17 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay $100K or More a Year

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By Jonathan Trent

Most people want to earn the big bucks, but understandably don’t want the stress that seems to come with high-earning jobs. Thankfully, there are a handful of jobs that pay over $100K a year that won’t leave you suffering from sleepless nights. Here are 17 of them.

Environmental Economist – $106,000

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Environmental economists play an important part in the protection of the planet and progression of environmentally sustainable technologies. They research and plan projects, writing academic articles highlighting the results of their studies, earning a more than comfortable salary in the process.

Chemical Engineer – $112,000

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The role of a chemical engineer centers around the design and manufacturing of products made out of chemicals. This includes fuels, food, and pharmaceuticals. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are just over 21,000 chemical engineers working in the USA.

Mathematician – $108,000

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Mathematicians can work in a range of fields, applying mathematical theories to help solve problems in corporate, scientific, and engineering settings. There is also the possibility of sharing their skills as professors and lecturers, adding some extra income on the side.

Political Scientist – $120,000

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Being a political scientist is a great way of forging a career in politics without the stresses and strains of being an active politician. Political scientists will analyze governments and their methods, all while bringing in an average of $120,000 a year.

Actuary – $110,000

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Actuaries are well-compensated, using their mathematical skills to predict the future risk of financial events, and what effect they will have on businesses. Actuary is considered the ninth best job in the USA, according to U.S. News.

Physicist – $150,000

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Being a physicist may not require a lot of physical stress, but it will require an immense level of brain power and a PhD. A basic description of a physicist’s job role would be to conduct experiments and research into how the world we live in works.

Information Systems Manager – $105,000

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If you enjoy working with computers and have good leadership skills, then the handsomely paid role of information systems manager may be the career path for you. There may be elements of stress attached to the role, as it involves problem solving, but on the whole, it is largely stress-free.

Aerospace Engineer – $122,000

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Aerospace engineers design, manufacture, and test aircraft, making sure everything is safe and ready for commercial use. On occasion, they will also work on spacecraft and missiles, making the profession diverse, interesting, and exciting, as well as being extremely well paid.

Radiation Therapist – $210,000

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Radiation therapists will diagnose various diseases and injuries using equipment such as X-rays, MRI scanners, and CT scanners. As with many occupations in the medical field, radiation therapists are paid very well, especially if they are experienced in the role.

Dentist – $218,000

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Dentists are always in demand, with the American Dental Association stating that there are over 200,000 active dentists operating in the USA. There’s little wonder why it’s such a popular profession to get into, with the median yearly wage being $218,000.

Optometrist – $335,500

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Optometrists mainly operate on the eyes, detecting issues with vision and signs of ocular injury, as well as diagnosing general health issues. While it is a highly skilled profession, it isn’t stressful, and brings in around $335,500 a year.

Marketing Manager – $140,000

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Marketing is a vital department of any business, as it is the difference between a brand becoming a household name or operating in relative obscurity. The job pays well too, with Forbes suggesting that the median yearly salary is around $140,000.

Computer Software Engineer – $111,000

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The results of the work of computer software engineers is clear to see on a daily basis, as they create the programs that we use online. As you can imagine, the programming of computer software is highly skilled, and takes many years to master.

Orthodontist – $210,000

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To become an orthodontist, you’ll have to navigate your way through four years of dental school and up to four years of residency training. Once you have graduated, you can expect to make upwards of $200,000 a year once you are established in the field.

Astronomer – $130,000

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There are few careers that possess the same amount of wonder as being an astronomer, studying planets, stars, and galaxies. The profession also has an academic side, with many astronomers taking lectures at colleges alongside their day jobs.

Chief Sustainability Officer – $180,000

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The rise of environmental awareness has spawned a plethora of new jobs including chief sustainability officers. They are tasked with the role of organizing a company’s sustainability practices and initiatives going forward, making them a vital cog in the modern corporate machine.

Wind Energy Operations Manager – $125,000

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Another important role that has come as a result of environmentalism is wind energy operations manager. These managers will oversee all operations on wind farms, making sure the turbines are doing what they are supposed to be doing and all personnel are working in a safe manner.