17 Things People With No Money Always Seem to Buy

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By Darryl Henderson

We expect those who are financially challenged to reserve their money. However, there is a growing tendency for those who don’t have money to splash the cash on lavish items. With more people wanting the best of the best, here are 17 things people with no money always seem to purchase.


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High-end sneakers can be an emblem of class and wealth. However, these pieces of footwear are incredibly expensive as they are updated and upgraded frequently. Those who are struggling with money avoid prioritizing the essentials, instead opting to walk in style to turn heads.

The Latest Gadgets

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Gadgets such as high-end smartphones and cutting-edge tech accessories are popular with those who have no money. To make themselves feel better about their financial situation and to fit in with the rest of society, these individuals will sacrifice their savings for status symbols.

Designer Labels

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We would assume that designer items do not matter to people who have no money to their name. However, as Forbes notes, people living amidst greater income inequality are more interested in luxury goods. In order to make up for their lack of money, they want to appear flashy to their peers.

Luxury clothing items

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Clothing brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel are well-favored among those who have little amounts of money. Despite their extortionate price tag, these people tend to prioritize appearance over financial stability, even purchasing knock-off replicas to keep their image up.

Eating Out

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Eating out at fancy restaurants is notoriously more costly than using up groceries that you have already purchased. This also extends to ordering takeout regularly, all of which those individuals with no money are known to do. They find pleasure in overspending on food indulgences rather than being economical.

Lavish Nights Out

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Instead of opting for a savvy night in, people with no money are tempted to go clubbing and bar hopping, which can rack up a lot of bills. They may even take it one step further by spending money they don’t have on VIP experiences or luxurious forms of entertainment, despite having financial limitations.

Exotic Getaways

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Going on holiday can be incredibly relaxing for those who have the means to fund it. However, for those who are in debt or don’t have the money, luxurious vacations seem to be the norm. They find excitement by seeking experiences that are beyond their means, instead of creating a budget.

Impulse Buys

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Trendy items and flashy accessories are desired by those people with no money. The Guardian proposes that it is common for a low-income earner to feel guilt constantly. One way for these people to free themselves from constant guilt is to indulge in impulse spending as it offers instant gratification.

Paying for Subscriptions

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In many cases, subscriptions may be a great addition to our daily routine and can make our lives easier. However, for poorer people, subscriptions such as multiple streaming services and expensive gym memberships may be draining their bank account further, contributing to a sense of worthlessness.

High-Interest Loans

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Loans are necessary for many people to stay afloat. Yet, individuals with no money gravitate towards hefty loans such as payday loans and cash advances which set them back. Rather than building up their savings and planning for the future, they fall into debt traps to cover immediate needs.

Brand-New Cars

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Having a car is valuable for getting around, minimizing reliance on public transportation. Despite their importance, for poorer people, it isn’t a good idea to buy a lavish, expensive car. These types of cars are associated with high monthly payments and can actually be a source of stress and panic.

Style Upgrades

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Rather than rewear the clothes they already have, those with no money find themselves constantly updating and upgrading their wardrobes to replicate the lives of influencers. However, this could be detrimental over a long period as Business Insider hints that the spend-now strategy could create longer-term problems over people’s lives.

Replacing Electronics

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Individuals who have little to no money fall into the trap of purchasing the latest gadgets and tech accessories instead of keeping what they already have. They find value in chasing the latest technology trends to mimic those around them, losing them money in the process.

Hair and Beauty Treatments

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We all deserve to take pride in our appearance and feel good about ourselves with beauty maintenance. However, salon visits and high-end beauty products are not a necessity for those struggling with money, as many of these beauty treatments are able to be carried out at home.

Designer Handbags

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Designer handbags have long been a staple of celebrity culture, worn by high profile figures. These accessories can also be costly, plunging those with no money further into debt. In a bid to keep up with others, these people will prioritize material possessions over saving.

Trips at Fancy Coffee Shops

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Although many of us have the means to make a tasty coffee from the comfort of our own home, there is still a larger portion of poorer individuals opting to indulge in excessive trips to the local coffee shop. These premium coffee drinks may seem insignificant, but they can reduce your bank balance.

Fancy Events

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Going to the theater or heading to a concert can be a great experience for those who want to unwind. Despite the fact that U.S News confirms about 6 in 10 currently live paycheck to paycheck, according to a May 2023 report, many people are still prioritizing social experiences over saving.

Luxury Pets

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Those individuals with no money fail to see that there are many pets looking to be adopted or rehomed on a budget or for free. They tend to chase the high-life, instead opting to source out purebred animals that are unusually pricey not just to buy but also to maintain.