The 17 Unhealthiest Fast Food Items You Should Avoid

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By Jonathan Trent

Now, we all know that regular trips to fast food restaurants aren’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle and won’t help you to reach a calorie deficit. However, some items are a lot worse than others. Here are 17 of the unhealthiest options from fast food restaurants.

Pot Pie – KFC

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Surprisingly, KFC’s most calorific option isn’t deep-fried or battered. Instead, it’s their chicken pot pie option, which has become a mainstay on menus across the U.S. after its limited edition release proved popular. Packed with saturated fats, this menu item contains 790 calories.

Sausage Breakfast Platter – Chick-fil-A

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When the phrase ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ was first conjured up, they probably didn’t expect anyone to come up with an option as greasy, fatty, and unhealthy as Chick-fil-A’s Sausage Breakfast Platter. As Business Insider reports, the meal contains a person’s entire daily fat intake in one go.

Venti Eggnog Latte – Starbucks

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Your mind likely wouldn’t gravitate toward a Starbucks drink when you think of the most unhealthy fast food options, but the Seattle-based coffee company has outdone itself with its Venti Eggnog Latte. The 20-ounce Christmas special contains a mammoth 630 calories.

Foot Long Spicy Italian Sub – Subway 

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If you fancy inhaling half of your daily calorie intake in one brief sitting, head down to Subway for one of their Spicy Italian subs. Packed with processed meats and whatever other toppings you wish to add, Subway’s reputation of being one of the healthier fast food options has well and truly been shattered.

Big Breakfast Platter – McDonald’s 

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There’s something incredibly bleak about McDonald’s Big Breakfast Platter. It might be the fact that it is one big plate of brown, or maybe that it measures in at over 1000 calories. Either way, it’s seriously unappetizing and is definitely not a great way to start the day.

Dave’s Hot ‘n’ Juicy ¾ Pounder – Wendy’s

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There is no person in the world who needs three burger patties in the same bun. For a start, you’d have to be able to unhinge your jaw like a python just to get it in your mouth. This ¾ pounder from Wendy’s has been referred to as a “hulking, calorie-bomb” by TIME Magazine.

XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito – Taco Bell

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You’d think that it would be quite difficult to make a burrito that contains over 800 calories, right? Wrong! Taco Bell has managed to smash the 800-calorie barrier with its 860-calorie XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito. It might look as though it’s only filled with beef, rice, and tomatoes, but this burrito contains more salt than the Red Sea.

Ultimate Breakfast Platter – Burger King

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Once again, another fast food giant is dead-set on ensuring you have the most unhealthy start to the day imaginable. This time, it’s Burger King with their impressively beige take on a breakfast platter. No color, but plenty of calories.

Triple Whopper – Burger King

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Burger King’s Triple Whopper is similar to its flagship burger, the Whopper, but with the addition of two extra patties. The extra patties not only increase the calorie count from 600 to 1108, but they also ramp up the number of saturated fats to an extreme level.

Large Meateor – Domino’s

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Why not smash through your entire daily calorie allowance with a large Meateor pizza from Domino’s? Containing enough meat to wipe out a whole farmyard, this horror-show of a pizza contains 2742 calories, and that’s without one of their garlic & herb dips, which contains 675 calories in itself.

Meat Feast Stuffed Crust – Pizza Hut

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If Pizza Hut thought they were off the hook after Domino’s’ offering, they were very wrong. Their stuffed crust Meat Feast pizza contains a total of 2651 calories, thanks to the amount of processed meats that have been thrown on top of the already thick base.  

Double Down – KFC

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It masquerades as a burger when, in fact, it is just two bits of Kentucky Fried Chicken, some bacon, and some cheese. What it lacks in appeal, it makes up for in cholesterol, sodium, fats, and, of course, calories, of which it has 950.

Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple – Wendy’s 

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Here’s another triple-patty burger from Wendy’s, who don’t tend to hold back in their attempts to give the nation crippling health problems. The burger is stacked with many dangerous ingredients, including 5g of trans-fats, which wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels. According to the WHO, we should only consume a maximum of 2.2g of trans-fats a day.

SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger – Sonic Drive-In

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One of the more niche U.S. fast food establishments, Sonic Drive-In, is also desperate to get in on the act. They created their SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger, which contains over 1000 calories and an entire day’s worth of sodium, so it should be avoided at all costs.

Half Pound Beef and Cheddar – Arby’s 

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Arby’s packs an intense amount of processed meat, which is meant to be beef although it looks rather suspicious, into their Half Pound Beef and Cheddar. Of course, the pictures are deceiving, and in reality, it looks like a limp, dull brown mess-but it still contains over 1000 calories.

Baconzilla! Triple – Checkers

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The final triple-patty option on this list is Checkers’ Baconzilla! Triple, which is, given its slightly cringeworthy name, centered around bacon. With its fat, chemical, and sodium content, bacon is never going to be healthy, and as The Guardian reports, it can bring forward a risk of cancer.

Brownie Dough Blizzard – Dairy Queen

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You have to think that if Dairy Queen was to ever make it over to Europe, the EU food standards commissioner would most definitely render half their menu illegal. The Brownie Dough Blizzard would be the first to get the chop, as it contains almost an entire day’s calorie allowance in one cup.