17 Things People Used to Love But Now Can’t Stand

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By Darryl Henderson

As time passes and we mature, certain trends and items are no longer loved or appreciated; these things become distant memories as we embrace new fads. So, here are 17 things people used to adore but now can’t stand. 

Low-rise Jeans

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Low-rise jeans once symbolized being edgy or cool, with celebrities splattered across magazines wearing them, accentuating their waists. Nowadays, low-rise jeans aren’t as popular as fashion trends have evolved, with high-waisted jeans stealing the spotlight instead as they are more comfortable.


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Crocs experienced a brief surge in popularity as they were hailed for their comfort, but today, Business Insider claims Crocs can be wrongfully associated with a person who doesn’t care about fashion. In fact, they’re mocked for their appearance and seen as a fashion nightmare in many circles; we still love them, though!

Blackberry Phones

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Around a decade ago, it was rare not to see someone using a Blackberry phone. Once considered a status symbol, these phones have been steadily overshadowed by smartphones with superior features. With their small keys and limited features, they aren’t as practical as they once were.

Fax Machines

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Once essential for business communication, fax machines have now lost their relevance. With so many pieces of technology on the market, fax machines are now seen as outdated and inefficient. They’re still widely used in Japan, though, which is strange considering how futuristic the country is!


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Planking was a brief viral trend in the early 2010s; it was common to see people planking, or laying down straight like a plank, all over social media platforms, inspiring others to do the same. Although a few people still participate in this trend, many consider it silly and pointless.

Television Commercials

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Television commercials were once the main way to advertise products and services. However, the BBC reveals that young people now watch almost seven times less broadcast television than people aged over 65, leading to most companies moving their marketing campaigns to social media platforms.

CDs and DVDs

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CDs and DVDs were once the primary way to listen to music and watch movies, with everyone owning a substantial collection. Sadly, the modern era has witnessed the eradication of physical media, as CDs and DVDs have been replaced by more convenient streaming services

Gangnam Style

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With its catchy beat and quirky dance moves, “Gangnam Style” by South Korean artist Psy became an international sensation, captivating audiences around the globe. However, this massive viral hit in 2012 is now viewed as overplayed, annoying, and ‘cringe,’ leaving it firmly in the past.

Silk Road

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The Silk Road was an online platform that gained traction for facilitating the sale of illegal goods and services. However, as tighter regulations have been enforced around illegal sites, the Silk Road’s downfall was inevitable, especially because there are so many online platforms nowadays. That’s probably for the best!

Twilight Saga

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According to The Independent, “Twilight” made a staggering $69 million during its opening weekend, becoming the top-grossing film directed by a woman. In contemporary society, however, it is now criticized for its writing quality and portrayal of relationships, making it fade into obscurity.


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Tamogotchis were particularly favored by young people in the late 1990s, who would carry their virtual pets in their pockets. Surprisingly, their appeal didn’t last, as the Tamagotchi craze eventually waned. With modern virtual pet apps becoming popular, Tamagotchi is now viewed as outdated. Do you still feed yours?

Fidget Spinners

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These handy, fun gadgets were a brief craze in 2017. They were useful tools for those who struggled with conditions such as anxiety and ADHD, allowing them to channel their energy in a positive manner. However, they quickly became a distraction for young people, and their appeal eventually died off.


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Anyone who wanted to connect with other people in the mid-2000s had a Myspace page. However, this dominant social networking site lost popularity to Facebook, and many people switched their loyalties. Now, this site is mostly deserted, known for its outdated design and archaic features.


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Vine was a popular short-form video platform in the early 2010s, and it was immensely popular until  Twitter shut it down in 2017. Nowadays, TikTok is the modern equivalent of Vine, but with better features and wider accessibility. Vines seemed so funny at the time, but now, they just feel out of touch.

Disposable Cameras

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Disposable cameras were once convenient for capturing memories on the go, but now, they are seen as wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. With so many smartphones to choose from with far superior lenses, there is no need to rely on disposable cameras any longer.

Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go was an augmented reality mobile game sensation in 2016, but The Guardian notes that by June 2022, monthly users had dropped to about 80 million worldwide. This was partially due to a decline in interest and a lack of substantial gameplay, but who knows–maybe it will make a comeback.

Y2K Hysteria

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Y2K hysteria was a bizarre phenomenon when people began to anticipate a computer glitch that would wreak havoc as clocks changed from 1999 to 2000. However, once 2000 landed, this panic died down immediately, ultimately being proved to be nonsense. It is remembered more for its panic-inducing hype than its actual impact.

Hula Hoops

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Last, but not least, hula hoops were classic toys for many generations, but with the rise of digital entertainment, they’re sadly absent from the lives of today’s children. While you may see them occasionally, they’re generally considered too simplistic, with children far happier to play in a virtual world rather than the real one. It’s sad but true.