18 Things That Become Unbearable As You Get Older

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By Jonathan Trent

As you age, your mindset will naturally change, turning things that you were once happy to accept into intolerable annoyances. If you’d like to know what frustrations to expect in older age, here are 18 things that become unbearable to older people!

Loud Noise

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When you were younger, there was nothing you loved more than hitting the local club or bar with your friends and losing yourself in the music. These days, it’s not so appealing. The sound of the bass penetrates your chest, while the buzz of the synthesizers leaves your ears ringing for days. It’s exhausting!


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It may be the natural human psyche or a lack of ability to adapt, but as you become older, change becomes more impossible to bear. Harvard Business Review suggests that this is normal, as change interferes with autonomy and represents a loss of control. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s certain is change!

Other Drivers

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The more experienced you become with driving a car, the more intolerable other drivers become. They cut you up, undertake you, and occupy the wrong lanes. It almost makes you want to get out, sell your car, and rely on public transport instead!

Public Transport

Getting on public transport as an older individual is more painful than ever. It makes you wonder how you ever put up with the lack of personal space, the searing temperature, and the deafening noise of chatter and crying children. It’s truly an unpleasant experience, but at least it’s discounted!

Late Nights

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The older you become, the less tempting a late night out becomes; you miss your home comforts, and the feeling of overwhelming tiredness that follows you around the next day is unbearable. Plus, the fear of missing out is minimal at best as you get older, which is quite the relief.

Drinking Alcohol

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When you reach old age, hangovers begin to feel more severe and long-lasting, leaving you bed-bound for around two days afterward. It ruins the fun of staying out late, drinking the night away with friends, as you know what’s coming the next day. So, us older folk try not to drink too frequently.

Modern Music

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It’s no surprise that modern music just doesn’t appeal to older people; it feels repetitive and lacks personality and innovation. However, this isn’t the youth’s fault; it’s also becoming more difficult for people to discover new sounds, with 70% of the US music market being occupied by older songs, as The Atlantic reports.

Social Media

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Watching people display their fabricated lifestyles via social media gets more grating the older you get. It becomes painfully clear that they are posting blatant untruths to try and shape the way others perceive them. We don’t know how you younger folk tolerate it; it’s dystopian!


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It seems the older you get, the more non-negotiables creep in, making finding a compatible partner more difficult than ever. Will they be alright with your children? Will they want to move in with you straight away? There are too many questions regarding dating, so we OAPs tend to give it a miss.


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When you’re young, your mind allows you to think that it’s perfectly alright to leave the dirty dishes out overnight, ready for you to wash them in the morning. Don’t get used to this, though; as you get older, even one speck of unwanted dust on a coffee table will feel deeply irritating!

Fashion Trends

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Fashion moves at a monumental rate, with trends coming and going in an instant, making it hard for anyone to keep up with. It’s even tougher for older people, as they have to balance trends with whether or not they feel comfortable in certain outfits. Don’t give us grief for being comfortable!


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Trivial issues fail to carry any weight into older age, with pointless dramas, gossip, and negativity taking a firm backseat. Realizing that most issues in life aren’t worth worrying about is liberating, freeing you from negative emotions such as spite and bitterness. You’ll love it, trust us!

New Technology

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Older generations roll their eyes at the arrival of another ‘groundbreaking’ piece of technology, as they have yet to master the device that came before it. A study by the Pew Research Center found that 77% of seniors require assistance when using a new piece of tech, but you’ll be the same one day!

Getting Things Done

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If you thought chores were the bane of your existence as a child, just wait until you are older! Motivation for menial tasks seems lower than it has ever been, and they are only made more difficult by not having someone in your ear nagging you to get them done.


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You’re far less gullible in older age, so adverts don’t have as much power over your mind as they did when you were younger. What’s worse is that they now follow you wherever you look, whether it be on the TV, on your phone, or on billboards in your town, making them intolerable.


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Not everyone is built like an athlete, making exercise an unbearable but crucial part of life. As you get older, the muscles begin to ache a bit more, meaning you’ll be feeling the effects of your workout well into the next day.

Young People

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While you may have compassion and a certain warmth for young people, there is a part of their mannerisms that just feels intolerable as you head into older age. None of their jokes, behaviors, or struggles are understandable or relatable, with the generation gap proving too large to bridge.

Large Friendship Groups

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Finally, relationships take a lot of time and effort to manage, which inevitably leads to complications as you age. You’ll naturally gravitate more toward certain people, leaving out the rest, with a report by the National Library of Medicine stating that older people tend to prioritize the quality of relationships over the quantity. Honestly, it’s a silver lining!

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