17 Behaviors That Make People Lose Respect For You

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By Jonathan Trent

Nobody is a perfect person; we all have individual flaws and character traits that might be looked down on as undesirable. However, some traits far outweigh the others. Here are 17 behaviors that will make people lose respect for you.

Not Being Self-Aware

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A complete lack of self-awareness leaves you at risk of looking like a narcissist, unable to comprehend that you may not be as good as you first thought. It’s good to know your weaknesses because it frees you up to focus on your strengths as a person.

Cheating on Your Partner

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If your partner finds out that you have been cheating on them, the chances are the relationship will never truly recover. As Newsweek points out, the “psychological impact of relationship betrayal cannot be understated”; it’s the sort of act that indefinitely severs the bond between two people.

Failing to Respect Boundaries

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Laying down boundaries with someone is a method of self-protection that is pivotal in building trust and respect between two people. Fail to respect someone’s boundaries, and you are pretty much making it clear that you don’t have as much respect for them as they originally thought. It’s not a good look!


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Being manipulative is a truly ugly trait characterized by selfishness and pulled off with deviance. The moment somebody realizes you have been manipulating them, they’ll lose all trust and respect for you. It’s far better for both parties if you lay out what you want early doors.


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While NBC News claims that gossiping is a social skill, it won’t make you overly popular with many people. Others will start to wonder what you say about them behind your back, making them anxious to open up or say anything about themselves while in your company.

Taking Advantage of People

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When someone realizes they have been taken advantage of, it can severely damage their self-esteem. They will feel used and betrayed; nobody wants to feel as though they have been used as some sort of stepping stone, especially by someone they once respected.

Being Rude to Workers

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A great way to learn more about someone’s character is to observe how they behave toward service staff, such as waiters and baristas. If they start kicking up a fuss over something very minimal, treating the staff as though they are beneath them, it should be an instant red flag that they’re disrespectful.


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However small the lie, if you get caught out, people will lose their trust in you. They’ll start to second-guess everything you say from then on, wondering whether you are telling the truth or not. It will also make people more reluctant to tell you anything personal in confidence.

Being Condescending

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Talking down to people will immediately cause them to lose respect for you. Such condescending behavior is rarely subtle, so those around you will instantly note it. As Verywell Mind points out, condescending behaviors often come from those who are insecure and afraid of their own vulnerability.

Failing to Apologize

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Making mistakes is all well and good; you wouldn’t be human if you’ve never had to hold your hands up and admit you were wrong. However, failing to hold your hands up and apologize is a bad indictment of your character, making you appear to believe yourself to be immune from error.

Taking Credit for Things You Didn’t Do

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While there will be the inevitable urge to take credit for something you didn’t do, it won’t reflect well on your character when people find out the truth. This is true for all magnitudes of things; just be honest, and people will respect you far more.

Following the Crowd

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Conformist behavior and an inability to be your own individual will cause you to lose a lot of respect from others. It’ll mean you will lack any distinctive features or traits, with nothing to separate you from the rest of the crowd. People will likely call you a sheep!

Always Pulling Out

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You can get away with pulling out of an event late once or twice, but if it becomes a repeat issue, you’ll stop getting the invites altogether. People don’t want to question whether or not you’ll actually turn up at an event; it’s frustrating and selfish!

Not Thinking About the Feelings of Others

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Empathy is one of the most desirable traits that someone can have, so if you lack it, people won’t take much interest in you. People like to think their relationships with people are two-way, so they’ll be reluctant to care about your feelings if they sense you don’t care for theirs.

No Manners

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If The Washington Post is anything to go by, the standard of manners and etiquette in the U.S. is in decline, with the country becoming fed up with it. People have every right to be ashamed of others who lack basic etiquette, as showing manners is free when out in public.

Lacking Emotional Control

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Not having any sort of emotional control can leave people distrusting you, as they never fully know your next move. It shows a lack of social awareness and intelligence and can hold you back from fully bonding with someone or a group of people.

Being Judgmental

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Last but not least, nobody likes hanging around with someone who can’t help but make a sly comment about everything and everyone they see. It puts them on edge, making them wonder whether they are also being judged in the same negative and cynical fashion. Stay open-minded, and people will respect you far more.

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