20 Signs You’re No Longer Middle Class But Rich

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By Jonathan Trent

Through a committed career, a recent inheritance, or sensible savings over the years, you might have moved from the middle class into rich territory without even noticing it! To test this theory, here are 20 indicators that you’ve gone from middle class to rich.

Luxury Vehicles Become the Norm

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If you’ve become rich, you no longer have to worry about used vehicles or car trouble. You now own high-end brands, like Mercedes or Tesla, and the idea of upgrading them doesn’t fill you with financial dread. You might even take it one step further by having a personal chauffeur!

Designer Wardrobe Instead of Fast Fashion

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You don’t have to make cutbacks by trying to find sale bargains from fast fashion if you’ve moved forward from the middle class. You’ve begun to browse designer brands and invest in higher quality instead, switching your shopping routine to find luxury department stores you never used to visit.

Exotic Vacations are Becoming More Regular

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Vacations tend to switch to more exclusive destinations when you’re rich, and your accommodations will bump up a star or two. Business Insider explains that the rich favor private villas or expensive yachts that could reach “$25,000 per week to up to $90,000”! You’ve clearly worked hard if this is you!

You’re Considering Private Schools for Your Children

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Being able to afford demanding tuition fees for some of the most prestigious private schools is a clear-cut sign that you’ve stepped into the next tax bracket. When you have the money, you’re going to want the best for your child’s education. This may also include additional opportunities like exchange programs. Why not!?

You’re Able To Upgrade Your Home

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If you can fully renovate your home or extend it to result in your dream abode, it’s a sign that you’ve stepped into rich territory. This includes the most high-end amenities and finishes without having to compromise on quality. You might also add luxury features like a wine cellar if you’re feeling fancy.

Fine Dining is a Regular Affair

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If you’re eating out at the finest, critically acclaimed restaurants on a regular basis, face it–you’re rich. Eating out isn’t just a treat you work hard for anymore; it’s part of your weekly routine, and even when you’re not dining out, you’re likely hosting dinner parties where you’ve hired a chef.

Memberships to Exclusive Clubs

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Where before it might have seemed like a distant dream, you’ve now been able to get a membership with your dream club. This might include country clubs and private golf courses or exclusive meetings for your professional life, like private networking events.

Investing in Vacation Properties

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Speaking to Forbes, Gail Goodwin of Montana Bear Properties says, “Short-term vacation rental property is the best financial investment of any kind of real estate.” Those who can afford this (perhaps you!) will be looking for the best investment for their money, leaving them with a private place to vacation.

Getting Involved in Philanthropy

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While most people try to give what they can to charitable causes, the rich often establish their own charitable foundations or give a large sum to various causes they believe in. If you’re taking a more active role in philanthropic efforts and putting your increased money to good use, it’s a sign.

Employing Household Staff

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You may now find yourself with a bigger home or a preference for jetting off on luxury vacations, and household management has become a priority. To tackle this, you might be outsourcing landscaping and cleaning and preferring to keep a personal chef. If this is the case, you’re clearly loaded!

Your Investment Portfolio is Becoming Bigger

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As your investment portfolio diversifies, it’s no longer simply about stocks and bonds. You’re now searching for alternative assets, such as private equity or hedge funds, indicating serious richness. You may also be more inclined to invest in high-risk ventures, like investing in new business startups, as you can afford the risk.

Owning a Valuable Art Collection

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If you’re no longer middle class and now rich, you no longer collect art pieces just because you like the way they look on your wall. You now hunt down extremely valuable artworks from the most renowned artists, focussing on building a collection that will only grow in value over time.

Your Hobbies Have Become More High-End

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Your pastimes may also have become more expensive as you venture into more lucrative territory. Leaving behind reading or playing music, you might now be experimenting with flying lessons or expensive watersports. Luxury Lifestyle Mag lists skiing and golf as some of the top hobbies for the rich, too.

Luxury Healthcare Options

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If you’ve become rich, you’re now opting for a more personalized health treatment plan, which could include switching to private medical facilities or enrolling in wellness programs. You might also have personal concierge services for your medical appointments and more extensive specialized care. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment!

Legacy Planning

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In the past, you may have been concerned about leaving an inheritance, but now you’re minted, so you’re more concerned about legacy planning. You might be looking into establishing trusts or researching strategies for long-term wealth, which are very smart decisions.

Your Home is Filled with High-End Technology

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When you have the money to spare, you’re likely to upgrade your home to a smart one because why not!? Improved security means expensive alarm systems, home comforts include a top-of-the-line television and speaker system, and there isn’t a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in your home that isn’t the latest model.

Your Social Circle Has Become More Elite

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As a rich individual, you may now be surrounding yourself with affluent people more and more; the wealthy like to rub shoulders with the wealthy, after all. Increasing attendance at exclusive events or new illustrious hobbies has inevitably seen you meet people with a similar bank balance, but don’t forget your poorer friends!

Receiving Invitations to Exclusive Events

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High-profile invitations to events like film premieres and fashion shows become more common and appealing to rich people. Their attendance at fancy events is ever-increasing, where they might meet key business figures or maybe even a celebrity or two. Many of us can only dream of that!

Financial Freedom

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Investopedia defines financial freedom as having “cash on hand to afford the lifestyle you want”; usually, this means no compromises. You’re completely free to pursue passion projects or any career you wish, and you don’t have to compromise on everyday routines, perks, or vacations. If this is you, congratulations!

Your Experiences are Becoming more Customized

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Lastly, if you’ve moved from the middle class to the high class, you no longer want standard experiences. Why plan an activity or a trip without it being unique to your needs? All of your experiences, even down to the day-by-day, are bespoke, as you now have the money to make everything more suited to your personal preference.