17 Small Habits That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

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By Darryl Henderson

We all have our different quirks and traits that make us unique. In fact, your daily habits and choices can reveal what type of person you are, even if you don’t think so. Here are 17 small habits that display a lot about your personality.


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Those who are always on time have respect for other people, revealing that they are reliable and considerate of others. Alternatively, those who frequently turn up to events late exhibit that they have poor time management skills, while also indicating that they prioritize their own needs over others.

Dietary Choices

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Following a strict diet plan and avoiding certain foods is something that can only be done by a person that has self control. Similarly, Business Insider reveals that slow eaters generally like to be in control and know how to appreciate life, while fast eaters tend to be ambitious.

Social Media Usage

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Excessive social media use and posting frequently can indicate a craving for validation and approval. It might reveal a fear of missing out (FOMO) and a constant need to stay connected. Those who spend excessive time on social media may seek escapism from real-life challenges.

Body Language

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People who make consistent eye contact and engage with others during conversations tend to be open-minded individuals who are consistently warm and welcoming with other people. However, those who cross their arms avoid eye contact come across as cold, unapproachable and standoffish to others.


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Keeping a meticulously clean and organized workspace can showcase you as someone who is in control of their own life and who prioritizes routine and rules. In contrast, having a cluttered and chaotic living environment paints you as someone who is disorganized or chaotic. 

Communication Style

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Speaking assertively and confidently can depict you in a positive light as it depicts you as someone who isn’t afraid to engage in direct confrontation. However, if you are vague when you communicate or tend to be aggressive when speaking, this paints you as someone who cannot regulate your emotions.

Reaction to Criticism

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Taking constructive criticism well and seeking self-improvement establishes you as someone that is self-aware. The opposite of this is those who become defensive or hostile when they are criticized, coming across as insecure as they aren’t able to listen to others and take onboard what they say.

Morning Routine

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Waking up early and following a structured routine is prioritized by people who are capable of being assertive in their life. According to The Guardian, early rising is associated with energy, optimisation and efficiency which is known by these individuals who will refrain from hitting the snooze button.

Physical Contact

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Individuals who are open and warm will be comfortable with hugs and physical affection. Instead of shying away from physical contact and rejecting friendly advances, they will reciprocate these bids for affection. If you embrace physical contact, you portray yourself as approachable to others.

Decision Making

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How you deal with decisions can reveal a lot about what type of person you are. While most people may spend a lot of time deliberating over making decisions, some people who are critical, firm and decisive will make quick decisions based on gut instinct, demonstrating confidence and firm-mindedness.

Reaction to Waiting

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Patiently waiting without becoming frustrated is an admirable trait to have. Instead of being angry or feeling anxious when waiting, it’s far better to stay calm, as this will present you as the type of person who is patient, composed and stoical under pressure.

Reaction to Challenges

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Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth instead of becoming overwhelmed or defeated by them makes you appear as though you are resilient and strong. You are not one to shy away from grappling with struggles and you aren’t afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Spending Habits

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Psychology Today reveals that compulsive buyers continue spending money even when doing so causes them emotional or personal distress, which can be detrimental in the long run. These types of people strike someone as an individual that has no self-control and will give into temptation easily.

Sleep Patterns

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You may think that your sleeping patterns reveal little to nothing about your personality; however, those who maintain a consistent sleep schedule with ample rest are people who care about their wellbeing. They always set aside time to prioritize their health, unlike those with irregular sleep patterns.

Reaction to Failure

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Learning from failures and being able to bounce back resiliently is something that not everyone can do. While the majority of individuals will dwell on failures and feel hopeless, positive people will face the issue head on and make a plan going forward.

Expression of Emotions

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Being open and transparent about your feelings illustrates you as someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable in moments of struggle. Forbes notes that being flexible with our thoughts and feelings means that we can respond optimally to everyday situations unlike those who keep their emotions guarded and hidden.

Personal Hygiene

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Last but not least, the way we look after ourselves in terms of hygiene can reveal a lot about our self-care habits. If you prioritize your cleanliness and grooming habits, you are likely to be a person that cares what other people think and you want to make a positive impression on others.