18 Things Society Has Condemned That Should Be Considered Normal

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By Darryl Henderson

Society has a funny way of developing a gang mentality, often demonizing and turning people against things believed to be against societal norms. Here are 18 examples of things that have been condemned even though they should be considered normal.

A Healthy Work/Life Balance

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Grind culture began to take full swing toward the latter end of the 2010s, as online ‘influencers’ would shame those who chose to enjoy leisure time over working ridiculous hours. Waking up at 4:30 am to start work does not make you a better person than someone who wakes up at 8–simple.

Men Raising Their Daughters

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Macho, alpha male nonsense should have died down long ago, but unfortunately, it still persists, attempting to make fools out of fathers spending quality time with their daughters. If anything, dressing up as a fairy godmother and wearing sparkly face paint makes you an even more inspiring man.

Staying Sober

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Those who choose not to consume alcohol when out with their friends are often wrongly labeled as boring for no reason other than wanting to retain 100% of their consciousness. Thankfully, these attitudes are becoming outdated, with the number of people choosing to ditch alcohol constantly rising, according to Forbes.

Avoiding Social Media

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Social media sites can be a cesspit of hate, fabricated realities, and bizarre conspiracy theories, so why wouldn’t people want to avoid it? It may be the norm to have an online presence in this day and age, but it is far from being a necessity.

Speaking Ill of the Dead

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There is still a mindset that once somebody has passed away, nobody is allowed to say a single bad word about them, even if they did some terrible things while they were roaming the Earth. Why!? There is no logical reason why somebody who has done terrible things should be forgiven upon death.

Choosing Not to Have Children

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You would hope that people would agree that women should have the choice over their lives, yet there is still a strange stigma around those who decide they don’t want children. With a population crisis and ever-rising living costs, it’s no wonder some people don’t wish to have kids. Regardless, it’s nobody’s business!

Free Healthcare

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In most countries worldwide, universal healthcare is common sense, as people shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to receive medical care. However, in the United States, the topic is largely taboo, and there is fierce debate about it. How can we solve this problem if we don’t talk about it!?

Body Hair on Women

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The fact that women refusing to shave their body hair is demonized means that society still has a toe dipped in the misogynistic water of the past. You’d have thought that by now, people would stop feeling the need to dictate how women choose to present themselves.

Men Talking About Their Emotions

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Thankfully, the demonization of men discussing how they are feeling mentally is dying out, with mental health now at the forefront of society’s mind. Still, it has taken long enough for people to stop telling vulnerable men to ‘man up’ and get on with it, and some people still maintain this attitude.


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Most young people are completely accepting of different sexual orientations, and if common sense was anything to go by, older people would hold the same views. Despite this, many still hold homophobic views, which is ridiculous considering that the National Library of Medicine identifies homosexuality as a natural sexual orientation.

Enjoying Spending Time Alone

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Society seems to think that unless a person has a partner to spend their time with each day, they must be cripplingly lonely. In actual fact, with a high percentage of the US population considering themselves as introverts, there are far more people who thrive on time spent alone than you’d initially think.

Women Not Wearing Makeup

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Women are still expected to wear makeup in both social and professional settings, while men can get away with putting very little effort into their appearance. YouGov found that only 26% of women in the US say they don’t wear makeup, but sadly, many of these only do so out of societal pressure.

Having Nerdy Hobbies

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It seems as though society struggles to exist unless it can pigeonhole and generalize those who exist within it. Adults who enjoy hobbies such as gaming, comic books, and other supposed ‘nerdy’ activities are looked down upon and seen as unfairly seen as childish for no logical reason. This needs to change!

Dining Alone

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Going out for a bite to eat alone often results in puzzled looks from people. These looks aren’t necessarily negative, just confused, as society has weaned us into believing that dining alone is out of the norm. That’s pretty ridiculous; why would being alone mean you’re not hungry!?

Disinterest in Academia

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For too long, society has labeled those with good academic grades as high achievers, seemingly ignoring the skills and talents of those who found the schooling system to be ill-fitting for them. Intelligence is multifaceted and should never be defined by the grades that one achieves in academia.

Pursuing Your Dreams

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It’s commonly regarded as immature to try to convert your hobby into a career, and many unsolicited career advisors deem it risky and irresponsible. This mindset provokes disillusionment among young people looking to pursue their dreams, which they otherwise would achieve!

Not Replying Quickly

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These days, nonstop digital availability is regarded as a requirement, which frankly feels rather dystopian. People even become frustrated when their friends or colleagues reply slowly! This frustration is likely born out of the fact that 30% of Americans admit they are ‘constantly’ online, as the BBC reports.

The Thought That the Customer Might Be Wrong

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Finally, considering that the phrase ‘the customer is always right’ dates back to 1905, it’s probably time we gave it a rethink. Many customers use this slogan as a means of treating retail, restaurant, and service workers badly, becoming irate if you challenge them on it. It baffles us that this is considered normal!