17 Household Appliances You Should Always Make Sure Are Turned Off

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By Darryl Henderson

Household appliances are necessary, but it’s undeniable that certain dangers are associated with these appliances kept in the home if they are left on. For your safety, here are 17 household appliances you should always make sure are turned off when you are done with them.

Coffee Maker

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There is nothing better than using your coffee maker to make a nice hot cup of coffee, yet these appliances pose a danger when not in use as they can be electrical hazards. It’s especially dangerous to leave these appliances on overnight as they can cause a fire whilst you sleep!


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According to Forbes, your oven and stove can be dangerous if left on when not in use, and it’s pretty obvious why! If crumbs are left inside, they can cause fires, hence why it’s always wise to turn them off after using them. It will also keep your bills low!


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A microwave makes heating food quick and convenient, but you should never keep your microwave turned on 24/7. The microwave’s components, like the magnetron, can overheat if left on for extended periods, potentially damaging the appliance or even sparking a fire.


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When you need to iron a lot of clothes, keeping an iron on all the time may seem efficient, but that couldn’t be more false. Although these appliances are useful, failing to turn them off can cause burns and cause fires, not to mention hiking up your electricity bill!

Space Heater

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Keeping flammable materials near a space heater is a disaster waiting to happen; the risk of fire becomes even greater when you leave this household appliance on for long periods of time! It can be even more dangerous if a space heater is showing signs of damage or wear, so be cautious!

Hair Straightener/Curling Iron

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It’s easy to forget to turn your hair straightener or curling iron off, especially if you are in a rush. Naturally, this leads to The Guardian’s claim that hair straighteners are responsible for more than 6% of burns in under-fives that require medical attention!

Electric Kettle

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With electric kettles, it can be a nuisance to keep turning them off and on, especially if your household needs to use them frequently. However, leaving your kettle on can increase the likelihood of accidents due to boiling water, but kettles also heat up extremely quickly, so there’s no excuse!


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A blender is a handy tool for quickly blending vegetables or solid foods. However, it’s advisable to exercise caution around this household appliance, as it can cause accidents if left on. Blenders have blades, which can be dangerous, especially if you have kids around!

Washing Machine

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Many people don’t know that they should turn off a washing machine even when it isn’t washing clothes. Whilst this isn’t too dangerous, leaving your washing machine can waste a ton of energy, meaning that you would rack up a lot of unnecessary bills. Count the pennies, and the dollars count themselves!

Electric Blanket

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Electric blankets are needed in colder months when you need an extra layer of warmth, but they pose a serious threat as they can overheat while you are sleeping. In fact, The Telegraph discloses that two million people are using dangerous electric blankets that have not been safety tested, so get yours checked!

Clothes Dryer

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The lint trap in a dryer is responsible for countless household fires, so it’s vital to never leave it on, as it needs time to cool down. Turning it off and unplugging the dryer is a good idea to prevent a fire, but be extra cautious and clear out your lint trap regularly.


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Many homeowners leave their dishwashers on overnight in a bid to wake up to clean dishes. However, there is a certain level of risk associated with this, as it can cause an accident while you are sleeping. With the dishwasher working overtime, a fire could easily break out.

Laptop Computers

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Taking your laptop off charge once full is always a good idea to prevent electric shock and fires. Some people are aware of this, but most do not know that it’s equally important to turn them off. Even if a laptop is not charging, it can still overheat when turned on, causing electrical hazards.

Air Conditioner

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Turning off an air conditioner when leaving your home is crucial for energy efficiency and safety. Constantly running the AC racks up your electricity bill, is terrible for the environment, and also puts unnecessary strain on the system, potentially leading to malfunctions or even blazing fires and hazards. Just turn it off!


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It may be convenient to leave your TV on constantly, but if it’s an older model, this may cause it to become less functional. BBC highlights that malfunctioning household appliances, like TVs, also caused almost 12,000 fires in Britain in three years, so it’s also for your own safety!

Vacuum Cleaner

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It’s important to power off your vacuum cleaner when it’s not in use, as leaving it running unattended can increase the risk of overheating. It can also lead to motor wear, posing a damage risk as well as a fire hazard if something gets sucked up and blocks the airflow in it.

Electric Fan

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Finally, electric fans should always be powered off and disconnected when not in use. Continuous operation can accelerate motor and blade wear, potentially shortening the fan’s lifespan. Furthermore, leaving a fan running unattended may increase the risk of fire in case of malfunctions or airflow obstruction. It’s just not wise.