17 Things People Begin To Stop Liking As They Get Older

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By Darryl Henderson

Although getting older can be a scary thing, it’s also a great opportunity to find out who you truly are, what you have time for, and what you most certainly don’t have the effort for. Here are 17 common things people begin to stop liking as they get older.

Loud Parties

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Loud parties are very much a double no, because they’re both loud and a party – neither of which we can be bothered with anymore. That peace and quiet becomes more and more attractive, and a cozy night in is very much more appealing than a loud club!

Fast Food

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According to PR Newswire, 77% of Americans would rather have a home-cooked meal in recent years. That isn’t to say that it isn’t still nice to indulge in a takeout, but getting older really comes with the awareness of better health and how that expensive drive-thru order just isn’t worth the instant gratification.

Drama and Gossip

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It’s amazing how you didn’t realize how much energy getting involved in gossip and drama took in your youth. But we just don’t have any time for it anymore. It’s much better to surround yourself only with positive people who aren’t whispering behind others’ backs.

Fashion Movements

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Getting older really comes with the necessity to wear something comfortable at all times. Those skinny jeans look less and less appealing, and you have no desire to keep up with the latest fashion craze. Instead, you wear what you want to wear, and you don’t need anybody else’s validation about your wardrobe.

Pulling an All-Nighter

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Getting an early night will always be the number-one priority over staying out late, because we now know how vital rest is to our physical and mental well-being. According to The Sleep Foundation poor sleep can contribute to a number of health problems.

Excessive Drinking

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Drinking is now more of a treat in moderation. It’s your favorite glass of wine you can actually look forward to after a hard day’s work. An excessive night’s drinking just isn’t worth the hangover anymore – which, for some reason, gets more painful with age, too. Our health now comes first.

Reality TV

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Sure, we still have that one show that will remain our guilty pleasure, but watching every single reality show, back-to-back, just isn’t time well spent anymore – and especially because the contestants on them seem to get younger and younger. We much prefer a more meaningful documentary.

Social Media

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Digital detoxes are more and more appealing as the years pass by, and according to Verywell Mind, a digital detox “may help you establish a healthier, less stressful work-life balance”. Reducing screen time is now a priority over social media scrolling.

Junk Mail

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Getting unwanted mail through the post never used to be a big issue, but you know you’re getting older when you can’t stand any paper waste coming through your door. Why did they go to the effort to print it? You look to minimize the amount of junk as much as possible.

Late-Night Snacking

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The good thing about trying to avoid late-night snacking when you get older is that you’re unlikely to still be awake for it anyway. Understanding a balanced diet as you get older means that those late-night snacks are no longer worth the cost.

Small Talk

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If you’re going to talk these days, it has to be worth it and with someone that means something. Small talk is just too much effort as you get older, and you much prefer deeper connections and authentic conversations. You might also realize that silence with strangers just isn’t awkward anymore.

Crowded Places

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If you have to go out of the house for anything, you’re likely going to plan to go at the best time to avoid the crowds – and you can forget trying to battle any of those seasonal sales. You prefer to stay away from it all, even by choosing more tranquil vacations.


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As you get older, experiences and memories are much more precious than the latest and greatest gadgets. You’re more likely to embrace minimalism and spend as much time as possible decluttering. Your experience in life has taught you that whatever material wealth brings, it’s fleeting.

Keeping Up with Trends

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Trends are more and more prevalent these days thanks to social media, but older people’s interest in them is less and less. You no longer want to ‘fit in’, and you’d much rather be yourself and not go through the hassle of conforming.

Unhealthy Relationships

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A blessing of getting older is refusing to allow yourself to be in the kind of unhealthy relationships you might have had years ago. You no longer settle for any toxic or unhealthy people, and you’ve spent a lot of time prioritizing your own self-respect and how to keep only those fulfilling connections.

Extreme Sports

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Youth brings with it a willingness to try pretty much anything, including those adrenaline-rush activities or high-flying sports, but with older age comes an understanding that it’s just not worth the risk anymore. You’d rather preserve your physical health and watch someone on a ski slope from a safe distance.

Makeup Before Skincare

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Aging brings a better appreciation for skincare before makeup. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, sun protection is one of the best things you can do. You spend more money on the best skin moisturizers and protection than you do on heavy foundations.