17 States Americans Are Moving to For Greener Pastures

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By Jonathan Trent

American citizens are beginning to move to greener pastures. With better job opportunities, more affordable living costs, and better scenery on offer in many states across the country, why would residents want to stay put? Here are 17 states Americans are relocating to for a better quality of life.


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Texas is a popular choice for relocation because of its booming economy, affordable living, and fantastic cultural attractions. Lower taxes, housing costs, and scenic landscapes make this state highly attractive to newcomers.


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Colorado offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as skiing and hiking, which draws adventurers to the state. U.S News ranked it number four for its economy, largely because of its thriving technology industry and entrepreneurial focus, which attract many young professionals.


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Florida’s warm climate, stunning beaches, and continuous economic growth make it a great option for those looking for a change of scenery. Retirement-friendly communities and amenities mean that lots of seniors are making the move to this state every year.

North Carolina

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The amazing hospitality and warmth of North Carolina’s communities, combined with their strong sense of tradition, mean many U.S. citizens are relocating to this state. It also has world-renowned universities and research institutions that contribute to its appeal.


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Arizona’s residents enjoy year-round sunshine and a vibrant outdoor lifestyle. The state has a diverse retirement community that caters to seniors. Its rich Native American heritage and diverse cultural influences also attract a range of citizens who are looking to relocate.


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Tennessee’s legendary music culture and diverse entertainment scene attract many young people. The low cost of living and favorable tax environment make the quality of life much higher in this state, and the picturesque landscapes are a huge bonus.


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Thanks to the growing job market, especially in the technology and hospitality industries, moving to Nevada is on many people’s agendas. According to Investopedia, Nevada is also one of nine states that have no income tax, making it much more affordable for people trying to save on living costs.


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Georgia is a popular state due to its strong sense of community and commendable hospitality. It’s a welcoming place for newcomers, with a diverse job market and excellent economy, particularly in Atlanta.


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Washington is home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, which have contributed to its thriving economy. Its progressive policies, socially conscious residents, and abundance of outdoor activities make it an attractive state to relocate to. 


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Oregon’s stunning coastline, lush forests, and beautiful landscapes make it a fantastic state to move to for U.S. citizens looking for a better quality of life. It’s committed to environmental conservation and sustainable living practices, with eclectic communities known for their progressive values. No wonder PortlandRelocationGuide rates it as the second most popular state for Americans to move to! 


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Utah’s strong economy and business-friendly environment make it an attractive option for relocation. It boasts low crime rates, good schools, and a range of activities for young professionals – including world-class skiing, hiking, and national parks. 

South Carolina

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The culture, history, and charming architecture of South Carolina’s cities and towns have attracted a significant number of newcomers in recent years. With scenic beaches and quality cuisine, living here feels like a permanent holiday.


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Idaho is the ideal place to relocate for people who prioritize a slower pace of life. It has a variety of small towns that are beautiful, economically stable, and perfect for families due to tight-knit communities. It also has a growing economy, with business-friendly practices that attract entrepreneurs and remote workers.


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CBS News ranks Massachusetts as number one in the top three states to live, and for good reason. It has vibrant art and music scenes, is highly affordable, and has great career and study opportunities with prestigious universities and world-class academic institutions.


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Montana offers beautiful landscapes, such as Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, peaceful small towns, and wide-open rural spaces. The outdoor adventure lifestyle attracts many residents, who appreciate the range of activities on offer, from hiking and skiing to fishing and bird watching.

New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is rated second on the U.S. News rankings for the best places to live. The New England charm of New Hampshire’s towns and villages brings in many new residents, and it has the added bonus of no sales or income tax, which attracts those looking for financial freedom.


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More and more people are thinking about relocating to Alaska for its natural, untapped beauty and pioneering spirit. Life in Alaska involves getting outdoors and enjoying a wide range of unique activities like dog sledding and whale watching, which significantly heightens the quality of life of many residents.