18 Qualities a Person with True Integrity Will Have

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By Darryl Henderson

Integrity is a mixture of multiple qualities, all combined together to create a highly redeemable characteristic within a person. There are far too many desirable traits to list, but here are 18 qualities that are particularly common in people with true integrity.


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People with integrity will frequently show their kindness toward other people without expecting anything in return. Integrity and kindness are closely linked, as the former of the two traits is a melting pot of empathy, understanding, and a willingness to make people feel good about themselves. It makes for seriously likable personalities!


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While they may operate with dignity and class, people with integrity fully understand that they are not perfect. They will be willing to own up to and apologize for their mistakes while trying to make things better again, showing humility and decency at all times. 

Strong Set of Morals

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Having a strong set of morals, values, and beliefs to live by is a hugely important facet of life for someone with integrity. This trait can help you in multiple areas of your life, as Verywell Mind suggests, as those with a strong moral compass are able to foster better relationships with others. 

Embracing Diversity

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People with integrity will be fully aware of the enrichment that accepting and learning about people from diverse backgrounds different from theirs can offer. It enables a new perspective on life that they haven’t previously been exposed to, helping to further their understanding of humanity. That’s pretty admirable. 


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One of the hallmarks of integrity is the ability to be honest, however uncomfortable it may be. While they won’t go around criticizing everything, people with integrity won’t skirt around their actual opinions because it’s the easier thing to do. They’ll let others know the truth out of respect.

Giving Credit

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People with integrity won’t be afraid to dish out compliments when they are due, as they don’t tend to harbor feelings of jealousy regarding other people’s achievements. They also won’t hog the spotlight when they are the ones being congratulated if others have helped them along the way, which is very respectable.

Knowing Self-Limits

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While most people would love to believe that there is no ceiling to their capabilities, people with genuine integrity will realize that they won’t be able to master everything. As Harvard Business Review reports, this acceptance gives them greater freedom, allowing them to unlock their creativity and let loose their drive.


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Gossiping is a harmful exercise to partake in, as it will generally come across as malicious and bitter, especially if you are spreading rumors about someone behind their back. Thankfully, it’s highly unlikely that somebody with genuine integrity would ever entertain the prospect of doing such a thing. 


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Integrity is an externally facing trait that also covers internal matters, such as how you treat yourself. It involves not being too hard on yourself, looking after your physical appearance without being vain, and taking time out for mental relaxation. People with integrity are experts at finding this balance! 

No Discrimination

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People with integrity will talk to everyone on the same level, no matter who they are or what their perceived social status may be. They show respect to everyone they come into contact with, treating them how they would wish to be treated. What’s not to like about that?

Acting on Promises

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It’s easy to say you’re going to do something and then use life as an excuse for not getting around to it yet. However, people with true integrity will always follow through with their promises, never needing to make up excuses, as they won’t make throwaway commitments.

Asking For Help

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Sometimes, it can be easier on your ego to solve a problem yourself, however hard it makes the issue at hand. There’s real strength and integrity in asking for help, though, whether it be for emotional support, getting an answer to something you don’t know, or receiving advice from someone more experienced.

Setting Boundaries

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Setting boundaries can be very beneficial to your mental well-being; according to The Washington Post, they help people maintain healthy habits and relationships. This is exactly why people with integrity will set up these boundaries, understanding the boundaries of others and ensuring they don’t step over them.


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People with integrity are often great to hang out with, as they won’t be afraid to be the butt of the joke. They will often be capable of returning the jokes, but they’re self-aware enough to understand where the line is between a joke and a barbed comment. When in doubt, they’ll keep quiet.

No People Pleasing

When you have a healthy level of self-worth and integrity, you quickly understand that there is no need to be a people-pleaser. Doing so will only lower yourself to a level below someone else. People with integrity realize that respect should be mutual and not one-way.

Not Following the Crowd

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Not being afraid to be your own individual is not only liberating but also a sign of integrity. Following the crowd and wanting to fit in is usually a habit born out of insecurity and fear that people won’t respect you if you are different. People with integrity don’t worry about all that!

Accepting Feedback

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One of the most redeeming qualities of a person with integrity is their ability to take feedback on board. They are always learning, never becoming a stale version of themselves. This trait is surprisingly common, with Forbes stating that 87% of Americans are willing to receive workplace feedback.

Leading by Example

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Last, but not least, it’s relatively easy to talk a good game and make yourself look as though you have all the mannerisms commonly associated with integrity, but for people who are the real deal, this won’t be enough. They will be a model example of integrity in its purest form, and often, they won’t even realize it!

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