17 Signs You’re Doing Better in Life Than You Think

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By Darryl Henderson

With so many successful people thriving in the world, it can be difficult to know if you are doing well in your life. In fact, you may feel behind in comparison to other people. Let’s explore the 17 signs that show you’re doing better in life than you might think.

You Have a Stable Support System

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Many people regard money or their career as a benchmark for their accomplishments. However, you are doing well if you have maintained close relationships with family and friends. Your loved ones can offer emotional support and are a true asset to your life, especially in difficult times.

You’re Able to Afford Basic Needs

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You would be shocked at how many people struggle with meeting essential expenses. Having enough money to afford your basic needs could mean you are already ahead of the curve. This also extends to being out of debt and not relying on credit for everyday purchases.

You’re in Good Health

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According to The Guardian, unhealthy diets are responsible for 11 million preventable deaths globally per year, more even than smoking tobacco, according to a major study. Therefore, by maintaining a balanced diet and having regular exercise, you are less likely to be part of this statistic.

You’re Pursuing Personal Growth

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Although many people perceive themselves as successful in their careers, they may often neglect to pursue their hobbies or interests. If you are constantly seeking opportunities for learning and self-improvement, you have taken the steps that most people haven’t by focusing on your true desires and fulfilling them.

You Have a Stable Job or Income Source

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You are thriving in your life if you have steady employment or a reliable source of income. As jobs are scarce and the criteria for job roles are getting steadily more strict, many people find themselves jobless or laid off due to company cutbacks.

You Have a Safe and Comfortable Living Environment

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Many of us may take our living situation for granted, unaware of how privileged we are. The New York Times reports that nearly 568,000 Americans were homeless in January 2019, those who live in a secure and well-maintained home are very fortunate in comparison to other people.

You Can Enjoy Leisure Time

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In a society that glorifies the daily grind, we are pressured into adhering to strict schedules and working under tight deadlines. You fare better than most if you are an individual who can find time for hobbies and interests, you can balance work and leisure effectively, unlike many others.

You’re Making Progress Toward Your Goals

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The ability to overcome obstacles and recover quickly from setbacks is not something we see often today. You are doing well in your life if your resilience allows you to see tangible results from your efforts as a lot of people work for years at something without ever experiencing rewards or commendation.

You Handle Life’s Challenges

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It can be easy to buckle under pressure, especially if you are the type of person who gives up when you are stressed. Alternatively, someone who demonstrates resilience in difficult situations and can find solutions easily improves the ability to overcome challenges we all typically face.

You’re Surrounded by Positive Influences

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Being around people who uplift and inspire you is rare in this day and age where toxic friendships and relationships are common. Psychology Today highlights that being around positive influences can generate positive emotions and thoughts that increase positive self-perceptions and improve self-esteem.

You’re Grateful for What You Have

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Practicing gratitude for the little things in life is something that many individuals struggle with. Instead, they fixate on all the problems they have. If you can recognize your blessings and achievements by focusing on the present moment, you have attained an ability that many people have not.

You’re Emotionally Resilient

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Managing your emotions in a healthy way is the marker of any successful person. Choosing to cultivate a positive mindset instead of remaining stuck in the past will set you ahead of most who choose to dwell on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

You’re Making a Positive Impact

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You should never underestimate yourself if you are making a positive and profound impact on the world. If you contribute to your community or causes you care about, you are truly making a difference in the world where the majority of people are wrapped up in their own lives.

You’re Investing in Relationships

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Taking time to nurture meaningful connections with others is not something that everyone can do. This allows you to communicate openly and honestly in your relationships, deepening your bonds with those closest to you. This leads to a healthier and happier life overall.

You’re Living Authentically

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Being true to yourself and your values is undervalued in contemporary society. If you are making choices that align with your beliefs and aspirations, you are separating yourself from the crowd by feeling comfortable and confident when expressing your truths.

You’re Learning from Mistakes

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Viewing failures as opportunities for growth is a good attribute to have in a time when most people make the same mistakes repeatedly. Psych Central states that processing guilt and learning from those mistakes can help you learn and grow as you can use setbacks as motivation to improve.

You’re Finding Joy in Everyday Moments

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Appreciating the beauty and wonder of life is not something that everyone does. Being able to find happiness in simple pleasures is an admirable trait to have as you will be able to live your life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.