18 Things That Become Intolerable as You Get Older

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By Jonathan Trent

As a child, becoming an adult seems so exciting. However, as the years pass, your mindset changes, and things that once seemed so appealing now seem like your worst nightmare. Here are 18 things that become totally intolerable the older you get.


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When you’re young, the thought of being in a loud room surrounded by strangers is thrilling. It’s a chance to make friends, lose yourself, and have a good time. However, once the years roll by, a lack of personal space and an inability to hear yourself think become daunting prospects.

Monthly Subscriptions

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Life was far simpler when all you had to worry about was your month’s rent and utility bills. Nowadays, everything has a monthly subscription added to it, whether it be your music streaming platform, a mobile phone game, or even a news website. It seems like a scam to us old folk!

Going Out For The Evening

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The older you get, the temptation to crash on the sofa on a Friday night rather than go out with friends becomes stronger and stronger. According to CBS News, three out of four Americans over the age of 21 would rather stay in than leave the house. There’s nothing wrong with that!


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Meeting new people in a romantic setting becomes far harder as you get older, as people generally carry around a lot more baggage. Trying to find a compatible partner who is happy to embrace your pet dog and help out with your mortgage payments is not an easy task, hence why we start to loathe it.

A Messy House

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As we age, it quickly becomes inconceivable that you would allow a mess to build up inside your house like you did in your earlier years. These days, even the smallest speck of dust becomes an unshakeable grievance to us!


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Sadly, aging means that time is becoming scarce, so many of us find it hard to fit in a daily workout. When we eventually manage it, the aching bones and muscles make us wish we’d stayed in bed that little bit longer. Annoyingly, we know it’s necessary for our health.

Drama and Negativity

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One of the benefits of getting older is that trivial problems become meaningless, which helps you easily eliminate drama and negativity from your life. The thought of falling out with a friend over them forgetting your dog’s birthday is no longer on the cards; relationships just mean too much to throw away like that.


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Seeing teenagers behaving like teenagers gets strangely more grating the older you get, even though you were once in their shoes. Flashbacks of your immature younger self will continue to haunt you every time you see a group of kids leaving the school gates.


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There inevitably comes an age when you just can’t stomach alcohol like you could in your 20s, with hangovers becoming more brutal than ever. This is purely scientific, with the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol waning with age, according to Cosmopolitan.

Clothes Shopping

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Brash, ambitious clothing choices become increasingly difficult to pull off as one ages, making clothes shopping considerably less enjoyable. Then, one has to deal with the insecurity that comes with a naturally changing body shape. We avoid it until it’s truly necessary.

Getting By Without Sleep

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Getting by without a good night’s sleep becomes increasingly difficult as one ages. The days of being able to roll out of bed and head to work on less than eight hours of sleep seem a distant memory. Luckily, sleeping plenty is essential for good health, so we have no complaints!

Social Media

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Social media has a strong grip on the younger generations, who are unable to see through the fabrications presented to them online. Something is infuriating about that to us older folk! Unsurprisingly, USA Today shares that social media users over 50 are far more likely to give it up than those under 25. 

Catching a Cold

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Catching a cold or any other minor ailment as a child was rewarded with the consolation of a day off school and sympathetic treatment from those around you. As an adult, your responsibilities won’t subside for the sake of a high temperature, so catching a cold is nothing but an annoyance.

Reading the Small Print

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Reading small print becomes increasingly unbearable as you get older because it becomes increasingly difficult to see. According to The Vision Council, 13.2% of American adults require reading glasses, with most being over the age of 45. With today’s screens, that’s only going to get worse!

Pop Music

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It’s a tad cliché when people say that music from their youth far outclasses the music of the present day, but almost every generation shares this sentiment. Admitting that you’ve finally been left behind by modern culture is not easy, but it’s a right of passage for the over-60s. 

New Technology

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Just when you’ve mastered the latest piece of technology, something newer, more advanced, and a whole lot more complicated is released to the masses. This drives old people crazy! When you no longer take to new tech like a duck to water, it’s impossible not to feel old. 

Junk Food

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Our metabolisms aren’t as effective as we stray from our youth, making the idea of a junk food diet seem horrific. Preventing our scales from rising higher and higher is difficult enough as it is without throwing all that junk into the equation. It may still be tasty, but it ain’t worth it. 

Hot Weather

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Finally, it’s hot weather. A hot day for a young person may involve swimming, adventuring, and getting out and about in the sunshine. However, after hitting a certain age, you start to worry more about the discomfort of it all, not to mention the dread of donning a swimming costume in public! We’ll stay inside with the AC, thanks!