19 Things That Make a Man Stand Out From the Crowd

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By Darryl Henderson

Many men believe that standing out from the crowd is reserved for the naturally beautiful types, but that’s simply not the case. You can follow a few steps to become the most captivating version of yourself, such as these 19 things that’ll help you stand out.


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There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, although the two traits are perceived differently. While confidence is rooted in self-worth and will radiate to others, arrogance is formed out of insecurity, which people will likely be able to see straight through. Be confident, and you’ll stand out!


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You can be the most handsome, well-built man, but if you lack any sense of humor. According to Harvard Medical School, laughing releases a ton of endorphins, improving mood and creating a feeling of well-being for everyone around. In other words, if you make someone laugh, they’ll remember you!


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Manners may cost nothing, but they can be your ticket to standing out. Whether it be saying your please and thank yous or holding the door open for others, they will help you instantly stand out from less courteous people. It’s a truly admirable quality to have!

Being Passionate

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People are often warned to keep their passions to themselves, especially if they are deemed nerdy. However, we think having a passion is something to be celebrated; after all, it’s a quirk that makes up the fabric of who you are, which will help you stand out among the right people.


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While feeling compassion may seem natural, it really helps you to stand out. It aids in human-to-human connection, as you can show signs of compassion while speaking and listening, as suggested by Mindful. The closer someone feels to you in a tough moment, the more likely they are to keep you in mind.


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A man doesn’t have to possess an Einstein-level IQ to stand out from the crowd, but if he is well-informed on current affairs and can make an articulate point, he will have an instant advantage. It really helps to keep the conversation going, so get reading!


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Sometimes, kindness is all you need to stand out. It’s a sign of respect from one person to another, which boosts the mood and confidence of both people. Even the smallest gestures of kindness can make someone’s day, so be kind!

Good With Children

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If a man is good with children, it shows empathy and compassion for those who are more vulnerable than they are. It also shows diversity in communication skills, as being able to become relatable to children is a skill in itself. It’ll make you stand out as a great teacher or father!

Good With Animals

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Just like with children, being good with animals is a sign of empathy, compassion, and patience. It’s also a sign that a man possesses an abundance of the love hormone oxytocin, which helps them bond with both humans and animals. This will radiate from them, contributing to their attractiveness and making them stand out.

Having a Personal Style

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You don’t need to be kitted out in a wacky, off-kilter outfit to stand out; you just need to possess your own personal style. This will enable you to feel truly comfortable and confident within yourself, which will naturally emanate from you. People will remember this–trust us!


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Frequently smiling will not only boost your own mood, releasing endorphins and serotonin, but it will also filter through to others because, as Verywell Mind puts it, smiles are contagious. That’s because our brains automatically notice other people’s facial expressions, often mimicking them, meaning we’ll subconsciously smile, too.


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Being emotionally mature will help you stand out from the crowd, giving the impression that you know how to maintain a healthy relationship. People don’t want the hassle of entering a relationship with someone who lacks emotional maturity, so act like an adult!


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Looks will help you stand out from a crowd, but like with having style, you don’t need a chiseled jawline, a perfectly symmetrical face, or any of the other typically attractive features. Looking after yourself, having a haircut that suits you, and possessing self-confidence can all help your overall looks stand out!

Smelling Good

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Your scent is scientifically proven to be the secondary source of attraction from one person to another after their looks. This is because we still possess animalistic instincts, which tell us that someone with good body odor is more likely to pass on favorable traits to our offspring.


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Integrity outdoes many other traits when it comes to standing out from a crowd. It will help you build credibility while enabling others to trust you and will always help forge a bond between you and others as you develop mutual respect. It’s a stand-out trait, for sure!

Good Morals

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Good morals are vital if you want to stand out from the crowd. For example, not being afraid to speak up for a good cause will soon be noticed by others, leading people to respect you. After all, knowing that someone stands up for the right things helps people feel safe in their company!

No Mansplaining

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The phrase ‘mansplaining,’ defined by Michigan State University as a “situation in which a man provides a condescending explanation of something to someone who already understands it,” has really caught on in recent years. Avoid assuming that you’re the omniscient one in the group; otherwise, you’ll stand out for the wrong reasons!


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Everybody wants to feel safe; it’s an evolutionary trait that we have held onto since our ancestors lived primitive, cave-based lives, fending off predators. For this reason, being around a naturally protective person will help you feel secure, give you peace of mind, and allow you to feel relaxed. Now that stands out.

Sweet Flirting

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Last but not least, it’s easy to overstep the line when flirting, becoming creepy, and standing out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. However, if you keep your flirting above board in the form of compliments and humor, you can’t go wrong, and you’ll make a wonderfully memorable first impression.

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