17 School Activities That Are Now Too Risky According to Parents Today

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By Jonathan Trent

These days, parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of their children, even when they are at school. What was once considered a harmless school activity may now be considered too dangerous, like these 17 school activities that parents now see as too risky for their children.


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Dodgeball has come under scrutiny for its potential to cause injury and for encouraging exclusion and aggression. Grunge refers to research stating that around 185,382 dodgeball injuries occurred between 2001 and 2018, 90% of them sustained by children and 57.8% of them happening in school. Yikes.


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While playing ‘tag’ might seem harmless, concerns about physical contact and bullying have led some parents to question its place on the playground. Overly rough play or exclusionary behaviors have caused a preference for non-contact games to ensure children feel safe and included. There’s always someone ruining the fun!

Jungle Gyms

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Jungle gyms once provided endless hours of physical activity and play for children. However, concerns about falls and injuries have led parents to advocate for safer playground equipment. Rubberized surfaces, lower heights, and age-appropriate structures are all thought to be safer solutions, but some schools still don’t take the risk.

Contact Sports

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School sports like soccer, football, and basketball are highly enjoyable and great for physical fitness but have been known to cause injuries such as concussions. Some parents are pushing for modified rules or different sports that prioritize safety while still promoting physical activity and teamwork. That sounds good to us. 

Field Trips

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Even though field trips can be invaluable for a child’s education, they can also cause safety concerns, such as issues with transport, reduced supervision, and potential emergencies. Virtual Lab School suggests maintaining an appropriate staff-to-child ratio at all times to increase safety; that way, kids can enjoy their field trip safely!

Science Experiments

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Certain science experiments involving chemicals or equipment can pose risks of accidents or exposure to hazardous materials. Many parents want stricter safety protocols and supervision in science labs to ensure their children remain safe while learning. This seems fair, but science experiments are too valuable to abolish completely!

Adventure Activities

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Activities like rock climbing, hiking, and camping come with inherent risks. These days, there are calls for more rigorous safety measures, qualified supervision, and comprehensive emergency plans to ensure children’s safety during these excursions. Some parents would even prefer that these activities be banned altogether, which seems rather extreme.

Water-based Activities

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Swimming, water polo, and other aquatic activities carry risks of drowning, especially for very young or inexperienced swimmers. Therefore, it’s important that schools use certified lifeguards, maintain proper supervision, and hold swimming proficiency tests to minimize any dangers to children so that they can enjoy these important activities safely. 

Woodwork Classes

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Woodwork classes can provide valuable skills, but they also pose a risk of injury from sharp tools and machinery. Parents now believe that appropriate safety training, quality safety gear, and close supervision are necessary to mitigate the risks associated with these classes, which sounds fair enough to us. 

Public Speaking 

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Public speaking has been a part of the education system for a very long time, but it can also trigger anxiety and stress in some vulnerable students. Many parents are calling for more supportive environments and diverse forms of expression to ensure that their children aren’t overwhelmed. They shouldn’t be obliged to participate!

Sports Days

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Much like public speaking, Toby and Roo think that school sports days should be optional. Sports days can intensify competitiveness, feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence, and body image issues among students. Many children today prefer non-competitive alternatives that focus on participation, skill-building, and enjoyment, which is understandable.

Outdoor Recess in Extreme Weather

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Holding outdoor recess in extreme weather conditions can cause heat stroke, hypothermia, or injury. During heavy rain or snow, children with wet clothes can be left feeling uncomfortable all day, which affects their ability to concentrate. Indoor or shortened recess can minimize health risks and ensure children are kept safe!


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Gymnastics can carry risks of falls and injuries, particularly when performed without proper supervision or on inadequate equipment. Parents advocate for certified coaches, safety mats, and progressive skill training to promote safe participation in these activities, which is a pretty reasonable request.

Contact with Animals

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Contact with animals during school programs or visits to farms and zoos can lead to bites, allergies, or infections if proper safety measures are not followed. To reduce these risks, encounters should always be supervised, staff should promote excellent hand hygiene, and education about animal behavior should be delivered.

Large Gatherings

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Large assemblies or gatherings might present challenges in crowd control, supervision, and emergency evacuation procedures, raising concerns about student safety in case of accidents, medical emergencies, or security threats. The solution seems simple to us: split these gatherings into more frequent but sparsely attended sessions.

Sports Events

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According to School Security, a significant number of violent incidents occur at school sports events. Attending events such as school games or tournaments exposes students to risks such as crowd-related accidents and rowdy behavior. There have even been cases of serious violence in the past, including shootings and assaults, which is terrifying. 

Drama Productions

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Finally, participation in drama productions undeniably boosts creativity and confidence but may also involve risks such as stage accidents, emotional stress, or inappropriate content. Parents believe clear guidelines and adequate support should always be in place so that their children stay safe and happy. Surely everyone can agree with that!?