17 Beginner Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse

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By Darryl Henderson

There are many things that can go wrong when we visit a steakhouse for the first time. Without knowing these types of establishments, we make several errors if we are used to dining elsewhere. Here are 17 beginner mistakes everyone tends to make when visiting a steakhouse.

Ordering The Wrong Steak Temperature

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Ordering the first thing that comes to mind is normal when visiting a steakhouse. People may feel compelled to order a steak cooked to a certain level without exploring their preferences first. CNBC notes that overcooking meat will damage nutrients and flavor and could leave customers feeling dissatisfied.

Ordering the Wrong Cut

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Not understanding the differences between cuts is one of the main reasons why people order the wrong cut at a steakhouse. They may randomly choose a cut without researching first or may fail to ask the server for recommendations based on taste preferences out of shyness.

Not Letting the Steak Rest

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It can be tempting to eat a steak straight away, especially if you are hungry. However, it’s important to let the steak rest for a while before diving in. Refraining from eating the steak immediately will let the juices redistribute and will have a major impact on the tenderness and flavor.

Neglecting Seasoning

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When you’re ordering a steak, it’s advisable to make sure that you disclose your preference for seasoning. This can improve the flavor of the steak. However, it’s also important to make sure that you don’t ask for too much seasoning as this could spoil the taste of the steak.

Not Reading the Menu

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Many diners dive straight into ordering without looking through the menu thoroughly, missing out on specials or unique cuts. Ordering blindly can leave you disappointed with the dish that arrives and you may not even finish your meal, which can be both a waste of food and money.

Overestimating your Appetite

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When we enter a steakhouse hungry, many of us will ask for multiple dishes to satiate our appetite. However, this can be a case of our eyes being bigger than our belly. After eating one or more dishes, we could fill up quickly and may end up wasting food.

Overlooking the Importance of Resting

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Visiting a steakhouse can be a great opportunity to relax and decompress. However, as The Guardian discloses, many of us have forgotten how to truly unwind. Instead of savoring each bite, we rush through the meal as we underestimate the impact of overall enjoyment.

Ignoring Steakhouse Etiquette

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Going to a steakhouse can be quite nerve-wracking as you may not know how to act around steak knives and other utensils. Yet, there is no excuse for failing to observe correct table manners as having proper etiquette when dining at a steakhouse can enhance your dining experience.

Not Communicating Preferences

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Dining at a steakhouse is not as simple as reading from a menu. In fact, many people entering a steakhouse assume that the server can read their minds. Psychology Today stresses that you should be inclusive in your communication, using clarity and conciseness when ordering at a steakhouse.


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Portion sizes are equally as important as choosing the right kind of steak at a steakhouse. The last thing you want to do when visiting a steakhouse is to order too little. Underordering means that you may have to wait a long period of time before you get served again.

Skipping Appetizers

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Steakhouses have many tasty, appealing appetizers that are frequently overlooked by diners. These people may not take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their meals. This closes the door to exploring new flavors and textures before the main course arrives.

Disregarding Wine Pairings

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Wine is a staple at steakhouses but is surprisingly neglected by those who visit them. Wine can complement the flavors of the steak, adding to the feeling of overall enjoyment when you’re dining. Ordering wine with your meal can also open your eyes to new types of wine.

Overindulging in Bread

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Bread is offered at many steakhouses, but should not be used as a substitute for steak. This is why it’s better to refrain from filling up on bread before the steak arrives. Eating too much bread can mean that you are too full when the main course is served.

Rushing Through the Experience

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Those who are in a hurry when they are in a steakhouse don’t take the time to savor each bite. Failing to enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of the steakhouse can dampen your dining experience. Rushing when eating at a steakhouse can also increase the risk of choking. 

Forgetting About the Sides

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Ordering side dishes can help to complement your meal. Balancing your meal with vegetables is also advisable as Psych Central states that one review of 21 studies found that a high intake of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, fish, and low-fat dairy reduces the risk of depression.

Neglecting to Tip Appropriately

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Tipping is now expected in most steakhouses as it lets the establishment know that you’ve enjoyed your meal. If you’re visiting a steakhouse for the first time, not tipping may be because you don’t understand the standard tipping practices for steakhouse dining. However, not tipping is seen as rude.

Missing Out on Dessert

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It goes without saying that many steakhouses also serve up dessert. Without realizing it, many diners will overlook the dessert options, choosing to fill up on savory steak dishes. However, these sweet treats offered by the steakhouse can make for a flavorful experience.