18 Behaviors That Make Someone Really Uncomfortable to Be Around

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By Darryl Henderson

It’s a sad fact of life that some people can make us uneasy, displaying behaviors that may be seen as unpleasant or even unbearable at times. To avoid being that person, let’s take a look at 18 behaviors that make someone really uncomfortable to be around.

Constant Interrupting

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Some people love to hear the sound of their own voice, so they frequently cut off others mid-sentence, which is really uncomfortable to be around! It disrupts the flow of a conversation and shows a lack of respect for others’ opinions, so don’t be that person!

Excessive Criticism

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According to Psych Central, too much negative feedback can significantly impact your mental health, yet some people don’t seem to understand this. People who engage in excessive criticism of others can be really unpleasant to be around, as they only seem to focus on negative aspects and can damage relationships and morale.

Invasion of Personal Space

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Anyone who invades your personal space can make you feel very uncomfortable. Standing or sitting too close to others, touching others without permission, or ignoring social cues that indicate discomfort are all examples of this kind of behavior. It’s not cool!

Over-Sharing Personal Information

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Many people share intimate details that are inappropriate for the context of a conversation or relationship, dominating conversations with personal stories. This type of behavior can make others feel awkward, burdened, and unheard of. If they keep it up, they won’t have friends for much longer!

Gossiping About Others

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Someone who often talks negatively about people behind their backs, gossiping and spreading rumors, is always unpleasant to be around. This kind of nasty behavior makes them seem two-faced and untrustworthy, damaging their reputation and relationships with others. After all, what’s to say they’re not gossiping about you, too!?

Being Overly Needy 

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Excessively needy people can easily get on our nerves; they tend to look for attention constantly and struggle with independence. It can get so bad that their friends and family can become tired and overwhelmed with always having to fulfill their needs rather than having a meaningful, two-way relationship with them!

Lack of Personal Hygiene

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No one likes walking into a room with an unpleasant odor. Unfortunately, some people have a real lack of personal hygiene. They might neglect basic cleanliness and grooming or shower less frequently than they should, which causes body odor and may make others want to keep their distance. Gross… 

Aggressive Body Language

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VeryWell Mind reminds us that aggressive communication causes serious relationship problems because people get hurt and don’t get their needs met. This includes body language, not just words, such as using threatening gestures, invading your personal space, or generally making you feel unsafe. Nobody should have to put up with feeling intimidated!

Interrupting Private Conversations

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Some people have a bad habit of joining others’ conversations uninvited or listening in on confidential chats. This behavior shows a lack of boundaries and respect for other people’s privacy, making social situations uncomfortable. Others may, quite rightly, avoid having discussions with or around them.

Talking Down to Others

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Have you ever felt like someone was talking down to you? You may have noticed a condescending tone when someone talks to others or treats others as if they are less intelligent or capable. This can breed resentment and create an environment of hostility and aggression for both parties; it’s just not nice.

Being Overly Argumentative

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When someone seems to turn every conversation into an unpleasant debate, they’ll find that their friends and acquaintances quickly start to avoid having discussions with them. Such overly argumentative people can turn any brief chat into an explosive minefield, where only their opinion is the right one. Does that sound fun to you!?

Excessive Complaining

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Complaining all the time or focusing on problems without offering solutions can quickly put people off someone. This behavior quickly drains other people’s energy and creates a pessimistic atmosphere. Life can be tough, but most people prefer to be around positive, happy people who see the good in most situations.

Lack of Empathy

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If you feel like someone doesn’t care, then you’re probably right; some nasty people dismiss others’ feelings, failing to show compassion. Having such a lack of empathy can be a sign of personality disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as the NIH reminds us, but it’s still not an excuse to be mean.

Bragging and Self-Promotion

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Talking constantly about your achievements and making conversations all about you are surefire ways to make people avoid you. These behaviors can come across as arrogant and self-involved, making others feel as though conversations are one-sided. Conversations should be a two-way street, so don’t be this person!

Overstepping Boundaries

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If someone you know seems to overstep personal or professional limits and ignores social signals, it’s probably best to keep your distance. These people fail to stop or modify certain behaviors that make situations uncomfortable, such as by getting in your face or doing something you’ve asked them not to do. Who needs them!?

Being Unreliable

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There’s nothing worse than waiting an hour to meet your friend at a coffee shop just for them to text you late that they’re not coming. Being consistently unreliable and always canceling plans may cost someone many friendships and relationships across their lifetime. Some people learn, but others don’t, which is sad.

Excessive Smartphone Use

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Frontiers in Psychology reports that excessive smartphone use has been associated with depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. It’s easy to see why: some people pay more attention to their phones than people around them, which makes others feel ignored and causes difficulties with social interactions. That’ll never be positive for mental health.

Talking Too Loudly

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Finally, most of us know someone who seems to have absolutely no volume control. When someone speaks at a volume inappropriate for the setting, they make the people around them feel uncomfortable. Being too loud and disruptive annoys others and makes it hard for people to focus on conversations, so turn the volume down to nine!

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