17 Household Items That Are a Complete Waste of Money

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By Jonathan Trent

In our homes, we accumulate many items over the years, even if we don’t need them. Not surprisingly, many people want to become more minimalistic, reconsidering the amount and types of household items they have. Here are 17 household items that are an utter waste of money.

Paper Towel Holders

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Although paper towel holders may seem useful, many people don’t use them efficiently or often. By deciding not to buy paper towel holders, you’ll save money and space in your kitchen. Instead, you can store paper towels in a drawer or on a shelf.

Electric Egg Cookers

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Despite the fact that Business Insider reveals how getting an electric egg cooker can help people eat a healthy, filling breakfast without wasting any precious minutes of sleep, they are notorious for taking up space. The same result can be achieved by cooking eggs on the stove.

Garlic Presses

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Garlic presses may seem like a good idea, but they can be difficult to clean thoroughly. They are also not required in kitchens as a knife or grater can do the job just as well. Refraining from purchasing a garlic press can save money and help to declutter your kitchen.

Single-Use Kitchen Gadgets

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Items such as avocado slicers or strawberry hullers are marketed as useful but are often unnecessary. Using a sharp knife can help you to slice just as effectively. These devices are rarely used, taking up valuable kitchen space and draining your bank account in the process.

Electric Can Openers

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While it’s not a good idea to attempt to open a can or bottle without a tin opener, there’s no need for an electric can opener. These flimsy items tend to break often but they also take up room in your drawer. Manual can openers are a good alternative.

Fancy Cleaning Products

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Buying into the trend of fancy cleaning products can waste your money. In fact, many cheaper alternatives work just as effectively. Instead, The Guardian recommends using multipurpose cleaners that work on various surfaces as this can help you save money by avoiding purchasing several items.

Non-Stick Cookware Sets

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Cooking is a common activity in most people’s households and people often purchase non-stick cookware sets to make the process easier. However, non-stick coating tends to wear off over time, so it’s better to consider cast iron and stainless steel options as they are more durable.

Bread Machines

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Using a bread machine may feel cool and is a sure way to impress your guests. Yet, the act of making bread by hand can be more satisfying. Bread machines also tend to be bulky pieces of equipment that take up valuable counter space.


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For those on a health kick, juicers can help you to consume more fruits and vegetables. In fact, Psychology Today reports that the health benefits of juicing can range from weight loss to clear skin to an overall sense of well-being. However, eating whole fruits and vegetables can be more nutritious.

Expensive Coffee Makers

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Coffee enthusiasts are drawn to expensive coffee makers to satisfy their caffeine cravings. However, expensive coffee makers are no better than basic coffee makers which can still brew a great cup of coffee. These fancy features may also not justify the price tag.

Wine Aerators

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Wine aerators can be great for making your wine smoother and enhancing the flavor, but this comes at a cost. It’s equally as fruitful to let wine breathe in a decanter. Aerators can also be cumbersome to use and clean, so it is better to stick to traditional methods.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

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If you step into someone else’s kitchen, there’s a chance you may see electric knife sharpeners. Despite their popularity, many realize that using sharpening stones or honing rods can achieve the same result. These knife sharpeners can also be expensive and may not sharpen knives effectively.

Non-Stick Baking Mats

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Bakers have a strong preference for non-stick baking mats to create tasty and well-presented baked goods items. They may fail to realize that parchment paper is just as good. There’s also a high level of cleaning that needs to be carried out with these mats, using up your baking time.

Fancy Wine Bottle Openers

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Nowadays, you can get many fancy wine bottle openers with lavish designs. These expensive items are not worth having as traditional corkscrews are just as effective. Most of the time, fancy wine bottle openers are also just created for aesthetic purposes and can break easily. 

A Plethora of Sponges

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Buying multiple sponges may seem great, especially if you need a backup and you need to clean your dishes. However, Time Magazine notes that sponges are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. It’s better to use a cloth or a cleaning brush that can be used repeatedly.

Electric Grills

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Electric grills are popular in modern society. Although they can be expensive and may not cook as well as traditional grills, people still have them in their homes. They may not realize that charcoal or gas grills offer a more authentic grilling experience.

Multi-Function Kitchen Gadgets

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Purchasing a multi-function kitchen gadget may seem productive, but the reality is entirely different. These are items that claim to carry out multiple functions. A lot of the time, this is a gimmick, so it’s better to invest in individual tools that perform specific tasks effectively.