20 Relationship Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away

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By Jonathan Trent

Making relationships a success takes time and commitment from both parties, but often, no matter how much you want it to work, there are certain mistakes that you can’t come back from. Here are 20 of such relationship mistakes that women often make that could drive men away!

Being Too Critical

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It’s important to build up your partner’s self-esteem, so a woman being constantly critical can be the first mistake. While constructive criticism is important within a relationship, if you don’t balance it with the positive, your partner is just going to feel constantly put down!

Lack of Appreciation

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Having a lack of appreciation will always lead to a partner who feels completely taken for granted, to the point where they’ll stop wanting to make an effort. Expressing gratitude can be done with a simple “thank you,” yet women often forget to express it.

Neglecting Communication

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Communication is a cornerstone of a successful relationship because, as VeryWell Mind puts it, being able to share allows you to learn. Avoiding conversations, whether big or small, can lead to misunderstandings in the long term, leading some men to become tired of unresolved issues or not being able to understand a woman’s feelings.


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Even the healthiest relationships need a little independence, which is why a woman who’s excessively dependent on her partner can risk driving him away. This dependence can be very overwhelming and forms an unhealthy balance of time spent together, potentially making the man feel suffocated.

Being Too Jealous and Insecure

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Another thing that might drive men away is a woman who is far too jealous and insecure, as this can lead to tension and distrust in the relationship. Without trust, a relationship is doomed to fail, and if that self-confidence isn’t worked on, men may simply decide to call it a day.

Trying to Change Them

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You should never try to mold your partner into something they aren’t, yet many women make the mistake of doing exactly that: trying to change the one they love. Instead of feeling that their strengths are supported, this makes men feel like they’re not good enough the way they are.

Neglecting Personal Growth

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Personal growth is extremely important for both partners in a relationship, and a woman investing her time in her own development can contribute to a fulfilling relationship. If she isn’t investing in taking care of herself, a man might feel as though he’s contributing more to the relationship as a whole, which isn’t fair.

Being Controlling

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Women who are controlling can also risk driving men away, as it can dampen their sense of freedom and make them lose their sense of identity.  Psych Central warns that a controlling partner might use subtle manipulation that’s difficult to spot, leading to a slow breakdown of the relationship. Don’t be that woman!

Poor Conflict Resolution

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Solving conflicts is paramount in a relationship, so a woman who isn’t putting in the time to resolve conflict and always avoiding it can lead to major relationship problems. Unresolved issues and underlying resentment will begin to grow, potentially leading to the man deciding he can no longer deal with it.

Comparing the Relationship to Others

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If you’re happy in your relationship, you won’t be paying attention to what other couples are doing, which is why a woman who constantly compares their partner to others will risk driving him away. A woman obsessing over how other couples compare only shows the man she’s not invested in what they have.

Ignoring Boundaries

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Couples should always respect each other’s boundaries, so another big mistake a woman can make is to disregard them. If a man feels like his healthy boundaries are always being ignored, it’s only going to result in him losing patience. He won’t stick around, trust us!

Irresponsibility with Money

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Whether you share a bank account as a couple or not, financial responsibility is still important for a healthy relationship. If a man is reliable with his finances but a woman is irresponsible, getting into debt or even lying about spending habits, this destroys any idea of a stable future together.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

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Physical closeness is necessary for a happy and healthy relationship, and most men want some level of physical intimacy. If you never show it, it will cause emotional distance. Remember: as Psychology Today points out, if a relationship lacks both emotional and physical intimacy, it often can’t develop.

Neglecting Their Partner’s Needs

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Whether it’s emotional or physical, a hot cup of coffee or a strong hug, you should always be looking to fulfill your partner’s needs through constant communication. A woman who always ignores the signs that her partner needs something can risk him feeling ignored and even unloved, driving him away.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

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Another thing that could risk pushing a man away is if he feels under constant pressure from unrealistic expectations. If he only ever feels like he’s a disappointment to you because of the impossible standards you’re setting for him, it will lead to relationship burnout. Take a chill pill!

Never Being There for Him

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If a partner opens up during a difficult time and asks for support, or even just to talk something through, it’s important to listen to him. A woman who never provides emotional support during challenging times is only going to portray herself as someone he can’t depend on in the long run.

Dishonest or Secretive Behavior

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Any woman who is suspicious or secretive risks destroying trust with her partner and driving him away. While everyone in a relationship is permitted their own privacy, failing to communicate what they need and hiding things will result in a lack of trust. It could raise all manner of suspicions! 

Neglecting Quality Time Together

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Relationships need quality time to succeed, and this should always be a mutual effort, including finding ways to relax together and share hobbies. So, if a woman never shows any incentive to make plans or bother to free up her calendar, it’s only telling him that she’s not invested.

Always Over-committing to Other Plans

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Balancing your relationship time and personal obligations is a must in a relationship. Therefore, any woman who always overcommits to things happening outside of the relationship will make her partner feel that he isn’t a priority and—worse—that she doesn’t have time for the relationship.

Refusing to Address Past Issues

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One final relationship mistake a woman can make is refusing to resolve past issues. Unresolved issues can cast a permanent shadow over the present, says entrepreneur Monica Brown for LinkedIn, so if a man feels you’re refusing to acknowledge issues he’s trying to resolve, he’ll soon stop trying.

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