20 Things That Push Men To End Relationships

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By Darryl Henderson

Relationship breakdowns can often be caused by a buildup of small things over time or by huge deal-breaker events that only need to happen once. Here are 20 of the biggest red flags that push men to end relationships.

Mismatched Life Goals

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Whether it’s life or career goals, if there’s any misalignment with what you both want out of life, it’s inevitably going to lead to a breakdown of the relationship. Men look for a partner who has aligned career and life aspirations, including views on marriage, kids, and career development.

Lack of Communication

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If a man’s feelings are ignored in the relationship, it will lead to a breakdown of communication and can create a chasm of emotional distance. PsychCentral also explains how body language is a key form of communication; therefore, physically being closed off can make it worse.

Trust Issues

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If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship, and sometimes, it can only take a small thing to plant the seed of distrust. If men suspect infidelity, a lack of transparency, or constantly feel forced to question your sincerity, then it’s likely going to lead to an end of the relationship.

Loss of Intimacy

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Physical affection and sexual satisfaction aren’t the most important things to every single couple, but to most men, it’s one of the most important things in feeling a connection with a partner. If there’s a complete loss of intimacy, it can push them to end things.

Financial Strain

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According to Ipsos, one in three couples expresses that money is one of the main conflicts in their relationship. Whether it’s disagreement over spending habits, one partner contributing more money than the other, or stress from debt, money can be a common factor in relationship breakdowns.


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They say opposites attract, but for many men, a partner who is far too different and clashing personality-wise is going to be a partner they don’t want to stay with. Incompatibility can be things such as differences in everyday lifestyle choices that add up to cause greater problems.

Lack of Appreciation

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When a man feels undervalued or that his efforts are never being acknowledged, it can take its toll over time. Inevitably, they’ll want to look for a new partner who will actually appreciate them and be grateful for their efforts or even their sacrifices.

Emotional Baggage

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We all have a past, but in relationships, emotional baggage can negatively impact a new relationship. If a partner has unresolved trauma or lingering resentments that they take out on the other person, this can leave them wanting a partner with more emotional availability.

Growing Apart

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It’s important to have your own individual hobbies in a relationship, but if all you ever do is do things separately, it results in a lack of quality time together as a couple. Ultimately, this leads to emotional disconnect and the feeling that you’re both living separate lives.

Unresolved Conflicts

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It’s not whether you argue that’s the problem in a relationship – it’s whether you leave arguments unresolved. Resentment and bitterness can easily build up if you keep having the same argument without any compromise or maybe even avoid confrontation altogether.

Lack of Effort

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It takes both partners to maintain a relationship, so if a man feels like he’s the only one putting in an effort – whether emotionally, around the house, or with future goals – it’s going to lead to doubts. Healthline explains how to recognize a one-sided relationship.

Changes in Priorities

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Life brings with it plenty of changes, but if these changes leave a man behind or mean that he contributes more to the relationship, it’s going to change his mind about whether he wants to stick it out for the long haul. Changes in priorities lead to a reevaluation of what matters most.

External Influences

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When you commit to a partner, you’re also committing to their family and friends. Sadly, this can sometimes mean dealing with people who don’t like you or don’t approve of your relationship. A man may be pushed to end a relationship if pressured by friends, family, or even society.

Lack of Support

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A man wants to feel supported by his partner, especially with things that relate only to him, such as his career or personal achievements. It can be very isolating when your partner doesn’t support the little things you do to improve your own life or congratulate you when you need it.

Feeling Unfulfilled

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Even if a partner is doing everything right, a man might feel unfulfilled if he’s longing for a deeper connection or just longing for something that his partner – through no fault of their own – can’t give. He might feel like his intellectual or personal needs aren’t being met.


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Resentment can break down a relationship, whether the man is on the receiving end of it or feels resentment toward his partner for something they did in the past. Holding on to past grievances like this means there’s no way to move forward, and it harbors negativity.

Loss of Respect

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A man might lose respect for his partner if they behave a certain way, especially towards him, such as belittling or showing emotional disregard. Psychology Today talks about how belittling only partners specifically – but not others – is very common in relationships.


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Infidelity is the biggest betrayal of trust, but some couples decide to stay together and work through it. However, a man might be considering ending the relationship based on infidelity if he’s tried to move past it but can’t. Sometimes, the damaged foundations can’t be fixed.

Substance Abuse

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Addictive behavior, especially with substances like alcohol, can have an extremely negative impact on relationships. Substance-related issues will put a strain on the connection, and a man may even find it challenging to support an addicted partner because they’re not professionally equipped to do so.

Mental Health Issues

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It’s a tragic fact that some people just can’t cope when their partners are struggling mentally and ultimately decide to leave rather than try and support them. A man may be pushed to end a relationship if his partner’s anxiety, depression, or any other condition is affecting the relationship.