18 Cars That Are Plummeting in Value

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By Darryl Henderson

Unless a car is one-of-a-kind, its value will decline the moment you drive it out of the dealership. However, some cars, for various reasons, decline in value a lot quicker than others. To protect your investment, here are 18 cars experiencing severe downturns in value!

Renault Zoe i-Dynamique

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The electric Renault Zoe i-Dynamique is highly regarded when brand new, although it’s still one of the most quickly depreciating cars on the market. In just three years, the car is expected to lose 8% of its original value, making it hard to justify the purchase despite the car’s ability to perform!

Audi A6

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Audi cars are held in high regard by motorists, which only increases the value of brand-new models. The impressive internal features of the A6 may be great for someone with a lot of spare cash, but for someone in the resale market, these features are unlikely to be important, lowering the resale value.

Alfa Romeo Mito 

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Not only is the Alfa Romeo Mito known for being unreliable, but it also sheds a considerable portion of its value after just one year. The Independent points out that the car will lose over 70% of its value in a single year, with this rising to just under 80% over three years!

BMW 7 Series

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BMW 7 Series are lovely motors fitted with top-end features, but it’s hard to justify their original price tag of $130,000. This price, as well as competition from other manufacturers making similar yet cheaper cars, drives down the car’s original value significantly the second you purchase it. Yikes.

Ford Expedition

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The Ford Expedition may be the iconic brand’s largest SUV, capable of carrying large families around on difficult terrain, but that doesn’t mean it holds its value. Over a five-year period, the car is usually expected to drop in value by over 50%, making it a risky investment.

GMC Yukon

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Just like the Ford Expedition, all signs point to the GMC Yukon’s potential as a highly effective SUV, perfect for ferrying a large family across all sorts of terrain. However, it consumes gasoline like it’s going out of fashion, which is seriously undesirable considering that gas prices are soaring. Naturally, its value is plummeting!

Kia Cadenza

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Unlike Kia’s other models, the Forte, Sorento, and Sportage, Kia Cadenzas struggle to keep in line with their original value once the miles tick up. With Kia pushing out thousands of Cadenzas per year, the demand has become far lower than the supply, making it a terrible investment if you’re a reseller.

Maserati Ghibli 

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While it’s absolutely a gorgeous car, the Maserati Ghibli has developed a reputation for rapidly declining value. As reported by U.S. News & World Report, Ghibli owners can expect to see a 56.3% drop in value over a five-year period, which is pretty shocking. No thanks! 

Volvo S90

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Another car that’s dropping its value by half is the Volvo S90, a comfortable yet unusually sporty offering from the Swedish manufacturer. While it’s no doubt a nice car to drive, the S90 simply doesn’t hold the same reputation or popularity as other models in Volvo’s range, such as the XC90 and XC60. 

Lincoln Navigator

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With a back end like a funeral hearse, the Lincoln Navigator is an SUV with a substantial amount of interior space. It can seat up to eight passengers, one more than the going rate for SUVs, although that doesn’t help it retain value, which is likely to drop by 52% over five years. Ouch.

Citroën e-C4

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French manufacturer Citroën has undoubtedly created a solid product with its electric version of the C4, but many motorists regard its original value as excessive, especially considering its low range. Over a three-year period, the car loses around two-thirds of its original value, and frankly, we’re not surprised.

Nissan Leaf

Photo Credit: Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock

The Nissan Leaf is soon to be discontinued due to the manufacturer’s focus shifting toward electric offerings. The Leaf may have served a purpose for 14 years, but to many of its owners’ horror, according to Business Insider, it now has the potential to lose around 71% of its original value!

Maserati Quattroporte 

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Another Maserati that has become notorious for lost value is the Quattroporte, a V8-powered gas-guzzler that will leave you thrilled yet out of pocket. Over the span of three years, the car will lose around $125,000 of its original $180,000 value. Our wallets hurt thinking about that.

Hyundai Genesis

Photo Credit: Everyonephoto Studio/Shutterstock

The Hyundai Genesis is one of the South Korean manufacturers’ more well-to-do cars, taking pride in its luxury line. However, purchasers may be left feeling sheepish as the car loses around 38% of its value in its first year, although this could leave you with a bargain if you’re buying secondhand!

Citroën DS 9

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The Citroën DS 9 is an outlier in the company’s range, as it’s intended as a luxury vehicle compared with the more everyday style the manufacturer is known for. Unfortunately, the car will retain less than a third of its value over three years, making it a serious mistake in Citroën’s portfolio.

Jaguar XF

Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

The Jaguar XF is not one of the British manufacturer’s most popular models, selling in relatively low numbers compared to its other offerings. This is believed to be the main cause of the car’s eye-watering 54% depreciation over a five-year period, despite its sleek aesthetic.

Chevrolet Spark EV

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The Chevrolet Spark EV is yet another victim of the mass depreciation in the value of electric vehicles. USA Today suggests that it will only retain 28% of its value after five years, compared to the conventional version of the car, which will retain around 40% of its value. That represents an outrageous loss!

Infiniti QX80

Photo Credit: Roman Vyshnikov/Shutterstock

Last but not least, the QX80 by Infiniti has all the hallmarks of a genuinely decent family car, including a sophisticated infotainment system, stylish driving, and spacious interior. However, this clearly wasn’t enough, and the car was severely let down by its inability to hold value, losing around 53% over five years.

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