17 Hairstyles Perfect for Older Women Who Want to Look Younger

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By Darryl Henderson

Hairstyling is one of the top beauty choices that can make or break a youthful appearance. When your face changes with age, proper hairstyling can really help transform your look. We’ve compiled a list of 17 hairstyles that are perfect for older women wanting to look a little younger.

The Asymmetrical Bob

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Although the bob might seem like an outdated hairstyle, it’s become much more popular in recent years with younger people. An asymmetrical bob gives flair and a certain edginess, with one side being longer than the other to provide a more interesting face frame.

Softer Layers

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Layers are ideal for adding volume and a little bounce to your hair, all of which can look refreshed and youthful. Softer layers are a great option because they add volume without looking too harsh. Soft layers are also great if you want a more bedhead look.

Face-Framing Bangs

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Los Angeles hairstylist Anthony Montoya explains via Good Housekeeping how bangs can have a “similar effect to contour in makeup” when framing your face. A style that accentuates your face shape and features helps create a softer, more youthful appearance.

The Elegant Pixie Cut

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Many older women opt for shorter hairstyles for easier management, yet this can often be a less-than-youthful look if it’s not styled properly. The pixie cut is an elegant choice that can look young and endearing. There is a pixie cut for every face shape and hair texture, too.

The Classic Ponytail

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If you have longer hair, there really isn’t anything that can go wrong with a simple ponytail. Most of us find ponytails synonymous with youthful energy, whether it’s memories of wearing a ponytail at school or a high ponytail giving a vibrant bounce.

Wavy Hair

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If you have long hair and you’re worried it’s looking a little boring these days, a simple fix is to wave it instead of straightening it. Effortless waves can add a chic look to any hair style or color. Women’s Health explains that the best thing to aim for when creating waves is imperfection.

Sleek and Straight

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If wavy hair isn’t for you, the polar opposite can add just as much of a youthful look. The key is to either ensure sleek, straight curls or effortless curls—anything in between can highlight a lack of effort. Use styling products to protect your hair while using a flat iron.

Voluminous Curls

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If a straight or wavy look isn’t for you, opting for extreme, voluminous curls can give an eye-catching and playful result. Heavy curls can add volume and bounce to mature hair, especially if you have thick hair. Using the right products to enhance volume will help when curling your hair.

Side-Swept Hairstyles

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Side-swept hairstyles can dramatically soften any face, helping it appear younger. Switch to a side parting instead of a middle parting, or consider a heavy side bang to sweep across the forehead. Texturing or waving your hair when side-swept can also add extra softness.

Wispy Layers

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Wispy layers can be the perfect option if you want your layers to be more subtle or if you have very thin hair. They add a feathered effect, which can add subtle movement and dimension for more mature hairstyles.

The Shaggy Look

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According to Southern Living, “an old-school shag cut traditionally hits between the collarbone and chest”, so this is a great option for shoulder-length hair you’re not looking to chop. The shag look is perfect for adding volume to thinner hair while encompassing a nostalgic look that doesn’t age you.

Curly Bob

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A straight and blunt bob may not work for every face shape. So, if you’ve tried out the classic bob and still feel like it doesn’t work for you, adding some curl to it can add playfulness and bounce. A curly bob is an elegant alternative to better-frame a more mature face.

Half-Up Half-Down

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Half-up and half-down hairstyles add great versatility to everyday looks. Keeping some hair pinned back from your face helps you look younger. Another great thing about half-up, and half-down hairstyles is that they can work for any hair length and add more volume on top.

Shoulder-Length Styles

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Cutting your hair to shoulder-length (or even growing it out) results in more options for hair styling, including up-dos and loose waves. Shoulder-length hair can exude sophistication without looking too much like a mature hairstyle. The best way to shape shoulder-length hair is to focus on volume.

Retro Hairstyles for Vintage Charm

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Aiming for a more youthful hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to stick to overly-modern cuts. More and more younger people are opting for retro looks these days, and vintage-inspired hairstyles can really shine on mature women. Some of the best retro looks include 1940s shoulder-length curls or 1920s finger waves.

Embrace Your Natural Gray

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Everyday Health mentions how hair dye contains over 5,000 chemicals. As you age, you may decide to avoid harsh colorants. Embracing your natural gray might seem like a surefire way to look older, but going for a full gray look appears more authentic and elegant.

Boho-Inspired Hairstyle

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The boho style reflects a free and youthful spirit. The best options for getting the boho look include thick and full braids and a wavy look. Boho is perfect for older women who want a more relaxed look while keeping their hair elegant.