20 Things That Are No Longer Important Once You Hit 60

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By Darryl Henderson

Once you head into your older years, you develop a sense of clarity, helping you realize the things that are important, such as family, and the things that aren’t, such as feelings of regret and disappointment. For guidance, here are 20 things that become insignificant once you hit 60.


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As you get older, your tolerance for gossiping gets lower. You begin to realize that concerning yourself with the lives of others is unnecessary and unjustified, helping you to see past the intrigue of rumor to the point where it reveals itself as unfair and mean. It’s childish, plain and simple.


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Older people have a knack for handling disappointments well, not losing sleep over them as younger people often tend to do. Interestingly, the Association for Psychological Science backs up this point, stating that older adults learn to let go of disappointments over unachieved goals much better than their younger counterparts.

Impractical Fashion

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Once upon a time, you would have worn outfits solely because they looked good. This would have involved wearing uncomfortable shoes, going out without a jacket, and wearing trousers that were too tight for your legs to breathe. In older age, this feels senseless, as you begin to favor comfort over looking chic.

Following Trends

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When you’re over 60, you realize that trends come and go all the time. Changing your look to keep up with a trend, even if you’re not totally on board with it, is exhausting, which is why many people over 60 opt for more timeless looks. Comfy is the new cool!

Condescending People

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A lack of life experience leads younger people to fail to stand their ground against people who treat them with a lack of respect. The older you get, the more you realize that condescension comes out of insecurity and people who look down on others are ultimately not worth worrying about. 

Going Out

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You may not have missed a single social outing in your prime years, but as you head past 60, the thought of being out past nine o’clock at night is unfathomable. There is no venue that could compete with your bed and a cup of cocoa. That’s the way we like it, too!

Moving Home

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Unless you really need to downsize your home, most people over 60 won’t want to put themselves through the stress and rigmarole of moving house. There is a desire for familiarity with age, as shown by the National Library of Medicine, which reports that only 5% of Americans over 55 move each year.

Keeping Up With the Kids

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In life, there eventually comes a time of realization when you discover that it’s no longer worth trying to keep up with the kids anymore. Their fashion passes you by, their hobbies are alien to you, and their slang terms mean absolutely nothing to you. They’ll feel the same one day!

Saving Money

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Throughout your life, it feels as though there is constantly something to save money for, whether it be for a bigger house, your children’s futures, or for later on in life. Thankfully, when you’re 60, you have a lot more disposable income, and your kids are all grown up. What a relief!

Professional Improvement

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After hitting 60, you’ll be well aware that your working life is reaching its conclusion. The relentless grind for professional improvement will begin to wane as you are no longer striving for promotions and are content with the role that you have achieved. There’s nothing wrong with getting settled and comfortable.   

Keeping the House Spotless

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While you’ll still make an effort to make your home look presentable, once you’ve transitioned into older age, you no longer feel the need to make sure every speck of dust is dealt with. You’re not spending hours on end polishing every surface and making every window pristine, so give yourself a break.


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As you get older, the frequency of arguments between you and your spouse tends to decrease as you get a better gauge of what’s important and what isn’t. As TIME Magazine suggests, older couples are also better at problem-solving, meaning issues are less likely to escalate into an argument.

Distant Relatives

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Trying to keep in touch with distant relatives who may live in far-flung areas of the planet becomes more stressful than fulfilling in older age. You understand that these family members all have their own lives, and while they’d always be welcomed, trying to get everyone together takes more effort than it’s worth.

Friendship Drama

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Once you hit 60, you start to realize who your true friends are as you begin to shrink your friendship group to a more manageable size. You no longer desire to get involved with the drama between people, as it all feels a bit menial in older age.

Saving Money by Using Public Transportation

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It might be considerably cheaper to take a bus to somewhere rather than ordering a taxi, but it’s far less quick and way less comfortable. Older people are considerably more eager to part with their cash if it means they won’t have to sit on a hot, sweaty train or bus. 

The Approval of Others

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One of the most obvious traits of older people is that they don’t seem to care what anybody else thinks. They approach life as though they have absolutely nothing to lose, which is an incredibly liberating mindset and one that many wish they had in their younger years. 

Social Media Interactions

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Likes, comments, and shares will mean very little once you reach 60, seeing social media for what it is. It isn’t real life, nor is it a representation of your popularity. Most people above 60 just use it occasionally to share updates with their close friends and family.

Feeling Regret

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In later life, you learn that you can’t turn back time and reverse decisions or words you may have made. You realize that there is no value in holding onto things you cannot change. Live Science states that letting go could be the key to happy aging, so get practicing!


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You may have once obsessed over a neighbor’s house renovation or jealously eyed up a friend’s new car, comparing it to your own. Once you become more mature, you realize that there is little point in comparing yourself to others, as it will only lead to a lowered self-worth. You do you!

Holding a Grudge

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Finally, any grudges you may have held, however long-standing, tend to become water under the bridge as you head into older age. Age brings clarity of thought, which in turn helps you to realize that holding a grudge against someone for their actions a number of years ago isn’t beneficial to your mental well-being. Let bygones be bygones.

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