17 Things Mechanics Do That Annoy Car Owners

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By Darryl Henderson

Visiting a mechanic is a normal part of owning a car; these experts can sort out various issues with vehicles, helping to keep them fit for driving on the road. However, they also have the potential to frustrate car owners, just like these 17 things mechanics do to irritate us!

Overcharging for Parts and Labor

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Car owners will understandably become angry if mechanics charge them too much for parts or labor. Sometimes, mechanics add extra fees without any explanation or choose the most expensive parts just to profit from the unfortunate situation. That’s just nasty and exploitative!

Recommending Unnecessary Repairs

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ABC exposes that some mechanics may try to squeeze more money out of customers by doing unnecessary repairs. Many car owners who aren’t clued in with regard to car parts may be duped by mechanics when they do this in a bid to get more money. So, do your research!

Lack of Communication

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Nothing frustrates car owners more than being left out of the loop by mechanics. Many mechanics avoid being transparent about the repair process and may ignore customers who ask questions, leaving them in the dark and extremely confused. We just want to learn!

Poor Customer Service

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When a mechanic is rude or unmannerly towards a customer, this is likely to annoy them, especially if the car owner is under pressure to fix their car. It makes for an overall negative experience and can give the mechanic a bad reputation with other car owners, so why do they do it!?

Lack of Transparency

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Those who are going to a mechanic for help will expect a high level of transparency, especially as they could be paying them a lot of money. Despite this,  many mechanics choose to be vague about what they are doing to a car, which almost always leads to confusion and problems.

Upselling Unnecessary Services

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Some mechanics will take advantage of car owners by pressing them to get extra services or upgrades that are not required. They may claim these services are vital for the car, which can be frustrating for the car owner who wants to keep to a budget. We don’t know any better, so it’s exploitative!

Rushing Through Jobs

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Customers will quite rightly be displeased when their mechanic tries to rush the process of repairing their car, as this can lead to critical mistakes. Psychology Today underlines that rushing any task can produce fatigue and leave one vulnerable to making compromises, which really isn’t what you need when someone’s fixing your vehicle.

Lack of Expertise

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Mechanics who do not know what they are doing will clash with car owners, who expect to pay for a top-quality service. When a mechanic makes mistakes because of their lack of expertise, this can damage the car and drain the owners’ money. That shouldn’t be our responsibility.

Messy Workspaces

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Messy workspaces can reflect a mechanic’s personality, which is why car owners will be bothered if their mechanic is untidy. This can include hoarding clutter in the workshop or leaving your car with stains, which comes across as highly unprofessional. So, watch out for this when choosing a mechanic!

Disregarding Customer Preferences

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Some mechanics don’t subscribe to the belief that the customer knows best; instead, they may ignore a customer’s preferences or instructions completely, using their own thoughts to guide them instead. This can irritate the car owner, who feels they are not being listened to.

Overlooking Small Details

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People who own a car that is faulty in some way expect to be assisted by a mechanic who will ensure everything is thoroughly checked out. So, when they overlook small details such as lights, indicators, bolts, or clips, we will be unsatisfied with their service and complain. Why wouldn’t we!?  

Delayed Repairs

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Taking longer than expected to repair is incredibly annoying, especially if the vehicle is needed urgently for work. The UK Motor Ombudsman reminds us that mechanics have a legal responsibility to conduct repairs within a reasonable timeframe, and if they don’t, you should really be asking for a discount or even taking legal action!

Inaccurate Diagnosis

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When mechanics fail to identify the problem’s main cause or inaccurately diagnose it, car owners will be annoyed that they can’t resolve the issue. They may feel lost or out of control if the mechanic does not provide them with a solution because, after all, they’re professionals! 

Lack of Aftercare

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If a car is being repaired by a mechanic, customers expect to be contacted regularly with updates about the car’s condition. Wouldn’t you want the same? So, when mechanics don’t check in with car owners after carrying out repairs, the owner will, understandably, feel aimless and unsupported.

Neglecting to Provide Estimates

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No one expects their car to break down, leading many people to have to rely on their emergency fund to fix it. This is precisely why car owners can become infuriated when a mechanic fails to disclose an estimated price. We just want to know what the damage is!

Using Substandard Parts

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Many mechanics who are trying to save money on a job will use low-quality or subpar parts without informing the customer. That’s just not OK! These cheap substitutes may actually damage the car further and require the car owner to make further, expensive trips to the mechanic.

Lack of Accountability

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Lastly, mistakes can happen, but when a mechanic does not take responsibility for their errors, this will infuriate a car owner. LinkedIn advises that you should attempt to identify errors yourself (perhaps with the help of a car-savvy friend) before addressing them directly with the mechanic. If all else fails, it might be time to sue!

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