18 Things That Indicate Your Partner Is Unhappy

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By Darryl Henderson

There is nothing better than being in a happy, healthy relationship with someone. However, when the honeymoon phase is over, you may begin to realize that your partner is dissatisfied, and nobody wants that! To avoid this, here are 18 things that hint your partner is not happy.

They Withdraw from Conversations

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Healthy relationships thrive on communication and mutual engagement. So, if your partner avoids talking to you and removes themselves from conversations, it could signify their dissatisfaction within the relationship as they no longer see you as someone they can open up to.

Changes in Affection Levels

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If your partner is always loving and affectionate, regularly trying to hug or kiss you, they are probably content in the relationship. Unsurprisingly, CNBC notes that indifference to such affection is a serious red flag; unhappy partners will refuse to touch you, treating you like a friend rather than a lover. 

Increased Irritability

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Unhappy individuals in relationships will easily become irritable around their partner, even when they don’t do anything wrong. If minor issues are sending them into a bad mood, they aren’t entirely happy in the relationship, preventing them from showing you empathy and compassion.

Spending More Time Alone

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One of the main signs that your partner is miserable is if they leave or avoid a room when you are in it. Any satisfied partner will want to spend time with their partner, meaning that your relationship is in trouble if they start spending more time alone or with other people.

Lack of Interest in Shared Activities

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Every couple needs to bond over joint activities, which will help solidify their relationship in the long term. However, if your partner shows no interest in coming with you to events or gatherings, you should take the hint that the relationship does not make them happy. It might be time to have a talk. 

Changes in Sleeping Patterns

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Typically, couples tend to go to bed at the same time each night, as they have similar routines. While it’s normal to go to sleep at different times occasionally, it’s unusual for your partner to intentionally stay up later or go to bed much earlier than you; it’s a sign that they’re avoiding you!

Decreased Communication About the Future

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Communication is required in every relationship as it builds trust, but if your partner refuses to communicate, Forbes suggests that this could be intentional. The suggestion is that your partner is resorting to staying in the relationship without active engagement, perhaps hoping that you initiate the breakup, hoping to avoid conflict.

Increased Secrecy

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It’s healthy to keep some small things private from your partner, but if one person in a relationship is overly secretive, hiding important aspects of their life, it can be an indication that something is wrong. You’re supposed to be the person they can confide in, so ask yourself: what are they hiding?

Frequent Arguments

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Disagreements will inevitably arise in even the happiest of relationships, but constantly arguing with your partner can indicate a bigger issue. It’s particularly telling if only one person in the relationship is picking fights out of nothing, as it can reflect their unhappiness.

Loss of Respect

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Respect is the foundation of any good relationship, and without it, the relationship is set to crumble. If you find that your partner no longer values your opinions or finds small ways to put you down, they could have lost respect for you altogether, leading to them feeling completely dissatisfied.

Decreased Sexual Interest

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A healthy sex life is typically standard for couples who are also emotionally intimate. This is why The Independent highlights that dwindling sex life, sleeping in different rooms, or even no longer holding hands are among the common signs the magic has gone. Address this in therapy, or at least have a discussion!

Spending More Time on Their Phone

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Being on your phone all the time can ruin any relationship as it creates a barrier to communication. However, if your partner doesn’t usually use their phone and now uses it as a crutch in conversations with you, they may not like being with you, and changes are probably necessary.

Decline in Quality Time

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There’s a big difference between spending time with your partner and spending quality time with them; quality time requires mutual engagement! So, suppose your partner is doing anything they can to avoid doing this, disengaging from time spent together. In that case, it’s an indication that they may be unhappy and that something needs addressing. 

Increased Interest in New Friends

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Having friends outside your relationship is healthy and normal, as it shows that you are not dependent on your partner. However, if your partner suddenly begins to fill up all their time with new friends, they may be hinting that they don’t want to spend time with you. Speak to them about it!

Changes in Physical Appearance

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Taking pride in your appearance is something to be proud of, but it can be considered suspicious if your partner starts making significant changes to their appearance out of nowhere. If they’re doing this out of nowhere, they may want to impress someone else instead of you, potentially indicating unhappiness within your relationship.

Financial Secrecy

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Both relationship members should be transparent about their finances, especially if you are a married couple and share a bank account. Therefore, in cases where your partner is becoming more secretive about their finances, it’s important to question whether they are hiding something from you.

Emotional Distance

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Emotions and passion are central in romantic relationships, as both partners should have a soft spot for each other. This is why Psychology Today points out that when your relationship feels more like a routine and lacks passion, it may indicate that the connection between you and your partner has weakened.

Lack of Appreciation

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Finally, when one partner does a lot for the other, it should usually be met with an expression of gratitude. If the opposite occurs and your partner seems to take your efforts for granted, it could be because they no longer value your presence in their life. Have a discussion about this, because something isn’t right!

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