17 Old School Habits That Are Making a Comeback

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By Darryl Henderson

We all talk about ‘the good old days,’ how easy certain things used to be, and how we miss certain nostalgic habits. Luckily, not all hope is lost; the retro is being increasingly given a modern refresh, leading to these 17 old-school habits making a comeback.

Handwriting Letters

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Believe it or not, the handwritten letter might not be obsolete yet. With more people turning to physical writing for that personal touch, the handwritten letter is also becoming a beloved staple for those wanting to send love messages, especially in long-distance relationships. It’s a comeback we’re happy to see!

Listening to Vinyl Records

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For many audiophiles, listening to records never went out of fashion, but it’s becoming less of a nostalgic take these days. It’s no longer difficult to scout out vintage models, as more and more companies are creating modern vinyl players, some that even feature Bluetooth connectivity. Now that’s cool!

Sewing and Knitting

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Sewing and knitting used to be something your grandmother would do to make cheap clothing for the family. However, they’ve gained a new modern following among those looking for mindful crafts. This could partially be down to The Independent’s perspective: that knitting can also alleviate depression and anxiety!

Using Polaroid Cameras

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Photography has undergone one of the biggest transformations over the years, and nowadays, most people turn to their trusty phones to take a snap. Despite this, Polaroid cameras are making a comeback, thanks to not only their nostalgic feel but also the instant gratification of a printed photo to hold in your hand.

Playing Board Games

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Board games have also been on the rise in recent years, especially for family gatherings and holiday celebrations. There’s something extremely social about playing board games, and they can also serve as an escape from digital consumption every once in a while. We certainly need that in society today!

Writing in Journals

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In recent years, there has been a rise in physical journaling, with several studies linking gratitude with improved physical health, according to Forbes. Many people turn to gratitude journaling as a way to process emotions or even experiment with beautiful journal designs and penmanship to hone their creativity.

Writing Thank You Notes

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Another big part of gratitude practice in the modern day is writing thank-you notes. Particularly for occasions such as weddings, more people are turning to a handwritten thank you sent in the post rather than a message over text. This makes it more personal and helps to have something physical to keep!

Cooking from Scratch

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When we were young, homemade family cooking was the norm, and eating out was a rare luxury. In recent years, the rise in fast food has meant many people have turned to ready-made meals, but thankfully, cooking from scratch is making a welcome comeback as more people are turning to healthier options.

Canning and Preserving Food

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Canned food used to be an old-school staple, but it’s one that more people are appreciating in the modern age. It helps with self-sufficiency for growing your own food, as well as improved health benefits if you can preserve nutritional items. Not only that, but it also reduces food waste.

Home Vegetable Gardens

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More and more people are seeing the appeal of homegrown produce, so vegetable gardens are on the rise among modern families. Mayo Clinic explains that gardening has been shown to lower stress levels, too, which is why many people are going back to homegrown basics.

DIY Home Remedies

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Homemade remedies and natural solutions for common ailments are making a comeback; this is mainly due to the cost factor, with many people seeking out cheaper remedies compared to prescription medication. There’s also a sense of empowerment in taking control of your own health from home, although don’t get carried away!

Using Fountain Pens

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With the rise in physical journaling and handwritten letters, it’s no surprise that old-school fountain pens are also making a comeback. Many people look for a satisfyingly smooth writing tool, as digital keyboards just don’t cut it! Fountain pens also offer the opportunity for a collector’s item with so many different designs available.

Hand-Washing Dishes

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Hear us out on this one: hand-washing dishes instead of using a dishwasher is actually making a comeback, too. Especially for smaller households, many people are opting for a quick handwash to save on energy costs and water bills and lessen their environmental impact. It’s therapeutic, too!

Retro Fashion Trends

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There has been a huge upsurge in vintage fashion revival, meaning more people are scouting thrift stores for retro clothing. Fashion trends come and go, but retro and vintage are most definitely making a comeback. More people are turning to sustainable fashion, which means second-hand retro is often the preferred choice.

Retro Gaming

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Nostalgic games and consoles offer moments of comfort for many modern-day people. While modern games are still highly popular, a lot of people are turning to retro gaming as both a collector’s item and a way to revisit childhood memories. These old games are also a stress-free pastime because the gameplay is so simple!

Handwritten To-Do Lists

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There is something therapeutic about handwritten to-do lists, so many people these days are opting for physical notes to keep on their desks. The ADAA reminds us that an estimated 8 million adults have ADHD, and these old-school sticky notes can often help with focus and organization for those struggling.

Handwritten Recipe Cards

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Finally, with more people turning to healthy home cooking, it’s no surprise that handwritten recipe cards are making a comeback, too. Sure, you can find exciting recipes on your tablet or on YouTube, but many people are enjoying a tech-free kitchen experience, leading them to write down their own recipes into physical cards or books. It’s pretty wholesome!

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