17 Scary Old-School Ideas We Need to Bury Forever

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By Darryl Henderson

Society never stands still, with each new generation of young people constantly challenging the values and ideas of those who came before them. To illustrate, here are 17 old-school ideas that no longer fit the modern-day ethos and need to be forgotten for good.

Mental Health is Taboo

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As the NHS suggests, more people are becoming accepting of mental health struggles, with a greater understanding of conditions such as anxiety and depression. No longer is it taboo to talk to others about your mental well-being; in fact, it’s encouraged.

University Degrees Up Your Value

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In years past, those with university degrees were placed on a pedestal and seen as far more viable candidates for professional opportunities than those without. Thankfully, we now live in a society where skills and experience are valued more than a grade on a sheet of paper.

Discussing Money is Taboo

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Being open about your finances was once taboo and deemed inappropriate and polite by most. However, it has since been found to be beneficial for certain relationships, especially romantic ones, as it increases transparency and openness between two people.

Television is Harmful for the Brain

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While too much television, aka four hours or more per day, can harm brain health, watching moderate amounts of TV won’t harm you. In fact, educational documentaries and thought-provoking shows can go as far as strengthening the viewer’s brain power!

Women are Homemakers

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Decades ago, women were seen as domestic servants, forced to stay at home looking after the kids and the house while their husbands went to work. These attitudes have, thankfully, changed, which is reflected in the workplace, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealing that 47% of the US workforce are now women!

Men Shouldn’t Cry

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Thankfully, the phrase ‘man up’ is being phased out of society as people realize it’s more beneficial for men to express their emotions rather than bottling them up. The idea that men don’t cry is finally realized as nonsense as we begin to understand the mental benefits of releasing emotion.

Self-Care is Vanity

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If you enjoy taking care of yourself, taking regular trips to the spa, or having a full skincare ritual each night, you would once have been considered vain. Nowadays, most people will use some sort of skincare product while understanding that self-care is great for mental and physical well-being.

Marriage is All-Important

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Marriage has long been seen as aspirational, regarded as the ultimate milestone to look forward to in life. While it’s still seen as a major moment, there is less weight attached to it, with couples enjoying more autonomy over their personal finances and their family planning.

Divorce is a Failure

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As marriage was once deemed the be-all and end-all for relationships, divorce was never taken lightly, with many divorcees being harshly looked down upon. People have come to understand that sometimes, separating is best for both parties and the kids who are often caught in the middle of arguments.

Video Games Make You Violent

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For so long, parents have been warned that allowing their children to play violent video games would lead to them following in the footsteps of the characters and becoming violent themselves. The Guardian reports that the long-term impacts of violent games on youth aggression are near zero, so relax and enjoy!

Corporal Punishment Works

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Corporal punishment used to be the norm in homes and schools, with children being disciplined with force. While many parents and teachers once believed this to be an adequate way to treat a child, attitudes have changed as people realize that hitting children ultimately does more harm than good.

Immigrants Take Jobs

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The notion that immigrants take native peoples’ jobs is a way of thinking born out of racism and fear. In truth, many people who arrive in a country from abroad can’t utilize their existing skills and have to take jobs that they are overqualified for just to get by.

Hard Work Defines Your Character

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In generations past, you were defined as a person by the number of hours you put into your work life. A work-life balance didn’t exist a handful of decades ago, and the younger generations have worked very hard to change this. We support them, 100%!

Gen Z is Lazy

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As the generations before them labeled baby boomers as ‘layabout hippies,’ the same generation is now aiming jabs at Gen Z, calling them lazy and work-shy. As the BBC affirms, the rhetoric that the current young generation has it easy has been thrown about for centuries, with little truth backing it up. 

News is Always Reliable

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In the age of social media, misinformation is becoming increasingly widespread, with illegitimate news stories becoming the norm. Failing to fact-check news stories you read online can be dangerous, leading to fear-mongering and spreading false facts, so be vigilant!

Sexuality is a Choice

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It wasn’t until December 1973 that homosexuality was officially declassified as a mental illness in the US, with gay people put through horrific ‘treatments’ in the years before. That’s outrageous! Thankfully, awareness surrounding homosexuality has come a long way in the 50+ years since, as it’s now regarded as totally natural.

There is One True Religion

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Last but not least, the days of competing over whose god is real and whose isn’t are long behind us, with societies becoming more multi-faith and accepting. If you want to practice a religion, you can now do so without being unfairly discriminated against. That’s how it should be!

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