17 Subtle Signs That Someone Is Rich

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By Jonathan Trent

The rich don’t always flaunt their money in everyone’s faces; it isn’t about the flashiest cars or houses, but more about subtle everyday signs that suggest money is never a concern. Here are 17 signs to watch out for that may indicate someone is richer than you think.

Regular Vacations

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For many people, saving for just one vacation a year is a struggle, so you can usually tell how much money someone has spare if they’re regularly jetting off from place to place. Even if it’s not somewhere particularly luxurious, just the fact that they can regularly travel is a huge indicator.

High-end clothing and Accessories

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You can learn a lot by looking at the quality of the accessories that someone wears, such as fancy jewelry or an expensive watch. It can be a subtle sign of money if they don’t wear particularly flash clothing or accessories, but what they do wear is very well-made.

Dining Out A Lot

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Dining out is considered a luxury for many people, so if someone dines out regularly, it’s a clear sign of richness. USA Today also points out that tipping is normally 15% to 20% extra, so dining out knowing this expectation is a sign someone has spare cash for the tip, too.

Owning Property in an Upscale Area

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Often, the area code and not the property itself reflect wealth. Even if they only own a tiny apartment, if it’s in a well-sought-after area, it’s a sign that they don’t have any qualms about the price tag associated with such a neighborhood.

Always Having The Latest Tech

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Expensive tech items can result from lots of responsible savings, but if someone is continually replacing their tech with the newest models, they have too much money. Most of these upgrades aren’t necessary, so it’s clear they have cash to burn, and why not?

They’re Charitable

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If someone regularly supports charities, they’re putting a lot of money into philanthropic causes, something most people could never afford. They’re clearly rich and are probably discreetly donating a lot of money to a lot of causes, preferring to do it anonymously.

Their Educational Background

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A person’s educational background can reflect how much money they had when they were growing up, and they may still have financial support into adulthood. For this reason, richer people typically have more educational opportunities, especially if prestigious universities are involved.

How Healthy They Are

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Exercise can be done for free, of course, but gym access or home equipment is a huge indicator of money. If someone regularly visits some of the best gyms and spas around, maybe even booking appointments with nutritionists and personal trainers, it’s a sign that they’re loaded.

Having Exclusive Hobbies

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There are certain hobbies that you associate with rich people: golf, for example, as is listed by The Independent. If they’re members of exclusive recreational clubs and have a variety of social hobbies, especially those where they’re required to attend events, it can be a sign of money.

Investing in Art

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Visiting an art gallery for free and admiring the artwork is one thing; purchasing expensive artwork on a regular basis is another entirely different thing! Rich people might have a deep appreciation for the arts, so much so that they financially support institutions, attend gallery openings, and have walls filled with art.

They Have Powerful Connections

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You can tell a lot about a person based on who they spend their time with. If someone has many high-profile connections or contacts who appear to have a lot of money themselves, it can be a sign that they all run in the same (affluent) social circles.

They Invest

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People with money will need somewhere to safely put it, which is why someone who has a keen interest in investment is probably pretty well off. They’ll likely have a diverse investment portfolio, too, although CNBC argues that some wealthy people prefer to go all-in on one project before diversifying.

Buying Brand New Cars

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Someone who is rich won’t always buy the most lavish sports car on the market. Often, they can do the opposite by buying a regular, high-quality vehicle to avoid drawing attention. This simple act of buying a reliable car instead of flaunting a luxury vehicle shows that this person truly is wealthy.

Luxury Airport Experiences

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The airport experience can be stressful and expensive, but for someone who’s rich, it’s as easy as can be. A sign that a person has money can be how easily they book last-minute flights, how they always pay for priority boarding, and have access to airport lounges and first-class seats.

Offering Financial Help

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Offering financial assistance can be one of the most explicit indicators of richness; it isn’t just about affording little gifts for their friends but helping them out financially with major debts. Making huge gestures without having to worry about the cost is a surefire sign someone has a lot of disposable income.

Everything They Own Is High Quality

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Someone who is rich may have the most minimalistic home in the world, but if that simple white couch is of the highest quality, they likely paid a lot of money for it. Rich people always prefer high-quality and non-flashy items over superfluous and tacky luxury goods.

They Have Personal Services

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Finally, The New York Post explains that the richest in society are happy to pay for household staff, now more than ever. They might employ a personal assistant, chef, household staff, or even their own stylist. Even if they’re not showy about the help, it’s a good sign they have the money to pay for it.