20 Common Traits of Genuinely Kind People

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By Danika Pagayanan

Kindness is something we should all share on a daily basis, yet for some people, it can come more naturally than it does for others. To help you be the most kind person possible, here are 20 common traits of those people who are genuinely kind to others.

They Actively Listen

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Active listening is very different from just listening: you can listen but not take it all in, after all. Kind people will make sure the speaker feels valued by focusing entirely on them, never interrupting, and responding thoughtfully to show that their opinion is understood.

Empathy is Their Go-To

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Some people struggle with empathy, but empathy is a no-brainer for kind people. They will always endeavor to put themselves in another’s shoes to show compassion and understanding, whether it’s a best friend or a stranger on the street. That’s pretty admirable.

They Always Express Gratitude

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Another trait of genuinely kind people is their knack for always expressing gratitude, whether to the people around them or for what they have. Giving thanks can also make you happier, says Harvard Health, and kind people know that positivity and thankfulness are paramount.

Kind People are Generous with Their Time

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You can recognize a kind person a mile away by how much time they’re willing to give you. Are they always offering to help or prioritizing other people in need? Their natural way isn’t to be selfish with their time but rather to make sure they spend it in support of others.

Being Polite and Respectful is Second Nature

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A genuinely kind person will recognize the value of good manners and respect and want to show them. Forgetting to say please or thank you is never an option for them, and they’ll never disrespect someone’s opinion. Remember: manners are free!

You Don’t Need to Ask For Their Support

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Kind people won’t need to be asked to offer their support; they’ll be adept at noticing when someone needs help and will step in to do what they can. This applies to both emotional support and practical support for jobs that need doing, generally making the world a happier and more efficient place.

Their Help Isn’t Conditional

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It’s worth mentioning that a kind person’s support will never come with terms and conditions; they’re happy to offer their shoulder to cry on without expecting anything in return. They’ll never plan a favor to ask of you in exchange, as their help is 100% unconditional.

A Kind Person is Humble

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Forbes explains that to be humble is not to think less of yourself but to think of yourself less. So, it’s no surprise that a kind person remains humble and always look to put themselves second in order to help others reach their potential. We should all aim to be more like this!

They Show Patience and Understanding

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Genuinely kind people will be among the most patient and understanding you’ll ever meet, and they’ll often be the calmest in difficult situations. They’re not the type to hold grudges or dismiss other people’s perspectives, which helps them to take their time with those around them.

Gossip Isn’t for Them

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It’s unlikely you’ll ever find a genuinely kind person gossiping, either; after all, what is gossip but a negative and toxic conversation? Not only will kind people never seek to start rumors, but they’ll also likely bow out of any conversation where others are discussing the latest on the streets. That’s wise.

Their Interest is Genuine

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It’s common these days for people to feign interest in you for selfish reasons, whether it’s online or even in the dating world, but kind people usually make it very obvious that their interest is genuine. They’ll remember important information and ask thoughtful questions, and their body language will tell you that they’re engrossed.

Selflessness is a Common Practice

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Kind people are genuinely selfless, but they’ll also always strive to do better in putting people first. Practicing selflessness is a daily occurrence for them, and you’ll be able to tell that they genuinely feel joy for helping others instead of themselves.

They’ll Spread Positivity

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Studies have shown that positive people are physically and psychologically healthier than negative people, according to Entrepreneur.com. Because caring people want to be kind to themselves and others, they’ll always try to stay positive and encourage others to see the world that way, too.

They’re Honest But Tactful

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It’s also important to know that being genuinely kind doesn’t mean someone always tiptoes around people to avoid hurting their feelings. In fact, kind people will always be honest, but they’ll be tactful about it. They’ll look to communicate the truth, but always in a constructive way.

You Can Depend on Them

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It’s also no surprise that genuinely kind people are the most dependable, as they’ll always look to keep their promises. They show consistent behavior because they care about not letting people down and letting them know they’re present in times of need. We all need a friend like this.

Kind People Respect Privacy

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Those who have genuine kindness will never look to disrespect your need for privacy or your boundaries. They’ll offer a safe space to share feelings, but they’ll never pry if it’s something you don’t want to talk about, and they won’t share what you’ve told them with others, either.

They’re Always Ready to Motivate Others

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Kind people aren’t just there to be passive listeners in times of need; their compassion and positivity mean they’re some of the best motivators when it comes to helping others achieve or celebrate their goals. They genuinely want to inspire people to be their best selves, never feeling bitter or jealous!

Consistent Behavior

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The best way to spot a genuinely kind person is to watch for consistent behavior. Kind people will always be that way whether they believe someone is watching or not, and will always do what they say they will, with a consistent daily routine that encourages positivity.

Kind People are the Best Communicators

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Kind people never want to leave anyone in doubt of their meaning, so they show attentiveness in conversations. Effective communication leaves everyone feeling satisfied and accomplished, reminds Stevenson University, and that’s exactly the conclusion a kind person would wish for.

They’ll Always Show Appreciation for Diversity

One final way to spot a genuinely kind person is how they react to diversity. A kind person will always respect different people, cultures, and values, maintaining an open mind for new approaches. They’ll always look to avoid anyone feeling out of place, welcoming them with open arms.

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