17 Phrases Confident People Use to Stand Up For Themselves

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By Jonathan Trent

Confident people are those who are self-assured in situations, showing that they aren’t afraid to tackle what comes their way. From professional settings to personal interactions, their choice of phrases can be empowering and influential. Here are 17 phrases that confident people use to stand up for themselves.

“I respectfully disagree.”

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It can be difficult to maintain your composure when you disagree with someone, especially if they are forceful about their opinions or perspectives. In these situations, confident people will assert their views with dignity and respect. They will do so by expressing their viewpoint without bashing or criticizing their opponent.

“I’m comfortable with my boundaries.”

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Psych Central proposes that boundaries can help you assert what you’re ok and not ok with. Self-confident individuals prioritize self-respect and assert their boundaries firmly but respectfully. By clearly communicating their limits, they command respect from others and maintain a healthy balance in their relationships and interactions.

“I appreciate your input, but I have a different approach.”

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Some people who are in a team find that one person dominates and tries to persuade everyone else to see their point of view. Confident people value every member of a team but also recognize the importance of their own ideas and strategies. This phrase allows them to admire the contributions of others while confidently putting forward an alternative perspective or solution.

“Let me clarify my position.”

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In instances where their intentions or statements may have been misunderstood, confident individuals take control by offering clarification. By calmly and confidently explaining their position, they ensure that their message is understood, creating better communication and understanding.

“I’m confident in my decision.”

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Confident people are often met with criticism or doubts when they express an opinion. However, they do not buckle under pressure. Instead, they reaffirm their choices without hesitation. This phrase communicates consistent self-assurance, thwarting any attempt to undermine their confidence or decision-making capabilities.

“I’ll need some time to consider that.”

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In situations that call for quick choices or instant promises, confident people will emphasize their need for thinking and consideration. This phrase showcases their commitment to thoughtful decision-making and ensures they maintain control over their choices.

“I’ve got this handled.”

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NBC states that confidence makes us feel powerful. Confident people exude self-assurance by expressing their capability to handle challenges and responsibilities. This phrase communicates their trust in their skills and comforts others about their capability and dependability.

“I’m open to constructive criticism.”

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Constructive criticism can often be interpreted as patronizing or offensive. However, self-reliant people embrace feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement. By expressing openness to constructive criticism, they demonstrate humility and a willingness to learn.

“Let’s find a solution together.”

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No confident person will always want to work alone, especially in situations where they need help or assistance. Instead, they will take the lead in problem-solving by encouraging teamwork and cooperation. This phrase fosters a positive and inclusive environment, where diverse perspectives are valued and collective success is celebrated.

“I deserve to be treated with respect.”

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Those who are confident will assert their self-worth and demand respect in all interactions and relationships. This phrase communicates their firm stance against mistreatment or disrespect, setting clear expectations for how they expect to be treated.

“I stand by my principles.”

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When facing ethical problems or moral challenges, confident people remain strong in their beliefs and values. This shows their integrity and strong character, highlighting their unwavering dedication to doing what is right.

“I’m not comfortable with that.”

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Confident individuals show their discomfort or dissatisfaction with situations or behaviors that conflict with their values or boundaries. This lets them put their own well-being first and take control of their own experiences.

“I’m confident in my abilities.”

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According to Forbes, when you are confident, you perform at a higher level than when you don’t hold your abilities in high regard. Confident people acknowledge their strengths and capabilities without arrogance or self-doubt. This phrase highlights their self-assurance and belief in their capacity to overcome challenges and achieve success.

“I choose to focus on the positive.”

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In the face of negativity or adversity, confidence can give an optimistic outlook and mindset. This phrase reflects their resilience and ability to find silver linings, even in challenging situations, fostering a sense of empowerment and hope.

“I’m committed to my goals.”

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People with confidence focus on their goals and keep working hard to reach them. This shows their determination and persistence, highlighting their strong commitment to growing personally and professionally.

“I’m not afraid to speak up.”

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Harvard Health advises that overcoming barriers blocking confidence and finding ways to navigate them is key to regaining self-assurance. People with confidence speak up for themselves in all situations, showing bravery and assertiveness in sharing their views, needs, and opinions without worrying about criticism or consequences.

“I’m proud of who I am.”

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Confident people embrace self-acceptance and celebrate their unique qualities and accomplishments. This phrase reflects their self-assuredness and serves as a declaration of self-love and confidence in their identity.