18 Things So Expensive You Should Stop Buying Them

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By Jonathan Trent

Recent world events have made products much more expensive, as buyers are now charged increased costs of making and delivering goods. Here’s a list of 18 products that aren’t worth purchasing anymore because of their high prices.


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As people have less money to spend, they are less likely to buy luxury items. Flower bouquets are one of the first items that people have stopped buying. Unfortunately, despite their appearance, bouquets don’t last long enough to justify their price.


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One of the most noticeable products to fall victim to the recent global price increases is soda, with some of the biggest brands passing production costs onto the consumer. In the last year, Coca-Cola has raised the prices of its drinks by 10%, as reported by CNBC.


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Greeting cards are already on their way out of fashion due to the rise of instant messaging and society’s greater understanding of environmentalism. With card prices rising higher and higher, getting ever closer to the $5 mark, their future hangs in the balance.

Scented Candles

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Once regarded as a bit of a fad and only purchased by the spiritually aware, scented candles eventually broke out of their mold and established themselves in the mainstream consumer market. This resulted in the major scented candle brands raising their prices, with the fragrances no longer justifying the cost.

Bottled Water 

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For the price of two week’s worth of bottled water, you could purchase a water filter, which will last between six to 12 months. By owning and using a water filter, you will also be contributing to the fight against single-use plastics and non-degradable waste. 


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Not only will takeaways be detrimental to your health compared to home-cooked meals, but they’ll also cost you an arm and a leg to afford. The meals themselves are expensive enough, which is made worse by delivery fees and leaving your driver a tip.


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Traditional print media is no longer economically viable or convenient, with articles and features available on the Internet, often free of charge. A study by the Pew Research Center further supports this point, highlighting that physical newspaper readership is declining year on year.


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Supply issues since the pandemic have resulted in a major price increase of cars, which has led to more people holding onto their cars for longer. TIME Magazine confirms that the population of cars on the road has never been so old, as people no longer have the money to upgrade.

Taxi Rides

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The rise of pre-paid, digitally booked taxi companies such as Uber and Lyft has forced traditional taxi drivers to up their rates in order to make ends meet. Price rises aren’t helped by the global increase in fuel prices, skyrocketing the running costs of a cab.

Celebrity Clothing Lines

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Nowadays, it seems as though almost every well-known celebrity has their own clothing range, selling cheaply made garments for extortionate prices. People have always been attracted to the name on the front of the clothes rather than the overall quality of the piece, but buying celebrity clothing lines is no longer justified.

Big-Branded Skincare Products

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The prices of skincare products have seemingly been in constant ascension since the rise of the beauty influencer over the last decade. Many of these products claim to work miracles but, in actual fact, are no more effective than cheaper products from smaller brands.

Flat Pack Furniture

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When IKEA came across the ocean to the USA in 1985, it changed the way people shopped for furniture, ditching expensive pieces for flat-pack DIY furniture. Well, now the tables have turned, with Forbes suggesting that young people are turning towards vintage furniture, which can cost up to 80% less.

Pre-Chopped Produce

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Consumerism hit a new low when supermarkets started selling pre-chopped vegetables, offering buyers less produce for an inflated price. Eventually, people realized that it really isn’t worth spending more money just to avoid having to chop the vegetables yourself.

Branded Medication

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After a certain amount of time, pharmaceutical companies are obliged to release the recipes of their medication products, meaning that other companies can start manufacturing the goods themselves. This means that unbranded medication is exactly the same product as its branded counterpart for a fraction of the price.

Fancy Coffee 

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Popping into your local coffee shop after you wake up or before you start work is undoubtedly a nice routine to follow, but it slowly wears away at your bank balance. Making your own coffee at home is a far cheaper way of getting your caffeine fix.

Cable and Satellite TV 

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With streaming sites offering ad-free content available to watch at any time of day, people are beginning to cancel their cable or satellite TV subscriptions. According to CNN, cable and satellite now make up less than half of TV viewing for the first time ever.

Latest Phone

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Before society became business savvy enough to realize that the big tech companies release their new products almost yearly, making it impossible to keep up, people changed their phones a lot more often. Now, more and more people are willing to use their phones until they can’t take any more.

Concert Tickets

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The digitalization of concert ticketing is still fraught with problems, mainly caused by robots purchasing the entire stock and reselling it for double the recommended retail price. Also, with artists being paid less due to music streaming, they are having to make their money elsewhere, often by raising ticket prices.

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