18 Things Men Don’t Want to Deal With As They Get Older

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By Jonathan Trent

As a man, getting older can be a bitter pill to swallow, throwing up challenges that you’ve never dealt with before. Sadly, these challenges are totally unavoidable; so that you know what to expect, here are 18 things that men don’t want to deal with as they get older.

Health Problems

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As men get older, they become more prone to health issues, such as kidney problems, heart issues, and arthritis, all of which need addressing. Unfortunately, the male psyche often leans toward ignoring one’s problems, only getting them seen when they become harmful. Don’t be that man!

Changing Appearance

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Believe it or not, men can be incredibly vain, seeing natural changes in appearance as a severe insecurity despite it being totally normal. Wrinkles, a receding hairline, and age spots can all be hard to come to terms with and can, sadly, cause men to feel as though they are past their prime.

Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a fear that plagues many young men, 59% of them, according to a YouGov poll. It’s a worry that doesn’t seem to subside with age, as it can have an overwhelming impact on one’s self-esteem. Some choose to embrace it, while some seek out medical remedies such as hair transplants.

Weight Gain

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The older you get, the slower your metabolism becomes, leaving you more prone to weight gain. A lot of men fail to stay on top of their weight as they get older, failing to exercise and eat healthily. They just don’t want to deal with it, but be smart and take your own precautions!

Gray Hairs

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When gray hairs roll around, men will be left with a choice: do they embrace being a silver fox, leaning into a more mature look, or do they shave it? These days, many men dye it back to its former color, but personally, we think you’ll rock the grey-haired look!

Social Isolation

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Many men grow up disregarding their need for company, brushing ideas of isolation aside to avoid showing perceived weakness. This faux-stoicism can leave men feeling more isolated than women and more likely to have fewer social ties outside of their spouse, as reported by the National Library of Medicine. Why torture yourself!?

Joint Issues

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Joint pain greatly restricts mobility, which can dramatically lower one’s quality of life. Medication and physiotherapy can help manage these pains before they become unbearable, helping one return to the activities they love without much change to their lifestyle or routines. Despite this, many men refuse to take their pills, which is plain stupid. 

Loss of Libido

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Age has a habit of disrupting proceedings in the bedroom, spawning a variety of issues, including a loss of libido. A lot of men will see this as a loss of masculinity, putting intimate relationships at risk if not communicated properly. It’s unavoidable, so talk about it, for goodness sake!

Mental Health Problems

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The late 2010s saw a surge in mental health awareness, removing the barriers for people to talk openly about their mental situation. Despite this, older men are still not taking appropriate steps to preserve their mental wellbeing, with The Guardian suggesting that they are far less likely than women to seek professional help.


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Trivial issues that affect men when they’re young will no longer mean as they mature. As people get older, they tend to focus on what they have and appreciate rather than on things that won’t affect them in the long term. This is one of the few benefits of aging, for sure!

Lack of Independence

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Independence is a vital aspect of masculinity, which can leave men feeling inadequate as they get older and start relying on others. Feeling as though you’ve lost control of yourself can be an intimidating situation to be in, potentially causing harm to your mental health. So, keep getting out there!

Loss of Vision

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As age creeps forward for anyone, a decline in eyesight is an inevitability, although that doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with. Thankfully, advancements in eyecare have meant that a lot of previously incurable conditions are now perfectly manageable. Who knows, you may not need to worry once you’re old!

Losing Purpose

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Retirement can leave men with a lot of spare time, something they haven’t been used to throughout their working life. Even the most strong-willed man will have trouble retaining their sense of purpose and identity if they don’t keep themselves occupied and mentally stimulated, so keep yourself busy with hobbies!

Memory Loss

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Memory loss, clouded judgment, and trouble staying focused are all cognitive issues that can affect men as they get older. It’s not nice to deal with in the slightest, leaving men challenging their own identity and feeling like they have lost a part of themselves. So, keep that noggin of yours active!

Prostate Health 

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Prostate health is criminally disregarded by men, especially considering prostate cancer mainly affects men over 50, with the risk increasing the older you get, as reported by Prostate Cancer UK. While the thought of a prostate examination may put off a lot of men, getting checked could be the difference between life and death!

Changing Family Dynamics

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When you get older, it can feel as though the world around you is moving at lightning speed, with children growing up and having children of their own, friends coming and going, and family members passing away. It’s tough to deal with such rapid changes, which can require some external professional support.

Sleep Issues

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Sleep becomes increasingly frustrating for older men. Although it’s vital to support healthy brain function and the smooth operation of physical health, they’re more prone to experiencing insomnia due to the stresses and strains of life, the effects of medication, social changes, and poor sleeping habits. Keeping a consistent bedtime routine is key here.

Wasting Time

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Finally, men absolutely do not want to deal with the consequences of wasting time as they are. Traffic jams, standing in queues, or waiting for people are all super frustrating, as there’s only so much time left! Sadly, this leads them to become impatient and irritable, so take a deep breath and try to enjoy the downtime.

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