18 Signs Your Breakup Was a huge Mistake

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By Darryl Henderson

Breaking up with someone can be an incredibly difficult process, but there’s a chance to turn the clock back, especially if neither of you has moved on. However, before you jump into doing so, consider these 18 signs your breakup was a huge mistake.

You Still Miss Them Deeply

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While it’s normal to miss your ex for a while after the breakup, if a long period of time has passed and you still yearn for their company, it could be a sign the breakup was a mistake. This is especially the case if you miss the happiness they brought to your life.

Regretting the Reasons for the Breakup

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Breakups can happen for a variety of reasons, including trivial matters, and sometimes, they can be hugely regrettable. Psychology Today notes that as long as you learn from the relationship, you will have grown, and it’ll be easier to avoid repeat incidents, as you’ll be more prepared when giving the relationship another try.

Constantly Comparing Others to Them

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If you find yourself measuring up new love interests with your former flame, it could be an indication of where your feelings still reside. Rather than seeing your dates as new people with interesting qualities, you may be provoked to think about how they just don’t compare to your ex.

Following Their Social Media

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Keeping tabs on your ex-partner on social media can reflect your ongoing desire to see what they are up to. When we don’t care about someone, we don’t really have an interest in their lives. However, if you are actively checking their social media updates, you clearly still care a lot.

Friends and Family Miss Them

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Sometimes, friends and family members can be equally as heartbroken by a breakup as the people going through it, especially if they got on well with your partner. So, if your friends and family have nothing but good words to say about them, it’s likely that the breakup may have been a bad decision.

Making No Real Effort to Move On

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Business Insider reveals that dating too soon or not refusing to stop contacting your ex can drag on the experience. People who want to hang on to their ex’s memories won’t want to replace their ex with someone else, and there’s something wrong about that. 

Avoiding Their Favorite Spots

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In your previous relationship, you probably frequented many different spots, such as restaurants, cafes, or parks, each likely holding sentimental value. If these favorite spots haunt you when you go back to them, it could be a sign that the breakup shouldn’t have happened. It’s sad, but true.

You Haven’t Moved On Emotionally

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Despite the fact that your ex has been physically removed from your life, you may find that you are still emotionally tied to them. While most people emotionally disconnect from their exes after a while, if you still feel strongly about them, it may not be time to shelve it completely. Reach out!

Dreaming About Them Frequently

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Our dreams manifest our subconscious thoughts, and therefore, if you are plagued by dreams about your ex and feel happy in them, this could be a sign. Such dreams could genuinely alert you to the fact that you regret the breakup and want them back.

Getting Jealous Easily

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People who are glad their relationship is over will usually move on and put aside their feelings for their ex. However, those who are expressing remorse about the breakup may feel jealous when their ex starts dating someone new. Ultimately, they wish they were with them instead, and these feelings are projected into resentment.

Wanting to Reach Out 

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Feeling the urge to contact your ex after your breakup is one of the most obvious indicators that you still have feelings for them. If you want to reach out, you clearly want to be in their presence, as you still have a soft spot for them. Let’s hope that they feel the same!

You Haven’t Deleted Their Photos

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Holding onto photos of your ex can hint at your unresolved feelings for them. CNBC points out that seeing old pictures together can unlock a floodgate of memories, transporting you back to a time when you were happy. However, this feeling would be absent if the breakup was the right call.

Your Friends Think You Made a Mistake

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After your breakup, some of your friends may explicitly or implicitly imply that you made a mistake, especially if you called the shot. They may tell you that you were a great couple or that they would like to see you together again, which could reflect what you are feeling.

Feeling a Void in Your Life

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Feeling relief when you have broken up with someone is a sign that it was the right thing to do, but if you feel like there is a void in your life once they leave, it could imply the opposite. This is possibly because you miss having that special someone; think about it!

You’re Willing to Change

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Changing your outlook after your breakup can show that you want to fix the relationship. Psych Central advises that whatever mistake you may have made, how you handle it makes a difference in how you feel about yourself and the likelihood of constructively resolving the issue. Take some time to ponder this.

Not Changing Your Relationship Status

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Most people who experience a breakup will move on quickly if they have fully processed what happened, but that’s not the case if the breakup was a mistake. Those who are unhappy with their relationship breaking down may still be hopelessly single as, even subconsciously, they may still hope to reunite with their ex.

You’re More Lonely Than Free

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Lastly, many people embrace singlehood when they feel content with their decision to break up with someone. They’ll feel free and gleefully single, but this isn’t always the case. Those who are regretful about their breakup, perhaps you, will feel lonely being single, yearning for a day when their ex is back in their life.

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