19 Things Disciplined People Never Waste Time On

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By Darryl Henderson

It takes a lot of self-control to be disciplined in your routine, and you often find the most disciplined people are those who don’t procrastinate. There are some key things that these people refuse to waste their time on, including these 19 things we’ve listed in this article.

Scrolling Social Media

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We all know the lure of the doom scroll, which is why it takes a disciplined person to resist it. These people have a more balanced relationship with social media in which they only check it briefly. This means time on social media is spent in a healthier way.

Impulse Buying

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Disciplined people are more likely to write out a list and stick to it when they need to shop. They’ll avoid purchasing anything on a whim. Yet it’s not just about wasting time: according to Statista, Americans spent an average of $150 a month in 2023 on impulse purchases!

Binge Watching TV

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Watching TV can easily turn into a lazy habit if you’re not disciplined about it. That’s why stricter people will have rules about how much TV they watch. TV time will often be a reward with their favorite shows, rather than mindlessly flicking through channels.

Delaying and Procrastinating

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So much time can be wasted when you procrastinate instead of simply getting a task done straight away. Disciplined people have a talent for avoiding any delays. These people are likely to be more organized with their whole day’s routine.

Striving for Perfection

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It’s easy to believe a disciplined person is always working toward perfection due to their strict routine – but that’s not the case. Disciplined people are more relaxed with their expectations because they create a set routine that matches a more realistic mindset.

Being Flexible with Their Budget

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Veering off a planned budget, or ignoring one altogether, is not something a disciplined person is going to do. If they make a budget, they’ll stick to it in order to keep a better handle on their finances and spending.

Playing Video Games Too Much

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Video gaming can easily become addictive, and disciplined people know that. That’s why they set strict rules about how many hours they should be playing during their downtime. They may also avoid certain games altogether if they know that they’ll want to play them far too much!

Criticizing Themselves

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Self-disciplined people are likely not to waste time being too harsh on themselves. Due to their structured mindset, they don’t compare themselves too severely to others. According to Psychology Today, self-critical people deal with their problems in a “less productive way” – and less-than-productive is something disciplined people certainly aren’t.


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Gossiping not only wastes time, it wastes energy – neither of which self-disciplined people are willing to sacrifice. It’s likely they’d rather leave the room than engage in harmful gossip or negative talk. Disciplined people tend to focus more on positive connections and steer away from idle chit chat.

Eating Unhealthy Food

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One of the biggest signs of lack of discipline is an unhealthy diet. If you always give in to cravings and live off junk food, you aren’t being strict with what you eat. Disciplined people will always prioritize a healthy diet. It’s likely they have a set grocery list, too.

Being Pessimistic

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Negative thinking can really disrupt your daily routine and result in loss of focus. That’s why self-disciplined people don’t waste time on it. Instead of dwelling on potential bad outcomes, they’ll focus on the more positive aspects and set out a plan to achieve them.

Neglecting Exercise

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Being able to stick to an exercise routine is often the mark of a disciplined person. Luke Mizzi explains via LinkedIn that more entrepreneurs are feeling the benefit of increased productivity thanks to healthier physiques. There is often a correlation between disciplined professionals and an active lifestyle.

Placing the Blame on Others

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It’s easy to place the blame on others for mistakes or bad decisions when you lack discipline. Self-disciplined people set out a course for what they want to achieve, whether that be in the workplace or at home. This means they’re more savvy as to why things go wrong and take accountability for it.

Ignoring Goals

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It takes a lot of discipline to create goals in the first place. Yet that’s only part of the battle. Disciplined people will always make sure to follow through with their goals rather than ignoring them. Procrastinators often spend a lot of time writing to-do lists yet never doing them.

Wasting Time

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Time management is one of the strongest assets a disciplined person has. They understand time is a valuable commodity, and they’re not willing to waste it. They will plan their routine based on worthwhile tasks. They’ll be able to recognize when something isn’t worth spending time on.

Delaying Decision-Making

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Disciplined people are often the best at making decisions and meeting deadlines. It’s rare to see a self-disciplined individual ever delaying a decision that needs to be made. Yet they also ensure never to make impulsive decisions. They’ll give themselves the right amount of time to weigh the pros and cons.

Neglecting Sleep

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Those who are undisciplined with their time and routine are more likely to sacrifice sleep to catch up with tasks. According to The Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation can “make it more difficult to stay focused on important projects”. And because disciplined people value productivity, they’re never going to compromise on a good night’s sleep.

Missed Appointments

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Disciplined people will plan their time accordingly. This means being as punctual as possible with appointments. Missed appointments, or scheduling appointments later in the day instead of first thing, can often lead to rescheduling or delays, which can waste valuable time.

Non-Constructive Criticism

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One final thing that disciplined people make sure never to waste time on is any negative feedback which isn’t constructive. They’re always willing to learn and grow, but if someone’s opinion is unwanted and unhelpful, they won’t waste any time dwelling on it.