17 Common Behaviors of Naturally Charismatic People

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By Darryl Henderson

Charisma and charm are worthwhile skills that can easily be learned, but for some people, that quick smile and easy-going attitude just come naturally to them. These are 17 common behaviors that naturally charismatic people will often be quick to reveal.

Emotionally Expressive

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When you think of charisma, you likely think of an overly expressive person with a big smile, twinkling eyes, and grand hand gestures. That’s because charismatic people know how to convey enthusiasm with their expressions and alter their tone to create more interest or excitement.

They’ll Have a Confident Presence

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According to Michigan State University, appropriate eye contact should be 50% of the time during talking, and 70% of the time during listening. A charismatic person knows exactly the right amount of eye contact to give. They’ll also show off confident posture, and a clear way of speaking.

Showing a Genuine Interest in Others

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Charismatic people don’t just draw attention to themselves – they give genuine attention to others. They will likely ask questions to understand other people better, and active listening is a talent they most definitely possess. They’ll likely make an effort to remember important details, too.

Showing Respect for Others

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Joseph Mandour for LinkedIn defines respect as “a positive view that you form of how someone is living their life”. Because charismatic people are so positive anyway, they show proper respect for others around them and validate other people’s experiences or input.

They Maintain a Positive Attitude

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It’s difficult to be charismatic if you’re always being negative, which is why the naturally charismatic will also provide an aura of positivity. These are the people focusing on solutions rather than problems, and the ones you see laughing or smiling through tough situations.

High Emotional Intelligence

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According to Verywell Mind, some key signs of emotional intelligence include showing sensitivity, letting go of mistakes and identifying what people are feeling. Naturally charismatic people often have high emotional intelligence because they can tune into the feelings of others, and maintain their composure.

Ability to Persuade and Influence

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Having charisma means being able to effectively persuade or charm other people. This doesn’t mean manipulation; it simply means being able to encourage others effectively without being pushy. Due to charismatic people being the best storytellers, inspiring and motivating others comes easily.

Excellent Communication Skills

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Being able to articulate thoughts and feelings clearly will come naturally with charisma. These people also effectively listen to others, too. Forbes explains that even nonverbal cues can be used for charismatic communication, including leaning closer to someone to show interest.

They’re Authentic

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Staying true to one’s own values is a mark of a naturally charismatic person. Naturally confident people enrapture and persuade so easily because they believe what they’re saying and stand by their beliefs. This can be a very effective persuasion tool because it shows consistency and integrity.

Good Sense of Humor

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A good sense of humor is always needed to keep the atmosphere light, which is something charismatic people find easy to do. They have no qualms about laughing at themselves, and keeping other people’s spirits up comes naturally to them.


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Charismatic people give off a warm and welcoming aura, which is why they’re often highly approachable. You’ll feel comfortable starting a conversation, or even bringing up a difficult topic, with a charismatic person. This is because they have an open-mind and an easy attitude.

They’re Adaptable

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Naturally charismatic people have self-confidence and a positive outlook on new situations – and for this reason, they’re adaptable. They can adjust their behavior accordingly as a response to new situations. Change doesn’t phase them, and they’re skilled at navigating the unknown.

Charismatic People are Passionate

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To have a lot of charisma, you also have to have a lot of passion. Talking about something enthusiastically and enrapturing those around you usually comes from being passionate about what you’re talking about. They’ll love engaging in deep topics and sharing their interests.

Making an Effort to Be Inclusive

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Charismatic people will want everyone to feel valued. They’ll want to encourage everyone around them, so they always make an effort to be inclusive. They respect other people’s opinions and backgrounds, and encourage everyone to speak up in different conversations.

They’re Gracious

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Those with charisma are rarely shallow. They are sincere in their compliments, and their gratitude. They make sure to acknowledge the efforts of others and share thankfulness wherever possible. Charismatic people are easy to like because they are also extremely gracious.

An Open Mind

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The naturally charismatic wouldn’t be able to gather such a devoted following if they had a closed mind. Being willing to consider new ideas, and avoiding judging people for different outlooks, is why charismatic people are so successful. They’ll also encourage open dialogues.

They’re Supportive

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And the last behavior common with naturally charismatic people is their ability to support others. These people will often offer help without even being asked, and they’ll be the rock to depend on during difficult times. Not only that, they’re happy to celebrate the success of others.