18 Things Most People Are Too Cheap To Buy That Can Drastically Improve Their Quality Of Life

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By Jonathan Trent

What people choose to spend their money on can have significant impacts on their health and happiness. Here we’ll go through 18 things that most people are too cheap to buy, even though they could make long-term positive changes to their lives.

High-Quality Mattress

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The importance of a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated. Research from The Lancet shows that sleep durations of less than 8 hours a night increase the risk of disease. Investing in a quality mattress improves sleep and is not only great for your back but also your general health.

Ergonomic Office Chair

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If you work from home or spend a lot of time at the computer, it’s smart to invest in an ergonomic office chair. These chairs are designed to improve your posture while sitting and have numerous advantages – including reduced back and neck pain and increased productivity and focus.

Fresh, Nutrient-Rich Food

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When you’re grocery shopping, do you buy the cheapest, easiest ingredients, or do you prioritize nutrition? The impacts of a bad diet are well-known, yet people refuse to spend money on quality food. By spending a little more on your diet, you can enjoy better health and boosted energy levels.

Regular Dental Checkups

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Frequent checkups at the dentist help in the early prevention of dental problems and poor oral health. Dentists don’t just check your teeth, they can also look out for signs of mouth cancer and provide invaluable advice. By visiting the dentist regularly, you’ll benefit from long-term savings through preventative care.

Well-Made Shoes

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Buying cheap footwear may cost you in the long run. Well-made shoes are better for your posture and joint health and also provide comfort and longevity. Forbes Footwear mentions that investing in decent shoes can help you avoid foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and ganglions.

Professional Haircuts

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There’s nothing like getting a salon-fresh cut. Many people are reluctant to spend money at a professional hair salon, which means they’re missing out on boosting their self-confidence and having healthier hair in the long run. 

Decent Cookware

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Spending a bit more money on cooking utensils has lots of benefits – longevity and durability, improved food quality, better food safety, and more enjoyable cooking. You get what you pay for with cookware, so if you want your utensils to last a long time, opt for quality over affordability.

Gym Membership or Home Exercise Equipment

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There are few better investments than your physical and mental health. We all know the importance of regular exercise, and the convenience and accessibility of having a designated exercise space will make you more likely to engage in it – leading to long-term healthcare savings.

Water Filtration System

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There are many health benefits of drinking clean, filtered water. There is a reduction in exposure to contaminants and long-term savings compared to purchasing bottled water. However, well+good says that these systems are only as good as their upkeep – so be sure to clean them regularly!

Comfortable Bedding

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Buying high-quality bedding can have positive effects on sleep quality and relaxation. Also, cheap bedding doesn’t tend to last very long – so if you’re not spending much at all on your sheets, you’ll probably end up throwing them away often and spending even more money over time.

Therapeutic Massage

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Some of the greatest health benefits of massage include stress relief and relaxation, relief from muscle pain and tension, and long-term positive effects on overall well-being. So why do none of us pay for a therapeutic massage? Maybe it’s time to visit your nearest masseuse!

High-Quality Headphones or Speakers

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Listening to music through high-quality headphones or speakers is an entirely different experience compared to listening to music through cheap, low-quality headphones or speakers. For an immersive music experience, it’s best to dip a little deeper into your wallet for better audio quality and durability over time.

Annual Medical Checkups

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Annual medical checkups can help in the early detection and prevention of many different health issues. Not only can you benefit from peace of mind through regular health assessments, but you will also see long-term savings by going for preventative care.

Quality Skincare Products

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Buying quality skincare products can have many advantages. They can improve your appearance and reduce signs of aging. APT Medical Aesthetics says that these products are tested by dermatologists and clinicians, and formulated to address specific skincare concerns, unlike cheaper products that are mass-produced.

Professional Cleaning Services

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According to Verywellmind, there is a strong connection between a clean environment and good mental health. Hiring a professional cleaning service is not something many people see as a worthwhile investment, but it can save time, reduce stress, and provide long-term maintenance of a clean and organized living space.

High-Quality Sunglasses

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High-quality sunglasses provide enhanced protection from harmful UV rays and reduce eye strain. They can also prevent the development of numerous eye health issues. Spending a little more money will get you a pair of sunglasses that have much better durability and last a long time.

Air Purification System

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You can enjoy long-term savings on healthcare costs related to air quality issues if you invest in an air purification system for your home. There are many benefits of clean air for respiratory health, due to the reduction of allergens and pollutants that can cause problems with your lungs.

Financial Advisor Services

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Financial planning is crucial for long-term security, and seeking expert guidance can provide you with various saving and investment strategies. This means you can achieve long-term wealth accumulation and stability, which definitely cancels out the money you’ve spent on a financial advisor in the long run.