18 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling A House

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By Darryl Henderson

They say that buying a home is one of the most stressful and expensive endeavors you’ll ever take on. The same can be said for trying to sell your home, too. You’ll want to avoid these 18 mistakes that people often make when selling their house.

Neglecting to Stage the Home Properly

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First impressions count when selling a home, so failing to stage the house properly for a new buyer can often lead to a failed sale before they’ve even walked through the door! It’s important to enhance the interior décor and curb appeal for a new homeowner.

Overpricing the Property

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You’ll naturally want as much as you can get for your home, but overpricing the property is a common mistake. Understanding market value is key to where your home fits in. You want the best price for your home, but according to Forbes, your home might not be worth as much as you think.

Ignoring any Necessary Repairs

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Ignoring any repairs or maintenance work is a common mistake, as sellers might believe that’s the responsibility of the next homeowner. However, taking care of repairs before listing is key. Knowing they have maintenance issues to address will put many buyers off.

Failing to Highlight Any Unique Selling Points

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The property market is competitive, which means not taking advantage of any unique selling points is a mistake. You should work to identify any unique appeal of your property. You can then work to best showcase what your property has that others on the market don’t.

Poor Photography and Listing Presentation

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High-quality photos are what’s going to capture the attention of new buyers, so poor photography is a huge mistake from the get-go. For example, the National Association of Realtors reveals how important it is to brighten your listing photos. Your home needs to be staged perfectly for a successful listing.

Neglecting Marketing and Promotion

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Marketing your home in the best possible way is key during the selling process, so failing to promote it to new buyers is a big error. With social media’s success these days, marketing strategies tailored for online platforms will be essential.

Being Too Emotionally Attached to the Property

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Being emotionally invested in your home is natural, but it can disrupt the selling process. Emotional detachment is necessary for a successful sale. The property should be viewed as a business transaction to let go of emotions that might keep you attached to it.

Underestimating Closing Costs

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One of the biggest mistakes sellers can make is underestimating end costs and failing to budget for anything unexpected. Financial preparation is key with property sales, so understanding the typical closing cost is something to know ahead of time.

Being Unprepared for Showings

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A common mistake is neglecting the importance of showings by failing to prepare. An in-person visit can do many things that a photo can’t. U.S. News says how “pleasant scents can put people at ease” during a viewing. Creating a welcoming atmosphere through the senses can make all the difference.

Lack of Flexibility During Negotiations

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Another common mistake is when people go for the hard sell and refuse to find a middle ground with a potential buyer. If you aren’t willing to be flexible, you might be losing out on a sale altogether. Being open to negotiation is key. Understanding the needs of potential buyers will help immeasurably.

Not Disclosing Issues or Flaws

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It can be a scary thought to have to address something wrong with the property, which is why failing to disclose an issue is a common mistake. Failing to disclose flaws can disrupt the selling process. It can also create distrust between you and the new buyer if they discover it later.

Not Preparing for Inspections

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Preparing for inspections is just as important as preparing for showings. People often don’t properly understand the inspection process and what to do beforehand. It’s key to prepare your home and then address any issues brought up accordingly.

Failing to Consider Timing

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Additionally, failing to realize that timing matters in the market is another common selling error. To maximize selling potential, you should list your home during peak seasons within the real estate market. CNBC explains why June is the perfect time to put your home on the market.

Ignoring Feedback from Potential Buyers

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You shouldn’t ignore any feedback or advice from potential buyers. It can be difficult to hear criticism of your beloved home, but feedback will help you strategize. If buyers have common concerns, adjust your home accordingly. If buyers explain the rooms feel a little small, rearrange furniture to maximize space.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

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Setting unrealistic expectations, such as sale price and date of sale, will disrupt the selling process. It guarantees a problematic mindset that can often lead to impatience or bad judgment. Setting realistic expectations means thorough market research and understanding the timeline.

Choosing The Wrong Listing Agent

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Your listing agent can really affect the success of the process, which is why choosing the wrong agent can be one of the biggest mistakes. Taking the time to research reputable agents is key. Choosing someone with experience in your local area and property type will make all the difference.

Not Having a Plan B

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Setting all your hopes on your home selling as you think it should is a common mistake. Many home sellers fail to have a backup plan, yet contingency plans are super important. You might face many challenges, including if your home doesn’t sell. Plan for everything that could go wrong.

Rushing the Selling Process

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And finally, rushing the selling process is a huge blunder. It’s understandable why homeowners want to complete the sale and move as quickly as possible. But patience is vital, and understanding the time required for a successful sale is the best preparation you can make.

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