17 Personality Traits That Make Someone a Natural Leader

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By Jonathan Trent

Some people are born leaders. While you can learn the skills needed to become a better leader, some already have the necessary personality to be a person others look up to. Whether it’s within the workplace or in everyday life, here are the 17 personality traits that natural leaders have.

Natural Charisma

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To be a great leader, you need to be naturally charismatic. Having a certain amount of charm means people will easily gravitate towards you. Charisma means that you can communicate in an effective and positive way, showing a natural confidence and a captivating spirit.

Visionary Thinking

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The best leaders look to the future, plan objectives, and set goals. Visionary thinking is a common trait of leaders because it means they’re always looking one step ahead and planning for the future. Leaders need visionary thinking in order to lead their followers to success.

Emotional Intelligence

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Verywell Mind defines emotional intelligence as “the ability to perceive, interpret, demonstrate, control, evaluate and use emotions” to communicate in an effective way. It’s no surprise that impressive leaders are also emotional thinkers. This helps them understand other people’s feelings and better resolve conflict.

Integrity and Honesty

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It’s difficult to follow someone you can’t trust. That’s why born leaders will often be people of integrity. A leader needs to be someone you can depend on, to tell the truth and be consistent. Those with integrity will naturally fulfill that requirement.

Inspirational Leadership

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People who inspire others often make the best leaders because they bring out the best in people. Adriannah Sherwood for LinkedIn explains why that’s so important: “When we inspire others to think creatively… we can drive innovation and improvement”. Leading by example is one of the most powerful traits you can have.


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Leaders need to be those willing to make tough decisions. While leaders may have advisors, ultimately it needs to be them who make the necessary choices. Someone who is decisive will thrive as a leader, as it means they’re confident in their own judgement.


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The worst kind of leaders are those who are stubborn about doing things their own way. This is why an adaptable person often makes a natural leader. Those who are flexible in changing trends, and also open to new ideas and feedback, will be able to lead people through challenges.


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Empowering followers is a fundamental trait of a good leader. According to Forbes, a leader will make people feel smart and always make sure to provide opportunities to show it. Empowerment is about caring for the growth and development of those who have put their trust in you.


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Being a natural leader doesn’t mean that you never make mistakes. It means that you take accountability for your actions and never shy away from them. A leader will hold themselves to the same standards as those who choose to follow them do.

Strategic Thinking

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Leaders often need to create goals and strategies the people around them can follow. Especially in a work environment, strategic thinking as a leader means opportunities can be found and tasks can be completed, which is why strategic thinking is incredibly important.


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Leaders can’t be seen to crumble or people will lose faith in them. Naturally resilient people can be excellent leaders because they can face hardship and overcome obstacles. Resilient people will also encourage optimistic thinking and how to bounce back from setbacks.

Servant Leadership

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Often the difference between a boss and a leader is that the latter will strive to serve rather than rule. Investopedia highlights that servant leaders aim to “develop leadership qualities in others”, too. This personality trait means that everything you do is to empower those around you, rather than empower yourself.


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Leaders need to show compassion for the people choosing to follow them, which is why empathy is such an important personality trait. Empathy helps leaders to understand other perspectives, create a supportive space and build stronger connections. This all equals loyal followers.

Communication Skills

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Communication skills can be learned, but those who naturally excel at communication will also naturally take on the role of a leader. Communication doesn’t just mean effectively giving speeches to a crowd; it also means being able to actively listen to people who raise issues with you.

Conflict Resolution

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Being a successful leader doesn’t mean that there are never any issues. Those who find conflict resolution easy will make for dependable leaders due to their knack for creating harmony. The best leaders will be able to find solutions to conflicts or the best compromises to restore peace.

Strategic Networking

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Because leaders should always be on the lookout for rewarding opportunities, being able to strategically network and charm new people is a vital personality trait. This allows leaders to create new connections and collaborations for the future benefit of everyone involved.


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Being a natural born leader doesn’t mean that you’re fearless. It takes courage to make decisions, take calculated risks and stand up for what’s right. The naturally courageous make great leaders because they’re not afraid to face adversity head on.