18 Phrases Millennials Are Easily Offended By

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By Jonathan Trent

Millennials are often typified as lazy, entitled, or obsessed with modern technology, all of which can be unfair. These stigmas are normally applied by those from different generations, such as boomers, and can even translate into verbal insults. For example, here are 18 phrases millennials will not respond to kindly.

“You’re too sensitive”

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Telling a millennial that they are too sensitive will not get a good reaction from them. They expect to be met with love and support when they open up to someone else. Instead, saying this will dismiss their feelings and make them feel like they are overreacting, essentially gaslighting.

“Back in my day”

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Coming from an older person, this phrase unfairly compares the experiences of a millennial to those from a different time period. Although it may just be an innocent remark, it suggests that their current challenges are insignificant compared to the past, making them feel invalidated.

“Just buy a house”

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Everyone knows that houses are incredibly expensive these days. In fact, the BBC highlights that having a career is not guaranteed to progress these days because wage growth has failed to keep up with soaring house prices for more than twenty years! So, telling a millennial to “just buy a house” is ridiculous.

“You need to toughen up”

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Millennials have been stereotyped as fragile or unfit to deal with life’s difficulties. However, they will (quite rightly) be offended if they are told to grow thicker skin. They’re becoming more conscious of the importance of mental health and self-care instead of succumbing to toxic pressures, so be more mindful.

“You’re ruining this industry”

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Blaming millennials for a certain sector’s failure is both untrue and uninformed. It shifts responsibility to these individuals for industry decline without considering market evolution. These words also make millennials feel guilty or ashamed for something that, frankly, isn’t their fault.

“Millennials are entitled”

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Many older people group millennials together as entitled despite the fact that Psychology Today reports that 39 percent of millennials possess a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 29 percent of Generation X and 25 percent of Boomers. This showcases the hardworking attitude of millennials, so what are you talking about!?

“Why aren’t you married yet?”

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As it was the norm for older generations to get married at a young age, they may feel the need to pressure millennials into doing the same. However, they are failing to understand how times are changing and that modern individuals prioritize personal choice and autonomy over relationships. Stop being so nosy!

“You’re so lazy”

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Laziness is a trait that is attached to many millennials while also being bombarded with content glamorizing ‘hustle culture.’ These individuals may seem as though they are detached from the working world, but many of them have multiple jobs at once to cope with rising costs. There’s nothing lazy about that.

“You spend too much money”

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It’s common for millennials to be criticized for their spending habits, especially if they are seen sporting designer clothing or driving a fancy car. That’s ridiculous, and older people should learn from these individuals. Many OAPs have accumulated a huge amount of savings, meaning they are entitled to treat themselves!

“Why don’t you have kids yet?”

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Having many children early in life was the norm many years ago. However, The Washington Post reveals that since the mid-1980s, the rate at which we produce ‘only children’ has remained absolutely flat, reflecting millennials’ decreased desire to conform to this expectation. Why do they care so much!?

“Participation trophies ruined you”

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Participation rewards have been beneficial for crediting those who have been overlooked in modern society. However, implying that they have ruined millennials is ignorant, especially because many of these individuals have better self-esteem because of them. Plus, the older generation invented them in the first place!

“Just get a real job”

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Breaking the mold is something many millennials do with their career; instead of following traditional career paths, they have paved the way in niche industries. So, suggesting that their job isn’t real undermines the innovative value of the work they are doing. All it achieves is to belittle their accomplishments.

“Stop being so politically correct”

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Thanks to the efforts of millennials, society is becoming more inclusive. Telling millennials that they are too politically correct has wider implications. It dismisses the importance of addressing harmful stereotypes and discrimination, destroying bridges to progress between different groups. Is that really what you want?

“You can’t take a joke”

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Disguising an insult as a joke and condemning how millennials react to it will not be received well by them. While many millennials have a good sense of humor, they are not tolerant of offensive jokes aimed at marginalized groups or those directed at people who are defenseless. Such jokes are just not funny–simple.

“You should be grateful for what you have”

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Older people may witness millennials putting in the work to reap spiritual or financial rewards, labeling them greedy for doing so. That’s ridiculous; urging these individuals to be grateful for what they have can be detrimental to their productivity and make them feel guilty for having the desire to broaden their horizons.

“Social media is ruining your life”

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Senior individuals are often unaccustomed to technology, and The Guardian reports that 75% of millennials have created at least one social media account, leaving them branded as addicted to social media. However, look around, and you’ll see how hypocritical older people are—constantly scrolling through Facebook!

“You’re addicted to your phone”

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Phones have become synonymous with addiction and are associated primarily with millennials and Gen-Z. However, this is the main way of connecting for these individuals, so telling them to stop using them can negatively impact their career and personal relationships.

“You need to settle down”

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Last but not least, getting into a relationship and having children has long been associated with stability. A millennial, however, may get defensive when told to “settle down,” as they may desire to go on a journey of exploration and self-discovery before starting a family. In fact, they may not want to settle down at all, and that’s fine!

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