous items might actually be prohibited, even certain children’s toys such as toy guns if they’re convincing enough. For stress-free travel, always be aware of TSA guidelines!

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